“H-Heee. I-I didn’t know there was such a person.”

Oh no, I stutter too much.

“I-I’ll have to listen to that guy’s music sometime.”

I’m about to be discovered by the amount of hand sweating. I have to retreat. Retreat Retreat

“Wait a minute?”

I’ve been caught!! Huh?

“Kazashiro sensei?”
“No, I’m Nagishiro you know?”
“It’s the tone, it’s so one toned that it’s really easy to understand.”
“I always speak with one accent.”
“That statement is very fluent.”

I’ve been thinking lately that I’m actually not very good at faking it.

No, but there should be no proof. She won’t find out about this. If I just get out of the way, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Well then, thank you very much for your time today. I am thrilled to shake hands with you, Shizuku san. I’m rooting for you, good luck!”

I did something unfunny, like shaking hands with her.

I’ll buy a couple more CDs next time and charge Shizuku san.

Then I ran away and went into a restaurant in Akihabara.

It is a saize (Saizeriya (Italian restaurant chain))

After all, it is Saize that is friendly to marginal college students who have no money.

“–Sawamura had already received a job offer from a major company, right?”
“Well, yes, that is true. My love of computers has paid off, that it has.”

Sawamura is quite fond of computers and has been acquiring programming skills since high school.

Well, even so, there was nothing to indicate a career in competitive programming, and he was just doing it as a hobby, such as making games, but he was picked up by a major company.

“Isn’t it pretty comforting to be a junior in college with a job offer?”
“Yes, I’m glad to get out of the bonds of job hunting, that I am, but I’m more grateful to get paid for the internship, that I am.”

Well, it’s true that his current appearance is just that of a dark-rooted nerd. It’s good that Sawamura has a decent work environment, because it seems like it would be difficult for him to get a part-time job.

“The Otakus have unlimited money to spend, that they do.”
“That way, huh?”
“You can never have enough money”

I’m an otaku, but I’m probably not even an otaku, since I only lightly watch anime.
If there is such a thing as a real otaku, it would be the type of otaku that contributes to the economy.

“How is Rin dono these days?”
“What a vague question.”
“What about, for example, college life, that is?”

Hmmm, college life. I would say that it is neither particularly good nor bad.

“Come to think of it, I’m starting a seminar in the second semester.”
“When you say “seminar,” is that what you mean? A class with a group of about 10 people.”
“Yes, That”
“It must be difficult for you”

Is it someone else’s problem? Is it someone else’s business? Well, it’s someone else’s business.

“I had a seminar my sophomore year, and sure enough, I was all alone.”
“Rin dono is not good at socializing, that he is.”
“I’m sure that’s true. This time I’m going to a seminar with a professor I’m close to, so I think it’s still okay.”
“Professor Omori, that it is? That professor is becoming well-known in our university.”
“Eh, why?”

I wonder, is she famous for being a beautiful single woman around 30? No, I guess she is famous for being a professor at that young age, even if we leave that aside.

“I hear she’s taming the Yankees.”
“Isn’t that me!??!?!”

Who’s being tamed!? If anything, it’s her who is being taken care of!

“I mean, are there really any rumors like that going around? Isn’t it just you?”
“No, I heard a new student talking about it the other day, that I am sure of.”
“I don’t think this is the kind of stuff you hear in the first six months of school.”

Is it really interesting to hear a rumor that a professor from who-knows-where is taming a Yankee from who-knows-where?

“And apparently the person spreading the rumors is from the economics department.”
“……The enemy was among our own people?”

I wonder if I could really call all the people in the economics department my relatives.

“Rin dono is really a good person, that he is.”
“I really do, though.”

Apparently, having a bad face is a defective thing in a human being.

“It’s definetly Kazashiro Rei~!!”

Before going to bed, Mizuno Shizuku was excited in bed, remembering today’s events.

“That voice, it’s just like singing! That way of speaking, it’s the same as the radio.”

She was an enthusiastic Kazashiro Rei fan.

The first thing she liked about him was his voice. After all, she is a voice actress by profession. She fell in love with his voice in the beginning.

But she liked the way he sang more than that.

Many singers these days are the type who sing mainly with technique in order to show off their singing ability. At least that’s what she thought.

And unabashedly…… She didn’t like that type.

What are the lyrics attached to the song for? –it is because of the desire to deliver the song through the medium of song.

A love song is a sad and happy thought of falling in love, while a cheering song is an encouragement and comforting yell. Shizuku thought that songs were meant to convey or express such things.

So, ever since she started voice acting, she was hesitant to make her own debut as an artist because she had doubts about the way those modern singers sing.
She had no guidelines on how to sing.

It was then that Kazashiro Rei appeared.

It’s not even a song. It’s as if you shout your feelings and then the song follows.

She was so impressed with such singing that she cried the first time she heard it.

From there, Shizuku learned about singing from his songs. She has heard his songs hundreds of times, and if anything, her music player only contains songs sung by Kazashiro Rei.

She later learned that Kazashiro Rei’s day job was writing lyrics and composing music. He had always liked lyrics as well, and this fact made her like him even more.

She doesn’t even know what he looks like, but lately, she has been thinking about him all the time and wondering when his next song is going to be uploaded.

She was jumping for joy when She heard he was going to be on the radio, and She was angry when he had a friendly conversation with Tatsumi Mirei.

“—I like him better.”

She genuinely liked Kazashiro Rei. She liked his songs and the way he sang, but most of all she was interested in him.

(my goal is to sing songs together, and to make our life together …… already!)

Most of her thoughts these days are this. It is what is commonly referred to as love.

But all along this was just an unreached unrequited love, because She did not know what kind of person he was. Until yesterday.

Today, however, She was able to meet someone who appeared to be Kazashiro Rei.

“Nagishiro Rin huh……?”

When she was told, the almost coy reason for the similarity of the letters in his name convinced her that he was Kazashiro Rei.

“I’ll have the manager look for him!”

It won’t be long before Rin’s college is discovered.

(TL/N : Oh yeah BTW, Sawamura is talking with the “Gozaru” type so I just translated it like that)

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