Now, I thought that the Azusa case had been resolved and a peaceful daily life had arrived, but peace, after all, does not last long.

Ding-dong. The house intercom rings.

Well, did I buy anything by mail order? I don’t generally use mail order, so I wonder if it’s important to mail it.

I mean, this pattern has happened before. ……

“Hello! This is XXX Transportation! I’m here to deliver the humidifier you ordered!”

Unexpected words are uttered by the courier, and I am puzzled.

Of course, I don’t recall buying a single millimeter of such a thing. I definitely did not buy it.

But strangely enough, I have an idea. Strange, isn’t it? I have one name floating around in my mind as a possible suspect.

“Um, I’m sorry. May I ask who the purchaser is……?”
“I don’t know who bought it, but it was shipped from ‘Harushita Suzune’!”

That person! Not once, but twice! I mean, if I include the cell phone incident, it’s the third time!

No, wait, calm down, me. You’re being rude to Harushita san. Don’t call her “that person”.

If she went to the trouble of sending me a humidifier, why don’t I just pay for it again? Fortunately, this time I have some money on hand thanks to the intern.

And with that in mind, the line comes in at the same target timing as before.

It’s Harushita san in a hundred shots. I Check the contents of the line.

[I’m sure you’ve received the humidifier I sent by now, but this time it’s the one I bought and used only once. It’s secondhand, so you don’t have to pay for it.]

“That person! She’s getting weirdly smart!”
“Oh, um, sir?!”
“–Excuse me”
“Eh, yeah. Now, if you’ll excuse me!”

Fiuuh, I accidentally showed the courier what I couldn’t show him.

In the meantime, I’ll check Amazon later and return the price for a new one properly.

I settled down to reply to Harushita san for the time being – or so I thought.


The house intercom rings once more. What is it? Did the delivery person forget something?


…… Hmm? Something sounds familiar.

No, no, no, no, that can’t be right. I don’t know any couriers.


Okay, once I took a deep breath for a reality check and closed the front door.

“Fuuuuuuu, haaaaa”

Okay, I’m ready to get my mind right. Let’s open the front door again.

“…..Senpai, What are you doing?”

Right in front of me was a face I knew well.

Azusa was right in front of my house. As expected, I could not hide my surprise. 

“WWwwwww-Why are you here?”

Or rather! You have to ring the intercom to enter this apartment!?

I can understand at 100 paces that she has my room number, but it doesn’t make sense that she would just slink into the condo and be right in front of my room!

“Is that it!? Now you are going to ask Kotoha or Mirei for a spare!”
“No, it’s not.”
“Wrong is scarier! not that is too scary!”

At last, the key to my room was scattered all over the place!?

“Senpai, it’s not like that……. See!”
“Hmm, what’s this?”

I was handed a paper bag. Inside was Akafuku, a specialty of Mie.

“Um, what do you mean?”
“You see, you see, that’s it. I’m not good at anything, but please be kind to me!”
“That’s what you say when you get married.”

Why should I be asked to marry an underage girl?

“Oh, no.”
“It’s boring.”
“No, you only think it’s a social call when the word doesn’t come up right away. Also.”
[Don’t put it in the same category as “I’m not good at anything, but please be kind to me.”]

“So what are you doing here after all?”
“Oh, yes, I forgot.”

I ask again what the intention of her visit is.

Then, with a full-blown smile, she dropped a bombshell that sounded like it was about to go off with a bang.

“It’s called neighborhood greetings!”

Neighbor, greetings ……? Why did Azusa greet me as a neighbor? Did she just move into an apartment nearby? 

What a roundabout way to think and avoid getting an answer, but I had already reached one conclusion.

Why was she able to easily get past the entrance to the apartment building? And the word “neighborly”.


“I’m moving into room 504 right above this room today! My name is Ikuta Azusa !”

Hey, you gotta be kidding me. Come on.

“Jaaaan. Here are the keys!”
“Please tell me you’re kidding.”

Oh no, it’s the one that’s not a joke.

So, a super idol, Ikuta Azusa, has moved into the floor above me. Yeah, it’s sudden. Lovely.

After this, the manager gave me explanations, all of which I had to agree with.

[After the previous incident, I thought it would be better to have someone I know in the same apartment building.]
[She’s still a minor, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to get her a very expensive apartment.]
[Since she asked for it, please take care of her.]

Oh, this is one I can’t say no to.

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