“Nagishiro kun….right?”
“Eh, yes, I am though..”

Shizuku san reaffirms the mystery.
The words were so unexpected that I could not hide my confusion.

But since Shizuku san didn’t give me anything back next, I was nervous as I was being impatient.

(Oh man, I did it.)

There is a great possibility that I was too enthusiastic and struck out.
Or perhaps something like that.

She asked me, “Who are you?”

“I don’t think it looks good on me. I got a little carried away, Ahaha”

I smiled and faked it, but inwardly I was too embarrassed to admit that I was about to burst into flames.
I want to burn up and turn to ashes.

As I was thinking this, Shizuku san turned her face away from me and muttered something small.

“No, um, t-that kind of thing….”


The makeover was a clear failure. It was not something I was accustomed to doing.

“W-Well then, L-let’s go….?”

She began to walk faster, perhaps noticing that there were even more eyes around her with the arrival of a beautiful girl named Shizuku

(Hey, hey, hey, I didn’t hear any of this!!!)

Shizuku, on the other hand, could not hide her excitement.

It was a handsome man who was at the rendezvous.

(Well, I thought the material was good!)

When we first met, i.e., when Rin came to shake hands with Shizuku, she did indeed think that he could be better if he paid more attention to his hair and clothes.
A bit of a waste, she said.

But She never thought that it could turn out so well.

(There has been some girls who’s obviously been eyeing him with a lot of color earlier.)

She looks around
Even though it was a weekday, high school girls in their uniforms were looking at us and talking about something.

Some of them are high school girls who are looking at him with great excitement, and Shizuku is flying cancer to them.

Having said that, Shizuku is not able to look directly at Rin.

Walking at a fast pace, she reconstructs today’s date plan.

Her original plan was to stay at the Sunshine Aquarium until the evening, then have dinner and confession, but apparently she is not confident that she can stay alone with him at the aquarium and walk next to him for more than four hours.

Or rather, at this point, she is already out of breath and needs a place to settle down.

“Shizuku san.”

She is intensely flustered when Rin suddenly comes up to her and says her name.
She thought she was used to good-looking men to some extent, but apparently the combination of the condition that she likes him and the condition that he is exceptionally good-looking made her surprisingly conscious of him.

“P-Please calm down.”
“D-Don’t talk to me so suddenly!”

If he is going to talk to her, he needs to show the signs of doing so.
If she turns around and sees a handsome man there, it could lead to an accident.

“Aaah, no, it’s okay! So, what is it?”

She reflects on the fact that it was a form of upsetting.
She lacked composure. She needs to show more seniority.

“No, I mean, where are we going today?”
“Aah, it’s fine I’ll take care of it.”

She turns her head frantically, not even showing that she was just now thinking about it.

A place where one can feel at home. A place where one can calm one’s mind.
If possible, it is better not to see the other person’s face for that moment only.

(No, of course I’d love to see it!)

She comes up with an ambivalent feeling, tweaking herself.

“Let’s make it a movie theater!”

Shizuku san and I headed to a movie theater.

It was a safer choice than I had expected, but perhaps Shizuku san was just getting off work and was tired.
I can sit down and have a calm time there.

“What would you like the movie to be about?”
“Hmmm. Whatever is fine.”

We both check the lineup in front of the movie theater.
This is because, when two people are distressed together in a movie theater, they are concerned about the eyes of those around them.

Shizuku san is wearing a mask today, but the outfit itself is a bit more flamboyant.

She is wearing a brightly colored coat and a miniskirt and black stockings underneath.

It looks quite unbalanced, but it is amazing that she can wear it.

And a khaki scarf around her neck.

Oh, that one, that one…i think

The moment I realized it, my face got hot. That was the choice that Shizuku had told me to make before.

I was inexplicably happy that she was wearing it, and yet I was also frustrated.

“Nagishiro kun?”

As I was thinking this, Shizuku san peeked out from below.

Whoa, that’s close!

It smells kind of fluffy and nice, and the way she looks up at me is so innocent, this is bad…..

“D-Don’t approach me suddenly!”
“Aah, sorry”

I really think she needs to be a little more careful.

It’s a good thing Shizuku san is wearing a mask right now, otherwise it would have been a near accident!

“Well, let’s watch this then.”

She chose a Hollywood detective movie, taking care to avoid such embarrassment as much as possible.

Ah, even I would have to calm down.

Thinking that I would win if I made it to the cinema screen (although I don’t know what I would win against), I walked into the theater and ordered my ticket.

“What about the seat?”

Neither Shizuku san nor I are very good with machines, so we were a little embarrassed to place our order at the manned ticket booth.

“Which area would you prefer?”
“Hmmm… somewhere around here.”

Shizuku san points a little further back than the middle.
I was just about to make it around there myself, so I didn’t really have to wonder about it.

“Okay, this is it”
“Last month we started introducing couples seats, if you’d like to try those.”

So I tried to tell the waiter where we wanted to sit, but before I could do so, the waiter made another suggestion.

“”C-Couple seats!?””

We both harmonied.
We were obviously flustered, but the waitress continued her explanation with a blank expression.

“Yes, sir. We have a lower price there.”
“N-No, but it’s a little too much.”
“There is nothing separating you from each other in these seats, so you can watch the movie together in a favorite position you like.”
“favorite position…!”
“Favorited position…”

What else is there to do but sit down! What the heck! what kind of view is possible with the partitions gone!

“Besides, those seats are a little further away from the others, so as long as you don’t make any noise, you can do whatever you want…..”
“We’ll take a regular seat!”

I’m pretty sure these clerks are just kidding themselves to relieve stress!
Don’t make me jump over here just because you’re working on Christmas!

“Maam, What about you?”

The clerk checks with Shizuku san, who had said nothing during the process.

Shizuku san looked downcast and lost.

“S-Shizuku san?”
“Um, those seats are cheaper!”

Then, instead of immediately refusing, she confirms it with the waiter.

The waitresses are quick to bite on that.

“Yes. Today is Christmas. And we are offering a better price than usual.”

Hey, Shizuku san? Just say no quickly, will you? Shizuku san?

After taking a breath, Shizuku san tells the waiter.

“Well, I’ll take that seat, please!”
“Shizuku san!?”

I didn’t miss the grin on the waiter’s face when Shizuku san said that.

But that’s not the point.

I was racking my brains about how I was going to endure the next two hours.

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