Episode 23 – When I wake up



I have had an experience that approximately none of the human beings living on this planet will ever have.

I mean, if anyone in Japan has ever had an experience like this, please bring it to me immediately.

Absolutely, because he is either lying, a hallucinatory person, or has some kind of major illness similar to that.

So what is it that such a normal person would never experience?

It is the experience of waking up on a strange beach. A beach. A beach.

Hmmm, I don’t understand what I mean. Did I put it too simply?

All right, I’ve belabored a lot, so let me try to explain again.

–I don’t even know if I should say the beginning of the matter, but for now, the beginning was last night.

I definitely slept at night on the bed in my room.
I don’t remember the exact moment I fell asleep, but I definitely entered a state of sleep because my memory of being in bed was cut off after a certain time.

And when I woke up, it was a beach where the seagulls were crying.


I was sleeping with a parasol. The sun was already directly overhead because of some shading material.

Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night so I slept until that time……Wait

“What is this placeeeeeeeeeee??????!!!!!!!?”

When I woke up, I smelled the tide. I looked closer and saw that I had changed into my swimsuit and was wearing a hoodie I didn’t recognize. And here we are.

No, no, no, the details don’t matter.

“Where am Iiiiii?!”

Confusion, disorientation, bewilderment, and fear.

Where in the world am I and what has happened to me?

Is this real in the first place? Yes, it must be a dream. It may seem a bit realistic, but it is a dream.

Indeed, yesterday I was writing lyrics and lost in my imagination. This is an extension of that.

“Ara, good morning, Rin kun. You’re awake.”
“Ah, good morning Kotoha.”

Oh yeah, even Kotoha comes up. So this is what is commonly called a nightmare, is it?

“It’s noooooottttttttt! Kotoha, why are you here!?”
“Eh, Rin kun was brought here by me.”
“The culprit is her—–!!!!!”

The culprit has revealed herself without a care in the world. And Kotoha, without a trace of malice, smiles.

And yet, she blatantly flaunts her proportions.

Plump b****s and supple legs. The contrast between the black separate swimsuit and her white limbs is exquisitely erotic. Not good for sleeping.

“Hey, tell me where we are.”

It could be the beaches around Kanagawa or Shizuoka, or perhaps Okinawa.

“This is Hawaii ♡”
“No way, overseas!?”

I knew it was too hot! It’s too hot!

“You, why”
“well, I have a photo shoot here today~”
“I didn’t ask why you were here, I asked about why you brought me here!”
“Well~ That’s”

I don’t know why Kotoha, upon hearing my question, approaches me so pretentiously.

And the next action She took was …… suddenly started touching my body.

“Wai-, You-”

It flows from the arms to the shoulders, chest, and lower abdomen as if tracing, with a subtle pause where the tips of fingers and fingernails may or may not touch. ……

“Oi, Wait, Stop!, Where are you touching?”
“Fufu~. Cute~♡”

I felt a rush of electricity running through my body, and together with Kotoha’s innate sexuality, I felt like She was forcing my male instincts to wake me up.

My body is getting more and more on fire. I won’t say where, but something is about to react.

“Wai-, please stop!”

The instinct of self-preservation that kicked in there forced Kotoha to push away, and together we collapsed, me too.

“Well, This is…”

The position of the body is like after pushing down. Kotoha’s lips, which are plump and sufficiently moist, are right in front of my eyes.

Seeing Kotoha’s embarrassed face stimulated my male instincts even more. I was hardly thinking straight at this point anymore.

I want to own the woman in front of me. Something like a desire to conquer overflows.

20 centimeters to go, 10 centimeters to go, 5 centimeters to go. My lips and Kotoha’s lips were getting closer and closer.


The corner of Kotoha’s mouth turned up devilishly and she came to herself in the nick of time. I quickly stood up and distanced myself from Kotoha.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t hold back my joy anymore.”
“W-What did I do—!!”
“I was so close to Rin kun’s first kiss.”

Next to Kotoha’s disappointed look, I reconfirm my actions.

Did I just …… try to kiss Kotoha?

“Kotoha, hit me. Hit me all over.”
“No, no, no, Rin kun. You were so close to stealing a kiss from this beautiful actress, you know? You are about to regret it even more.”
“I’m not that positive minded! Also, the day after I kiss you, I will get stabbed in the back!”

Oh, man. It was pretty serious. I was reminded that she is a beautiful actress, and that if she gives off a slightly seductive vibe, I’m a sucker for her.

“Muu~ I was so close to getting married on the ‘take responsibility’ course. Then we could have lived together and you would have written me a lot of songs”
“Don’t abuse your body for a job! Seriously, stop!”
“Well, I’ve learned that Rin kun is susceptible to tricks of the sexuality trade, so I guess that’s okay.”
“Don’t mess with me!”

I got angry. Like a little kid.


“You never told me why I were brought here!”
“I’ll tell you later~”

Such a long time.

I mean, the astonishing fact that the current sequence of events took place within 10 minutes of me waking up from sleep almost makes me swoon!

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