Episode 34 – Mizuno Shizuku Handshake Event



I don’t have any friends in college.

Well, the fact that I am a tough guy has a lot to do with this, but even I had someone I could call a friend.

“It has been a long time, Rin dono.”

“Yeah, that tone hasn’t changed for you either, Sawamura.”

Sawamura Kenji. Same university as me, undergrad in science.

He is a human being whom I befriended in high school and is actually a good looking guy.

In high school, he was more innocent, but his appearance and personality were a disaster, and he experienced relationship entanglements due to his female relationships. Then he changed his appearance and became a dull college student.

“Why don’t you do a more good-looking guy’s voice? Even your tone of voice is forced, isn’t it?”

“It’s the same with Rin dono, is it not? You are a really gentle person, but because of your face, Rin dono is also distancing himself from others, isn’t he?”

“No, I think they just don’t come by, okay?”

Sawamura was one of the few people who approached me after I had been a tough-looking guy since high school.

He is a valued friend and someone I respect.

Such is the case with Sawamura, who came this time.

“Akiba, isn’t it? I feel at home in Akiba, that I do.”

“I agree with that. Because I feel like I’m in the majority here.”

The two of us had come to Akihabara.

Not only is he a nerd, but Sawamura is a pretty good one as well. After Sawamura got a makeover in high school, we spent a lot of time talking about anime and manga at school.

We also have good taste in each other’s hobbies.

“Let’s get going right away, then. Let’s go shake hands with Mizuno Shizuku!”

“Oh! I want to get going too, so I’ll be right there!”

So we went straight to the top floor of the anime store.

“I knew she had a great song, Shizuku san! I downloaded it as soon as it came out and have been listening to it all the time lately.”

“As expected of you, Rin dono. You know what you’re doing. The lyrics for this song were written by Maru san, and the music was composed by Nozaki sensei, so they put a lot of effort into it.”

Today, Shizuku was shaking hands to commemorate the release of her new single.

The composer was Nozaki sensei, who had recently visited my house. No, I would never tell Sawamura that. He would be envious and resent me.

Nozaki sensei is a successful composer who usually wrote theme songs for TV dramas and the like, and of course she was quite well known among anime fans.

The fact that such a person provided the voice for Mizuno Shizuku, a voice actress who is now rapidly gaining popularity, created a synergistic effect that had fans quite excited even before the release of the product.

The PV is still playing all the time at the stairs waiting for the handshake.

She is not very tall, but she is beautiful with slender legs.

And of course, the most distinctive feature is her voice, as she is a voice actor. Usually, she has a cute and fluffy voice, but depending on the character she plays, she can make her voice low and throaty, or even higher and make it sound like a cute non-human animal.

By that, she lowered her voice because this song is cool and chic, and that’s cool too.

The fact that she is usually a laid-back person makes the gap between the two even more striking.

“Soon, Rin-dono!”

“Oh, oh.”

I would like to see a few more PVs, but she should be right there in person.

Up the stairs and through the curtain lowered from above, we were sucked into the booth.


There was still a line in the booth and we were still far from Shizuku san, but even from this distance we could recognize her presence.

Oh man, there’s an aura. The aura.

That’s….She has an aura as much as Kotoha and others who look like they are going somewhere else. She will definitely become a superstar and take the voice acting world on her shoulders.

“Sawamura, I’m impressed. ……”

“I am too, that I am. In fact, I’m already in tears, that I can’t see anything.

“We’ll get there somehow, won’t we?”

I really can only thank Sawamura for inviting me to come here. I am too grateful.

The time to shake hands was ticking away. All I could think about was what I was going to say and what I was going to have her sign.

“Yes, next!”

I go in front of Shizuku san with my nerves as Sawamura shakes his hand and deliriously shakes hers.

“What’s your name~?”

“Oh, my name is Nagishiro Rin…….”


Oh no, my voice might have been too quiet. She looks so curious.

However, it seems that my fears were unfounded, as Shizuku san smiles at me and then holds out her hand.

Oh, it’s a handshake. Oh, man, my God, my hands aren’t sweating or anything, are they?I’m okay, right? I’m wearing pants so I won’t be recognized……. (TL/N : I don’t understand the last statement….)

“How can I help you?”

“N-No!? Nothing?”

Oh no, I have to be quick.

Fearfully, I put my own hand on the hand that was put in front of me.

Oh, wow, it’s so small. It’s so fresh and slippery.

“What are you doing now, Rin kun~?”

“Y-Yes! Oh, I’m a student.”

“……Oh, I see. Oh, no, no, you looked a little more mature.”

“Oh, you are scared, aren’t you? I’m sorry, you got to shake hands with this guy.”

I mean, it’s amazing. I can’t believe that even with such a strong face, she would smile and shake my hand. I’m sure she must have a lot on her mind, but it’s really amazing that she doesn’t let it show on her face.

Shizuku san responds to my response happily.

“Oh, no, you’re not! Aren’t you a pretty good looking guy~?”

“handsome!? That’s not true.”

“Is that so? If you get your hair done a little better, you’ll be a very handsome man~!”

“A-Ah, thank you!”

I’m so happy. Oh, I’m so happy.

As I was soaking in the pleasure, Shizuku san talked to herself for a bit.

“–I thought it was that guy ……”

She was mumbling in an inaudible voice, but quickly returned to her expression.

“Do you do music?~”

“Oh, music!?”

What a question.

W-Why!? Why music ?!

“No, no, no, that’s not true. And I don’t sing.”

Oh, but do I sing my songs when I put them on the Internet? Just in case.

“W-Why are you talking like that all of a sudden?”

“Hmm, I don’t have any particular reason. It’s just that you sound alike somehow.”

“Do we sound alike?”


I have never been told that my voice is similar to someone else’s. I wonder if it is because she is a voice actor and she notices people’s voices. I wonder 

“By the way, that guy…”

“His name is Kazashiro Rei.”


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