“By the way Ha- san”
“Wait a minute, what’s ha san?”
“Kotoha senpai so ha san!”
“Well, it’s better than long…….. So, what?”
“–What are we going to do about this no-good senpai?”

Hi, I’m no good senpai.

I’m a no-good senpai who hid an erotic book and lied about it because he did not want to be pulled away by Azusa, a kouhai, and Kotoha easily found out.

To be honest, I am scared of what they will do to me. I’m shaking with fear that Kotoha will beat me to a pulp like she did before.

Surprisingly, however, Kotoha didn’t seem too angry.

“I think it’s only natural for boys to look at naughty books~?

She said. That’s great, Ha-san!

“But, I just think you should be careful, Azusa chan, okay? Because, Rin kun, you look like a harmless guy, but in fact, you are, a B E A S T~”
“It sounds like I am a man with a lust for flesh who attacks people without regard. And I don’t have a harmless face!”

I’m not proud of it, but I have frightened someone with this face quite a few times…….I’m really not proud of it.

However, the two ignored my distressful cries, and were enjoying the sushi and a few snacks that they had ordered.

“I knew that white wine goes well with sushi~uwaa~”
“……there is a minor, so be careful.”
“Yess~ Do you want some too, Rin kun?”
“I’m gonna decline that. I’m not much of a drinker.”
“Ah~ That’s~ you’re worried you’re going to get drunk and mess with the beautiful woman in front of you~?”
“I am not a lusty man!”

I certainly try not to drink too much alcohol in the presence of women. …… No, that, that’s the only reason.

I’m afraid of myself, especially in front of people like Kotoha and Azusa, who would make me feel weak.

Sympathy may indeed be a temporary comfort, but it surely weakens you. A weak sound makes one that much weaker.

Besides, it’s best to have this kind of flat conversation with these girls.

We interfere with each other, but we do not intrude on each other. We understand but do not dominate.

I think it is just fine to eat together like this and have a good time.

“Rin senpai is very serious, isn’t he?”
“That’s what I like about Rin kun, though.”
“Hmm? What are you talking about?”
“No, it’s nothing!”

They understand me. At least more than someone I don’t know.

That’s enough happiness for me, and it’s more than enough for me.

So I hope this relationship lasts for the rest of my life.

 –While I was thinking that, I am now in the midst of such a drinking game, I am now in an emergency situation.

“Rin kun, go out with me~. And write a song just for me. okay~? Please.”
“No~ Rin-senpai is mine~ Let’s get married instead of going out with each other~”

Two drunks are born☆ No, not “☆”. It’s a real emergency.

Kotoha on the right arm and Azusa on the left. A flower in both hands, you might say.


“I understand that Kotoha is drunk, but why are you also intoxicated, Azusa⁉”
“Fuaaaaann, Is it the smell~”

I’ve never heard of getting drunk from the smell!! How weak is she ?!

“Kotoha! You’re a working woman! Don’t just show up at someone’s house and get drunk! At least save your breath!”
“Ummmmmmmnn, I’m fine at Rin kun’s house.”
“Not fine !!!”

At any rate, I have to do something about this situation. It is indeed bad when I hit a soft part or something.

— I mean, it’s so soft, girl’s pp.


I hit myself. I hit myself with so much force that I reaped my consciousness. I punched myself in the cheek with all the force I could muster, so much so that no consciousness or blood went to my arm.

“bad, I have to do something fast. ……”

I hurried toward the bed. I dragged them along the way, but even a super idol would forgive me for this.

I throw them both on the bed and turn down the air conditioning. I want to keep them as cool as possible to keep them from getting drunk.

but the two people I’m supposed to have dumped immediately fall off the bed and come to my feet.

“Rin kun~?”
“Rin Senpai?”

They no longer seem to be in a bad mood.

Stop it. I’m not the one who’s in a bad mood, am I? Stop it?

But my wish didn’t come true, and the two of them hold tightly to my legs.

“Hey, stop, it’s hard to move–!”

The next moment when I started to walk away to forcibly peel them off, my pants came off because they were pulling my pants off.

“Aree, Eh. eh !? KYAAA!!!!”

I scream into the room. They still don’t stop, and as soon as they see that my pants are off, they cling to my legs again.

“Next, pants, right?”
“Next is pants, right?”

It was these people who were covered in lust, damn them!

I ended up spending the night in the bathroom that day. It was cold.

I will never let Kotoha drink alcohol again, and I will never let her drink in front of Azusa.

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