Early March. The cold of winter is still persistent, and it is the time of year when I miss the sunshine of spring.

Today was a rare day to be interviewed.

…… with Mia san.

“Mia san, didn’t you go back to the U.S. ……?”
“I won’t be back until April or so.”

Mia san crosses her legs beside me in a relaxed tone.

Today, she was wearing very short shorts, exposing her thighs and beyond.
She didn’t seem to pay any attention to this, but to me it was a sight for sore eyes. My gaze immediately went in that direction.

“? What’s wrong?”
“No, it’s nothing. ……”

As expected, I cannot say “Please put away your legs because they are so erotic” in front of the person in question. I mean, where would you put away such long beautiful legs?

I mean, why is the distance between the people next to each other so small? Is it the angle of view of the camera?
The distance is about the size of a rice ball. If I move my hand a little, I can’t help but feel Mia san’s silky hair tickling my cheek, which is a little itchy.
Above all, it smells really good.

“……Fufufufu, that’s nice.”
“Good job, Mia.”

Mia san and her manager were having some kind of sneaky conversation
I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I couldn’t help but feel that they were talking about some stupid thing.

Incidentally, it is also Mia san’s manager who will be doing the interview.
Since this interview will only be published in an article, it seems that it is the same no matter who asks the questions. If that is the case, they decided that it would be better to have a manager who is familiar with the subject matter.

………… Well, all of this is what Mia san told me.

“okay do you get it? The rest is on schedule. ……”
“I understand. I’ll do as you say, and please give me a vacation like you promised.”
“Okay okay, then please”

I have a feeling it’s really a bad thing!? Why are they sneaking around in front of me!? Hey, is there something you can’t tell me about it?

The manager sat down and put the voice recorder on the desk.
The air was somewhat tightened by this action, and a sense of tension ran through my body.

“Well, I’m looking forward to working with you.”
“Yes, please.”

Then the interview began.

She asks detailed questions about my interactions with Mia san, starting with a discussion of how I got my start as a composer.

“What is it about Mia san that appeals to you?”
“hmmm I think the volume of her voice is attractive. And yet, I don’t feel like she sings wildly, and her resonant voice draws me in at once.”
“I think that’s what you mean when you say that you like Mia’s voice. …… memo memo ……”

Hmm?I feel like I’m off on some nuance. ……?
I mean, why is Mia san twisting her body next to me?

“Is there anything else?”
“Anything else?”

Hmmm… I think. Mia san’s appeal as an artist is difficult to describe in words.
There are too many attractive aspects compounded. ……

“The live performance was amazing. I felt like I was transported into Mia san’s world, which is a strange sensation. It was very comfortable, but also moving. ……I’m sorry I’m not good at words, but that’s pretty much how I felt.”
“Oh, so Mia’s song got you hooked and you felt really good. …… memo memo.”
“I think it’s obviously been maliciously altered!?”

I sense malice, especially in the choice of words.

“I see…Rin….I see you thought so. ……”
“Well, no !? That’s not what I thought.”
“No ……?”

Mia san looks sad.
She seemed to have tears in her eyes, if not in her heart.

“Is it not ……! No, no, no, I really loved hearing you!”
“…… yay ……”

Mia san was relieved, and I was relieved, too. I mean, Mia san is kind of cute right now.

“……Nagishiro’s words made Mia’s face flush……memo memo”
“You’ve had enough, you know that?”

The manager had a little, or rather a lot to say.
It definitely looks like she is enjoying this interview.

“By the way, how does Nagishiro feel about Mia?”
“eh, What is this?”
“No, no, it’s just another question I was told to ask by the publisher.”

I was a little suspicious, but once I was told that, there was no way I was going to argue with her.

About Mia san…..

“she’s a little younger than I thought she would be”

When I said what I thought, Mia san became very shaken up.

“I agree with that.”
“Even you!”

In addition, the manager has been following her and Mia is terribly depressed.

Uu,uuu….She dropped to her knees, feeling as if she were about to burst into tears.

“You both looked at me like that. ……”
“I mean, it’s more surprising that you didn’t think I was ……”

When I said that, Mia san puffed out her cheeks in protest. She probably doesn’t realize that the fact that she doesn’t try to hide such feelings makes her look childish.
No, that is one of the beauties of this situation.

“I didn’t mean to imply that you were young badly”
“…… Really?”

Mia san gave me a skeptical look.
Apparently, she was quite depressed by being told she was too young.

I rub her back and continue speaking.

“At first, I thought Mia san would be more difficult to get to know. You know, she looked so cool, like a superstar.”

That was the impression I had when I first saw her on TV.
Or perhaps it is closer to say that I was imposing my impression of a superstar on her as well.

“But when I met her, she was very easy to talk to. I don’t mean to be rude, but when I first met her in the sauna, I didn’t think she was such a great person.“

I miss those days when I only thought that there were strange foreigners.
I think I’m a bit too foolish, though.

“But she’s a very honest person, very genuine in her singing, and very open to talking to me.”

Well, her personality caused her to get involved in a lot of unpredictable things.
Like suddenly staying over at my house, or getting involved in a game of artists.

I’ve been subjected to many things like annoyances.

“Still, being able to hold on to that kind of childhood spirit is not an easy thing to do, so …… I think Mia san is an amazing person.”

When I said that much, Mia san looked up.
Her expression was tearful, but she looked happy, with a smile on her face.

“So in that sense, Mia san, I think you’re wonderful.”
“Hey, Mia san?!”

Mia san suddenly jumped on me and pushed me down.
But the only thing on Mia san’s face was innocence, and I felt innocent too.

I knew that what I saw in front of me was just a 19-year-old. She was just a 19-year-old who was successful.
I felt cheered up by the thought of it.

“–Hohoho, in other words, Nagishiro is in love with Mia’s childish side, …… memo memo.”
“Please don’t write it that way because it makes me sound like a pedophile!?”

But the manager ruined everything.

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