“What are you doing here?”

The voice resonated strangely in the room. The sound of the voice itself was not very loud, but everyone instinctively felt that they had to hear it.

“Harushita …… Suzune ……?”

The only one who could speak out against that air of domination by her was the one who held the position next to hers in the place.

However, Suzune’s eyes were not on Hojo, and her gaze was on one man.

“Ah? What are you, that Suzune Harushita, …………?!”

“Why is Suzune Harushita in a place like ……?”

It was not only Takasaki who could not hide his confusion, but also Hojo.


“Can you answer the question? What did you just do?”

No one could answer that question.

Everyone watched with bated breath as she spoke those cold words.

When Suzune confirmed that no one was reacting, she finally peeled off some of the anger that had cloaked her, and then rushed over to the fallen Rin.

“You’re reckless too. ……”

With surprise, she sounded as if she was chiding a mischievous child.

Suzune patted Rin’s cheek and said something like that.

The scene was like the Holy Virgin, and one was simply mesmerized by the sight of her.

It was such a fantastic scene, like a scene from a movie, that it could have been left as a single painting from the Renaissance.

And, of course, it caused a ripple on that quiet surface of the water.

“Oh? Oh, y-you know Nagishiro too ……?”

Takasaki spoke to Suzune while bowing. His legs were still stuck on sticks, though.

“I think it’s somewhat rude to call someone ‘you’ when you’ve never met them before. …… I wonder if they didn’t teach you that.”


But even so, Suzune was undaunted in her fight against Takasaki, who exuded a sense of intimidation only in appearance.

Hojo was taken aback by the obviously challenging attitude, and just like that, the number of galleries around him was increasing.

“R-real. ……?”

“Wow, she’s real!”

And the groans increase in proportion to the number of people.

Takasaki was not at all bothered by this, but it must have been uninteresting to him.

“Oh, come here a minute.”

He was a little forced to take a strong and aggressive approach to upset Suzune.

“…… Phew. You’re like an animal.”

“Haa!! What did you just say?!”

“What’s more, compared to Nagishiro san, you seem to be much more scared of him. You are more of a coward than a mere beast, aren’t you?”

There, Hojo was the only one who noticed that something was clearly wrong.

Obviously, the tone of her voice sounded challenging or, to put it bluntly, like she was trying to pick a fight.

–It was as if she was trying to take some action against him.

But for what? Where’s the benefit in getting hit? 

She is an actress, and if by any chance an injury occurred that would leave a mark on her face, it would be a disaster. Then again, was she wrong in her own mind?

— or what if the benefits are worth that much risk?

With a feeling of irretrievable doubt, Hojo desperately pondered his thoughts.

No longer ruling out the possibility that she was mistaken, she was desperately trying to come up with a reason.

“Well, to begin with, I didn’t think you were the same kind of person as we are, with your barbaric acts of beating people up.”


And the moment when Takasaki reflexively raised his fist.

It coincided with the scene just described.

That scene came back to her mind, just as it did when Rin was hit.

Then one reason was found.

–but is that all she would go to that extent for? …… about Rin kun?

But by the time she came to that realization, it was too late.

Takasaki was about to capture Suzune’s face.


Hojo looked away involuntarily.


“Hey, hey, you are being a little bit insane, that you would be rough with a woman”

Takasaki’s swinging fist was stopped right in front of Suzune’s eyes.


Apparently not getting the response he wanted, Takasaki looked at his opponent who stopped his punch after he became suspicious.

And late behind Takasaki, Hojo also understands what has happened to Suzune. She then looks at the person who is grabbing Takasaki’s hand and notices that the face is familiar.

“Are you Sawamura?”

“Sawamura kun……?”

The man, dressed in a shaved head and carrying a dull backpack, was not unlike a man with a shaved head and a dull backpack, but he stopped Takasaki’s fist with a hail of laughter.

“What the–! Why are you!!!”

“I should at least have plans to come to the mall. I’ve got a piece of clothing that I’ve wasted.”

Suzune, who had not been able to follow through on her plan, was also left in a daze by the response, which was so out of tune.

It was probably the same for everyone present.

“Well, it is …… Harushita dono, isn’t it? I am a friend of Rin-dono, that I am.Rin-dono has always been a great help to me, that I am”

“I-Is that so?”

“And it’s Hojo senpai, that it is. It is a strange thing for us to run into each other in such a place, that it is.”

“Sawamura kun, right ……? You look a lot different from when you were in high school,…….”

“Is it this shaved hair, that it is? I am ashamed to say that I actually shaved it off during my graduation year, that I did.”

“I see. ……”

They were so taken back by Sawamura’s tone that they forgot what had just happened.

The ruler of the place was neither Suzune nor Takasaki, but Sawamura.

And there was one man who would not shut up about it.

“Sawamura, I don’t know why you’re here, but get out of my way!”

“Interfere, that I am?”

Then, suddenly. Suddenly, Sawamura’s tone changed from the cheerful tone he had used earlier and he let out a cold voice.

Takasaki did not notice the moment, and moreover, he could not recognize that Sawamura turned his attention to Rin’s figure lying on the floor at that moment.

“—By the way, Takasaki dono.”

Sawamura closes the distance with Takasaki in one step from a separated position

He asked in a small voice while grabbing Takasaki by the chest so that he could not be seen by others.

“–what did you do to Rin?”

What was there was not the dazed, leisurely man of a moment ago.

The hand gripping Takasaki’s chest was straining, and his tone of voice had changed. The character that had been created had been stripped away, and there was the bare Sawamura.


When Hojo, who noticed the sudden change, asked curiously, Sawamura smiled and looked back and said, 

“I’m fine here, so Senpai, please take care of Rin-dono.” 

Then Hojo and Suzune remember that Rin is lying down and call an ambulance to give first aid to Rin. 

“Then I will talk with Takasaki-dono over there, that I will.”

And with one eye on Sawamura taking Takasaki by force, the girls were worried about Rin’s condition.

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Sawamura is best bud. Plain and simple.