[Fuuh, Thanks for listening…..Azusa?]
“Hik, Ueee!!”
[A-Azusa? W-Wait!]

I couldn’t stop the tears. They spilled out helplessly, and even if I wanted to say something, I couldn’t.

am I crying because I am sad …… No, I’m not. I’m crying because I’m happy.

“Senpai, Rin Senpai!!!”
[Yes, I know. All right, calm down.]
[Just calm down!?]

I can’t do it. Why isn’t he in my room? I would have hugged him if he was there.

It wasn’t dignified to expose myself to any more crying, so I cowered in bed and cried with a pillow in my arms. Either way, it was lame.

“Senpai …… now.”

After a little while, when I finally calmed down a bit, I could barely get it out.

[Ah? –Oh, the guitar. Mirei helped me practice a while ago. It went rather well for a first time, didn’t it?]
“…… No, that’s not it. No, that’s something too.”
[Hmm? The song? I had a song I was working on before, but it didn’t work well as a love song. When I thought about writing a song for Azusa, I remembered it.]

“write a song for Azusa”, huh? Hmmm, I’ll record it and listen to it one more time.

“Did you make …… for me?”
[Yeah. I didn’t think I could successfully get Azusa back on her feet if I just said something normal, and the only thing I could do was write a song.]

What can I say, I think senpai is versatile. But I like senpai who lives humbly like that.

……….Like, huh?

Do I like Senpai? I mean romantic feelings, of course.

“Have you ever fallen in love with someone, senpai?”
[What the heck, out of the blue]

When I ask something out of the ordinary, he sounds so suspicious that I can tell even through the phone.

That’s right, it’s a word that shouldn’t exist between me and Senpai.

“No, this time you were talking about being in love with someone. It’s not particularly relevant, but somehow”

For some reason, I spoke too quickly in an explanatory tone, but I just faked it and listened to Senpai’s answer.

Then, in an embarrassed tone of voice, Senpai said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

[…… Well, there is.]

He said.

I wonder why.

Hearing this, my heart aches.

“When? Now, now?”
[No, it’s not now!? It was in high school!]

And I find myself relieved when I hear these replies.

Is this what they call jealousy?

“How did you feel then?”

I’m already hearing things I don’t need to hear. I can’t control it well.

[Oh? So, you know, that. I’m all about that person.]

Oh. I don’t have those symptoms. That’s not love.

[I’m not her boyfriend, but I get annoyed and anxious when she talks to other boys, well, that’s just how I feel. Don’t make me say embarrassing things ……!]

Hearing Rin senpai’s words, I feel relieved. Maybe I am not in love.

I mean, I’m an idol, so I’m not worried about whether or not I’m in love because of my job. Of course, if I look at the reality of the situation, I would be anxious about such things, but right now it’s something more primitive than that.

There is anxiety about love, an unknown emotion.

I think it is probably because I am still a child. My mind is not mature enough to accept new things.

So I feel like I don’t need to know about love yet. I’m over capacity for love right now.


[Hey, Mirei. I haven’t hung up yet. Huh? You want to stay over? Don’t be silly, hey, stop it, calm down, don’t be violent, and for God’s sake, don’t tear up the bookshelves.]

Rin senpai is playing with Tatsumi-senpai. I can clearly imagine the scene.

I’m starting to feel a bit peevish. I don’t have a reason, but I’m starting to get annoyed.

Not love, not love.

“It’s not love, it’s not love, it’s not love, it’s not love, it’s not love, it’s not love, it’s not love, it’s not love.”
[A-Azusa?! What’s wrong]

Mindless mindless vexation dispersed. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

“Evil spirit, Go away!”

I hung up the phone. This is how Rin senpai tries to deceive my mind.



L-Let’s have him sing that song one more time.

I-It’s not that I wanted to hear Senpai’s voice again.

(TL/N : Tsundere?)

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