Episode 3 – First impressions is…..



The reply from Harushita Suzune came back sooner than expected.

[Thank you. I’m glad to hear that. I would like to hear more about you, so can we meet and talk? If you specify a date and time, I will keep my schedule open.]

The reply seemed quite positive. It’s a done deal as long as it’s not too much of a deal.

As soon as I thought that, I suddenly began to feel nervous.

The other party is that super idol.

I remember that at the time there were many fans who followed the tremendous popularity of the show.

Often, they were talked about in school because of their close age.

The thought of meeting such heavenly beings above the clouds makes me tense up.

“Well, maybe it’s too late for that.”

The experience of meeting popular actress Kotoha and other people in the category of celebrities has built up considerably over the past few years.

Still, I’m nervous, not because the woman Harushita Suzune is more popular than they are, but because she’s closer to the stars than any of them.

You see, there is an undeniable sense of reality with people who know better than those who are below the clouds.

“In the meantime, I need to set a date and time.”

Although retired, she is still a superstar. I am afraid to make her wait.

For now, I have chosen Saturday this weekend.

I’m sorry that we are still exchanging direct messages, but I can give her the email address when we meet.


I finished typing my reply, and my strange nervousness eased a bit. I had been quite nervous without realizing it.

“And yet.”

What kind of person is she?

Why on earth did she retire, and why did she choose my song at this point in her life, wishing to revive it after her retirement?

Where did she find out about me in the first place?

“Well, putting aside the details, she’s a beauty, isn’t she?”

-a retired superstar herself meets me alone.

That alone was enough to make me feel excited and allowed me to have a good sleep that day.

The long-awaited weekend arrives surprisingly easily.

It is already June, and the humid heat brings discomfort, but what makes it even more unsettling is that I am about to meet her.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was a little after 10:30. The scheduled time was 11:00 a.m., so I felt I had arrived a little too early, but I could not make her wait.

“I mean, would it have been nice to meet face-to-face at a family restaurant or something? Or at least someplace a little more fashionable. But I don’t want to be noticed for being too tall.”

After a period of continuous monologue, one woman appeared.

She was wearing a wide-brimmed hat, so I couldn’t make out her face very well, but even so, I recognized her, Harushita Suzune, at a glance.

The atmosphere that is created is different.

She wears a one-piece dress and has slender legs extending below the knees.

What can I say, well, she was already beautiful. Hey, words.

I mean, I’m so nervous. I can already tell it’s not something I should be seeing up close.

When the woman saw that I was the person she was meeting, she lifted the front side of her hat a little to look at me.

“Are you Nagishiro san ……?”

Then she checks my face and anxiously asks me a question.

“Well, y-yeah. Maybe, I think I’m the only person with the last name Nagishiro who is standing in front of a family restaurant.”

I tried to show some composure, but my mouth stuttered in an instant. This is the limit of an otaku, I hope she will forgive me.

However, perhaps somewhat surprised by my answer, she giggles.

“You should have waited inside.”

I understand this.

It’s a big mistake.

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