Episode 15 – Special Program Part 2



“Okay, then we looked at the 7th through 4th places and so on~. They are all well-known songs. This must have been quite a ranking problem for the viewers~”
“If it were me, I wouldn’t want to rank these songs~”

Maru mumbles his impressions as if talking to himself, and Sato takes over. Apparently, this is the style that will be used for this program.

“Tatsumi san, do you have a favorite piece of music by Kazeshiro sensei?”

When announcer Sato shakes Mirei, she replies in a matter-of-fact manner.

“It was the first song he ever wrote for me.”
“is it …… [androids]?”
“No, that one was posted online. After that.”
“Then maybe [Dramatic Las Vegas]?”

Mirei replies to Maru’s question, “That’s it”

“It’s the first song he wrote just for me. It was because he wrote it with me in mind.”

Silence from everyone. The people around her were at a loss to respond to what they thought was a naïve line from a maiden in love, but they were finally brought back to reality by the sight of her saying it without hesitation and without restraint

Kotoha rushes in to confirm.

“O-Or, since he wrote it for Tatsumi san, it matched the tone and range of her music?That’s right, isn’t it?”

Azusa, Kotoha, and Suzune, who had been tense at Mirei’s sudden statement, were relieved.

Next, Maru, Sato, and guest composer Haruka are also relieved.

“I almost thought we had a broadcast accident……. Could you please be a little clearer?”

Mirei raises a question mark at Maru’s point. Apparently, she did not realize that her words were misleading.

Sato, thinking it would be a bad idea to continue this topic any longer, changed the subject to Haruka.

“B-By the way, what are the characteristics of Kazashiro sensei’s compositions, Nozaki san?”

With the flow back to the script, Haruka was able to speak calmly.

“Well. There is something mysterious about his music. Maybe it’s because I’m a composer, but I even feel an eeriness.”
“Yes. It’s not like he’s going off on some crazy chord progression, or using some unusual technique. It’s all in the textbooks, and there’s nothing remarkable about it. But ……”
“And yet, it’s a song that has never been done before. It is novel, special, and yet wonderful. So, this is all funny now, but there is a trend among composers to look at Kazashiro Rei as an enemy of ours.”

I am one of them, Haruka says, laughing.

“I understand that~ After he came out, I was told, [I’m not satisfied with these lyrics. It’s bad for business for us.]”
“Oh, that kind of thing is hard, isn’t it?”

The two musicians get into a lively conversation. And then Azusa enters the scene.

“Ah that kind of thing happens too~ Our producer is always saying, [Please get me a song from Kazashiro sensei somehow.] And I think that Senpai’s songs make me want to sing them as a singer.”
“Ahh I know what you mean, Azusa chan. I don’t like to sing my own songs at karaoke~, but I end up singing them”

Kotoha responds to Azusa’s statement as if it were an insert.

“I wonder if it’s because you have so much work to do that you don’t take on any more.”
“Oh, really?”

The announcer, Sato, responds to Suzune’s words that were taken to summarize the event.

“I heard that he has not agreed to do any work. I guess that’s because he’s too busy.”

She said this, but Suzune knew it was not the case. He had told her the reason for not taking the job when they first met.

Still, she wanted to brag somewhat about Kazashiro Rei, so she used a form of speculation to make up a story.

“That’s why it’s even more difficult for me~. Often, I am the one who is offered the job because Kazashiro sensei won’t take it, so I have no choice.”
“So, it’s time to move on to the next ranking!”

Sato proceeded with the program by cutting off the never-ending conversation. Maru, who was cut off, was stunned as the audience laughed.

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