Episode 19 – Summer vacation is coming



Summer vacation in college starts late and lasts a long time.

Our university is on summer break in August and will be on summer break for the entire month of September.

The reason is simple, they have created an environment that makes it easy to take on many challenges.

With a time frame of two months, it would be possible to attend an internship or even study abroad.

Well, as I am already a junior in college, I am planning to go for an internship this summer.

“I’m hoping to get a job offer.”

My career goal is to be a businessman in an IT company. Even though I know it will be difficult to get a job at a very big company like Google, I would like to get into a company that is close to it.

However, I am also interested in a career in the news media, and I would like to try my hand at publishing, and there is no end to my hopes. In short, I am still undecided.

By going on an internship there, they will be able to experience what a real job is like and use it to help them decide their future.

“What do you think, Omori sensei?”

That is why I decided to come to the university the day after the university went on summer break, thus consulting with Omori sensei.

Omori Sensei is an economics teacher whom I have often taken care of and trusted.

Many students are scared of her intimidating atmosphere, cold personality, and her movements and facial expressions in places, but in reality, she is just a single at 30 woman with an explosive desire to get married.

“I’m not a single at 30 woman, I’m telling you I’m just 30.”
“No, that’s single at 30”

I also add, not giving up.

“So, sensei, I don’t know which one to apply for first. Also, should I apply for one long term or multiple short term ones?”

I’ll get back on track.

Internships are usually divided into two main types, short-term and long-term. Roughly speaking, short-term internships are for a month or less, while long-term internships are for a month or more.

As for the long term, they say that some places can give you real money.

The teacher crosses her arms, crosses her legs, and takes me seriously. She has a bad attitude, but she is actually a nice person.

“Well, I’d recommend the long term. Better to focus on one.”
“Is that so?”
“It’s only the summer of your junior year. It’s better to learn what a job is rather than what profession, because it will benefit you later on.”
“I see.”

The opinion of someone who has walked through life longer than you is very helpful. What is in the future for me is in the past for sensei. She is very persuasive.

I’ll continue with the question.

“What do you have to say about your profession? Like, [Don’t do this kind of work.]”
“I don’t have a specific job title, but I’d prefer something that pays a salary. Work is about getting paid to work. There are some things you can’t feel when you volunteer.”

And every single thing she says is logical, which I appreciate.
How valuable it is to be given firm guidelines like this, rather than being told, [It doesn’t matter which one you choose, just choose the one you like.]

I thought I had grown up and joined the ranks of adults, but it looks like …… I’m not quite there yet.

“Thank you for going out of your way to consult with me on your day off. I don’t know how to thank you.”
“Thennn, You’re going to be my husband.”
“Then, excuse me”

Watch out, watch out, as soon as I respect it a little, this is it.

–She’s beautiful, just get married ……. Please.

So I was about to apply for a long-term internship and found someone who could help.

She is Tatsumi Mirei, a popular singer who is well known and respected.

She has a weekly radio show and invited me to join her management team.

Not for free, of course.

[I want you to make the next song with me.]

But it was on the condition that.

Well, Mirei had recently learned how to compose music, and since it was my first experience and I wanted to work with her, I readily agreed to do so.

“I’m Nagishiro, and I’ll be working for you to the best of my ability starting today! I look forward to working with you!”

However, I was afraid that they would not look at me very well because of my so-called connections.

“Yes~, I’ve heard about you~! Hi there, I’m Miki, and I’ll be taking care of Nagishiro san this time~.”

He spoke to me cheerfully.

At the same time, there is applause in the office, and everyone present gives a warm welcome.

“Welcome to 〇〇 Broadcasting!”
“I’ve been waiting for this~!!”
“Yo, Manly man!”

While there was a bit of happiness at the unfamiliar treatment, there was more confusion.

“W-What’s this?”
“No, no, actually.”

When I asked Miki san, who was in charge of the project, why, he simply spat it out.

“Nagishiro kun, they say you’re actually that famous kazashiro sensei~!

It was a tremendous exposure.

Wait a minute, now what?

“So, since we are in charge of Tatsumi san’s radio, of course we are big fans of Kazashiro sensei~!

Without noticing my stunned state, Miki san proceeds with his story.

Someone nodding yes or no in the background. Or some were so moved that they were holding their eyes with a handkerchief. It was a sparse impression, but it was certainly not the gaze of a college student.

“We were all really thrilled and impressed, and when we listened to Tatsumi san’s song composed by Kazashiro sensei in the morning, we all got into a weird tension. Oh, it’s very unfashionable.”

Wahaha, Miki san laughs.

No, no, no, wait!

“Wait a minute, where did you get that information?”
“That’s already from Tatsumi san’s manager.”

Miki san said it as if it were a matter of course.

That’s not such an easy thing to say. ……

“Ah, Of course I won’t take any pictures, and I won’t give out any of your personal information. If anyone does that, I will cut his head off.”

It was a relief for the time being, but is not a good place to start………wait, Eh?

“going to cut off head, Miki san?”
“Yes, I am the president of this company.”

What! Why is the president giving direct guidance to a mere intern!

“No, we’re already competing with each other for the job since Kazashiro sensei said he’s coming.”

Teehee, The president says. [Boss, that’s not fair!] [You’re abusing your authority!] [You fat bastard!] and [You fat] No, it’s just normal bad-mouthing.

“That’s why I’m going to take charge. As long as it’s my job, I won’t show any mercy, no matter how much you are Kazashiro sensei, okay?”
“Y-Yes, That’s what I intended to”

Miki san’s sudden change to a more serious tone makes me tense up. His serious face is certainly convincing when he is called the president of the company.

And I think vaguely.

I kind of like the atmosphere of this company

An environment in which you can say what you think without being overbearing in terms of hierarchical relationships. A work environment that is well balanced with a firm sense of discipline.

The people are warm and welcoming, and the atmosphere is full of laughter.

–I’ll have to thank Mirei later for showing me such a nice place.

I was thinking something like that.

“So I’m asking you, would you be willing to appear on the radio?”

But that one, I knew it was a mistake to tell him about me.


I got to work as if I were running away.

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