Nagishiro Rin. Composer name Kazashiro Rei

What he composes is basically love songs.

The catchy melody is music to the ears, and many people sing along. It is one of the top songs sung at karaoke.

The lyrics were written from both male and female perspectives, and were widely sympathized with and talked about by both.

He has shown talent in both songwriting and lyric writing.

However, some of the comments are critical.

“Just the singer that is good.”
“It’s a rip-off of that song.”
“Otaku Songs.”

Some of them are criticisms that he acknowledges, but the fact that there are criticisms is proof that he has sold so well.

However, people who seem to be in this industry, i.e., the music industry, often use the word “genius” when talking about Kazashiro Rei.

He is a genius, his talent is natural, they said.

His lyrics have phrases that express the heart in a way that has never seemed possible before.

There is something about his music that fascinates people, although he don’t know why.

And most notably, he can write songs that follow the singer.

Tatsumi Mirei, Ikuta Azusa, and Shirakawa Kotoha, in particular, have provided many songs, and numerous producers have roared at the songs that fully utilize their voices, moods, and even their looks.

These guys had so much talent.

Even the producer couldn’t see the charm of these girls, but Kazashiro Rei brings out the best in them.

That’s why they say he is a genius.

In fact, few people know how old he is, what he looks like, and what kind of personality he has, so the rumors are spreading with a tail.

There is only one piece of information that is certain. This is bad news for this neighborhood, but one thing is certain.

That is, he does not take on the job.

He may write a song and offer it to someone else, but he never writes a song for someone else who asks him to offer it to them.

…… actually does something similar, though.

There is no deep reason for this, he does not want to write songs as a job, but there is no word spread about it.

Anyway, as a result, he has settled down in such a way that he must be a free spirit. There may be a preconceived notion that geniuses are free men.

He is beginning to become one of the seven wonders of this neighborhood, and now there is another rumor about him.

[Kazashiro Rei has written a song for retired super idol Harushita Suzune.]

Unknown to the parties concerned, this also caused a tremor in this world.

“Mirei, have you been seeing Kazeshiro san lately?”
“Yes. yesterday.”
“I see”

Upon hearing Mirei’s response, haa, Tatsumi Mirei’s manager blurted out.

(Why won’t that man ever get in touch with us!)

It is against Kazashiro Rei.

The manager had recently received a job offer to have Tatsumi Mirei sing on one of his songs.

Theme songs for TV dramas, commercial songs, or even animation songs.

The manager knew exactly why he was getting those job offers. It was because when she sings his songs, Mirei wears an air of not being her, in a good way.

Sometimes she is a young maiden genuinely in love, sometimes she is a pathetic woman who rages against the absurdities of the world.

Every aspect was unknown and new to the manager.

This made her even more of a fan of the singer Tatsumi Mirei.

She is not the only such person, many people have discovered Mirei’s charm through his songs.

Then, inevitably, I would ask him to write a song.

(I wish he’d make one for me too!)

However, I already know that it is impossible to make a request to him publicly.

Mirei and I once went to his house to ask him directly for a job, but he politely refused. He said he has been dealing with his competitors in a similar manner.

So my only request is.

(You’re all I have, Mirei!)

This is the reason.

But she doesn’t seem to understand this, and the trouble is that she just meets with him whenever she feels like it.

“I’m in your care again.”
“Yeah, I understand”

Once again, I let out a sigh. She is the one who definitely doesn’t get it.

At any rate, I’ll bring him a pastry next time.

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