I went to the hospital alone, because there was no way they would let me ride in the ambulance.
Fortunately, the location of the hospital where she was to be transported was given to me.

It was a hospital in the city, so a 20-minute cab ride got me there, and soon I was on my way to the reception desk.

“Excuse me, Azusa san, could you tell me the room where Ikuta Azusa san is staying?”
“Please, Azusa is….. business associate of mine!”

But even so, the nurse at the reception desk does not easily shake her head.

That’s right. The entertainment industry is a job, and it is not easy to get through it. Azusa is one of the best in her field.
So I might be an observer who heard about Azusa’s hospitalization.

As I was pondering how to go to visit her, I had an unexpected helper.

“That person is my manager. It’s okay, let him through.”

It was really an unexpected helping hand. Because it……helped me at this point in my life.

“Harushita san ……?”
“Yes, I am Harushita Suzune.”

I was at a loss for words at the arrival of such an unexpected person.

“Et-to, why?”
“I heard that Ikuta san was taken to the hospital.”

No, nonono

“Your job?”

Today is a normal weekday. There should at least be work.

“Well, I told them what happened and I’m out”

Is the entertainment industry that free?

“Well, let’s hurry up and go to the room where Azusa san is hospitalized instead of selling oil here. –Nagishiro-san would be better off there, wouldn’t he?”
“Ah, Yeahh”

So we cut the small talk short and hurried to Azusa’s hospital bed.

At one point, we were told that her life was not in danger, but we do not know the details of the situation.

Me and Harushita san rush to the elevator. Our destination is on the sixth floor.

“Or rather, I became Harushita san’s manager before I knew it.”

I broached such a topic because of the complicated situation of being alone in a small box, and the anxiety that seemed to be coming through me if I didn’t somehow turn it into a laugh.

“Ara, Will you be my manager, Nagishiro san?”
“Nope, I don’t want to be the manager of someone who sends things to my house without my permission. And I will definitely pay you back for the TV someday, so please give me a receipt.”
“I see. Then you can be a full-time composer. Also, I didn’t get a receipt, so you don’t have to pay me.”

While we were exchanging such nonsense, the elevator was making a crazy sound. It seems to have arrived at the destination floor.

I leave Harushita san behind and run straight to the room where Azusa is.

“Azusa!? are you okay?!”
“Oh, Rin-senpai~…… and Suzu-senpai ……”

Azusa is blatantly depressed when she confirms Harushita san’s presence. Hey, that’s rude.


“You look good, Azusa.”

She looks very healthy and her complexion is very good. She does not have the face of a sick person, but rather her usual idol.

“Yes! I’m fine! Thanks to you, thank you very much!”
“No, I’m glad you’re well. ……”

And that’s where I’ll take it one step further.

“Was there something ……?”

Why was she in Akihabara in disguise? And why did she take my hand and run away the moment she saw me? There were so many questions I wanted to ask.

As for Azusa, who was asked the question, her shoulders shook in an understandable manner and she sank into a pensive pose.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

And because I say this, I feel like things are getting more and more serious.

“Threats, I heard that. ……”

When Harushita san made this complement, I could not hide my surprise at the unfamiliar word.


When I looked at Azusa, her panicked appearance affirmed this fact.

“What do you mean by threats?”

I was having a hard time grasping the situation, but Azusa seemed to have finally given up and told me everything that had happened.

–I received a threatening email at our office last night.
-It was a story that had no roots. They said, “You’re dating a celebrity 00, aren’t you?
–If you don’t break up with him, …… that, you know, I’m going to kill him.
–so I asked him to take the day off work, but he sent an email to our side in the morning.
–He was in a high-security apartment that our manager chose for us, so we would be safe there. ……
–I was so scared that I went to Akihabara to look for Rin senpai.

And Azusa carefully told me the sequence of events from last night, following the timeline.

There was a point during the session where she seemed to be having a hard time, but Harushita-san was rubbing her back and making her feel at ease.

“So, how did Ikuta san find Nagishiro san’s location at ……?”
“Oh, that’s the GPS I put in Rin senpai’s cell phone!”
“Hey, when did you put a GPS in a phone I just bought?”

Well, Azusa is in a difficult situation right now, so I’ll pursue it another time.

“……So what are you going to do now?”
“Of course it would be a hiatus.”

I thought I was asking Azusa, but what came back was from Harushita san.

“I can’t go out in the city in my present dangerous condition. I guess I’ll just have to stay home.”
“We’ve filed a police report, and I’m sure they’ll catch the killer in a week or so.”

Harushita san is probably more familiar with such things. She also gave some concrete figures, which I thought were right on the money.

At least for me.

But Azusa seemed different.

“I’ll–I’ll do it. I will–I will do my job. No matter what.”
“Ikuta san!?”

Her voice is full of power, perhaps a sign of her firm determination.

It was her passion for her work, and it seemed to be her pride in being an idol.

But still.

“Don’t do it, Azusa. When things settle down, you can work again. You don’t have to do it now.”

The risks are too high now. And there is no need to do it now, because that risk will be eliminated if she is patient for a little while.

“—–I have someone waiting for me.”

However, the one who still did not nod her head was a woman named Ikuta Azusa.

“There are people waiting for me. I have fans who are waiting for me. I can’t just stop for ……1 week.”

Then she gets up from the bed.


It was impossible for me or Harushita san to stop her from doing so, at least.

–but this was a mistake. It was definitely a mistake.

It was probably the next day.

[Ikuta Azusa is sent to the hospital after a fan pulls a knife on her.]

This is the first time such news has been released.

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