Episode 89 – suitable



Ever since Kasugai san and I started working together on radio, we have been spending more and more time together in the university.
However, we only have the opportunity to come to the university once a week.

We had generally taken the same classes together since our first year, so it was not unusual for me to have classes with Kasugai san.
However, it was only because we had the same classes, and we had nothing in particular to talk about or to engage in discussions with Professor Omori in between.


“You guys are getting along great these days.”

When the two of us visited the professor’s college residence and were sipping tea together that the professor had served, the professor unexpectedly said something like that to me.

“No, we just talk more. I don’t think we’re really getting to know each other that well. ……”
“What? I thought you’d become a being that flirts around and embraces without regard.”

Kasugai san overreacts to the professor’s joke. When I thought her face turned bright red, I stopped thinking, “So, is she that intolerant? ……”

However, that state proves our cleanliness more than anything else. Well, originally the professor didn’t seem to be suspicious either.

“I don’t care if you guys are dating or not.”
” We’re not dating, though.
“As long as you don’t leave me alone.”
“And as usual, your courtship behavior is as indiscriminate as ever.”

If me and Kasugai san were to get together, there’s no way I wouldn’t leave the professor alone. …… You didn’t admit it from the beginning. I mean, that’s just jealousy.

“Well, I don’t like the idea of Nagishiro having a girlfriend.”
“You’re being honest, professor. I mean, sincerely.”
“If Kasugai is his girlfriend, it’s not so bad. It’s a lot better than being caught by some random fourth-year student.”
“S-Sensei….!! W-What are you talking about?”
“Professor. Kasugai san is in trouble, so please stop. And there’s no such thing as a chirpy fourth grader.”

Apparently, the professor is very jealous. Her language has become slightly rougher.
But we’re not even dating

“After finishing their job hunting, the seniors started marriage activity in the circle. …… They found a good job because they are in a good university, and they used it to get married. ……”
“Sensei, please calm down. Is that a true story?”
“I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget that damned fox. ……”
“Please calm down. You are using words that a university lecturer should not use.”
“Hmmm. Well, but that’s OK. He’s still unmarried, it seems! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
“And she’s the worst competitor!?”

It was just a complaint. I guess there is a reason why unmarried people are unmarried after all.
No, it’s just bad luck. ……?

“Anyway, I won’t say anything bad. You should go out with Kasugai.”
“And you were so rude at the end! And you have no coherent story to tell, which is not the way you would expect from a university professor.”
“Going out….”

Kasugai san, really, please don’t take this idiot professor’s words seriously!? Your physical strength won’t last!

“Well then, excuse me! Come on, let’s go, Kasugai san!”
“Uh, yeah. ……!”

The professor is becoming much more insistent, so I take Kasugai san’s hand and leave the room.

“See, I knew they were good friends.”

The professor said that in a quiet voice at the end, but that probably sounded like a sore loser too.
We are not dating !!

“That’s a total mess. ……”
“Yes, it was. ……”

Kasugai san and I ran away and came to Misudo, which is located a short walk from the terminal station.
Because of its delicate location, few people use it.

However, there were people around, such as a professor tapping away at a keyboard or a high school student staring at a reference book, and the sound was never ceaseless.

“Professor Omori is a beautiful enough person. I guess she hasn’t been able to get married because of that kind of personality. ……”
“She’s hungry for marriage. ……”

Is she what is called “cute when she is silent”? I guess so. She is popular among students.

“Well, that’s just it. What are you up to these days?”

Now it is Golden Week. I had not been working on the radio recently, so I had no idea what kind of work Kasugai san was doing.
As I was sucking my iced coffee through a straw, Kasugai san answered with a doughnut with whipped cream on her nose.

“T-These donuts …… are so delicious ……!”

It was about donuts. Apparently, she was impressed by the taste of her first doughnut

“Is it that …… much? No, they’re delicious.”
“I didn’t know doughnuts could taste so …… good!”

Kasugai san chewing a donut with a happy face.
It was like a hamster eating sunflower seeds.

“Oh, but you have cream on your nose.”
“What?! Where?!”
“On the tip of your nose.”

Kasugai san panicked and tried to take it, but she couldn’t move it because her hands were blocked by the donut.
She was so frustrated that she closed her eyes, but it didn’t help.

“I’ll get it, I’ll get it. Stay still.”

Seeing Kasugai san’s open-mouthed surprise, I wiped her nose with a napkin.
You don’t have to be so surprised. ……

“Yes, I got it.”
“T-thank you. ……”

Kasugai san’s face turns red like an apple and she turns over.

“What, did I do something weird ……?”

Why, I asked, did she get scared?
Some kind of horrible nervousness comes over me that I might have done something embarrassing.

“No, nothing. ……”
“Tell me! Anything, just tell me.”

There is a certain fear of being left thinking one way or the other, a fear that is hard to grasp.

So I did my best to ask, and Kasugai san said in a small voice, perhaps having received my thoughts.

“It’s like ………….”
“What? I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“Ummm…….Like we are dating….!!!”

・・・ Eh?


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… well, I’m sorry… ……!!!!”

I’m so flustered that I unintentionally correct respectful manner. I apologized flatly. If it had been a place, I would have gotten down on my knees.

“No, it’s not that you need to apologize or anything, it’s ……. Rather, it’s …….”
“I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry.”

I was clearly flustered.
Kasugai san was in a hurry to comfort me, which was the only thing that helped.

“Well, I’m really embarrassed ……”

I haven’t been this embarrassed since I confessed and got dumped in high school all those years ago. Stop, don’t dredge up your black history.

“Um, well, anyway, we should probably get out of here. ……”
“Yes, ……. Five more to go and then we’ll leave. ……”

Kasugai san was calm and true to her appetite.

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