The actions they took since that car fight were in stark contrast.

Kotoha’s action was noninterference anyway.

She Immediately execute the cancellation of the apartment as requested by Rin.
Rin had apparently moved to a place with lower rent and was living on a part-time job.

When Kotoha got asked by Rin to do that, she was shocked, of course, but more than that, she was afraid that she would be a bad influence on Rin even more.
She was afraid that she would destroy so much talent because of her own fault.

She feels even more self-loathing that she still sees him only as a talent.
At times like this, she realizes that she is not the person who should be involved with Rin, and for some reason, this reassures her.

She just wonders why.

Even though that’s how she wants to distance herself from him.

Thus, by cutting the contract for the condo, she feels as if she has lost her connection with him.

And that is what makes her feel inexplicably lonely and inexplicably regretful.

“The human heart is a mess.”

This line is like a masterful observation.
It doesn’t suit me.

“Aah, yeah”

There is only one thing left to do.
I made one phone call to get it done.

In contrast, Shizuku.

Shizuku was looking for Rin.

She went to his apartment, but there was no longer any sign of him living there, and he had apparently moved out.

She asked the university, but as expected, they refused to give her the student’s personal information.

“In truth, it would be easier if only I could ambush him at the university. ……”

Currently, Shizuku was in a studio in Tokyo where she did postrecording.

She’s been working a lot lately, and her next day off is Christmas Eve.

The next step would be the New Year’s holiday, and Rin would not leave the house.

In other words, the next Christmas Eve was the last chance.

(Somehow, I have to find out where Nagishiro kun is by Christmas Eve. …….)

Shizuku is impatient as she looks at her line talk screen, which has not received a reply for more than two weeks now.

With her impatience under control, she heads for the recording booth again today.

But on December 23, the day before Christmas Eve.

Then, an unexpected helper appeared.

“Nice to meet you, Mizuno Shizuku san. My name is Ikuta Azusa!”

A petite woman showed up at Shizuku’s house early in the morning.


It was a popular idol, Ikuta Azusa.

“May I come in?”
“Ah, um, go ahead”
“Excuse me!”

Oh my God, what am I wearing now?)

When she sees Azusa wrapping herself in her coat, she realizes that her attire is not appropriate for meeting her.
Just wearing pajamas and one gown. It’s the worst first meeting She’s ever had.

(But, I can’t help it!)

No one is blaming her, but she make excuses in my mind.

I can’t believe she’s suddenly here, and that she’s coming too. ……! Why did you come to my place!?Or rather, what did you come here for? And at 7 o’clock in the morning.

I had many questions, but first of all, I could not make her wait outside in such cold weather.

She hurriedly turns up the temperature of the heater in her room, and while she’s at it, also turns on the kotatsu to welcome Azusa into the house.

“Oh, it’s a nice place!”
“Ah, uh, well, yes.”

She was definitely going to say that Azusa lived in a better place, but decided against it, thinking it would be a bad idea to talk about such a money-related matter with a minor.

“Um, I have coffee and cocoa……”
“Uh, cocoa, please!”

Azusa smiles and says clearly, “I can’t drink coffee because it’s bitter,” and Shizuku’s nervousness eases.

“Here you go”
“Thank you! Fuuu Fuuuu”

The way she cools her cocoa is no different from that of a child.
She thinks the voice-over idols are properly human, even the super idols.

“Um, so what’s going on here so early?”
“Oh, yes, yes.”

Remembering her business, Azusa puts down her mug and her face changes from a soft expression.

“Actually, you know. Ha san, I got a message from Kotoha san.”

While saying “message,” Azusa took a note out of her bag and handed it to Shizuku.

“This is…..?”
“Can’t you tell by looking at it?”

What is written is a list of kanji characters starting with Tokyo.
It should be in the form of an address that anyone can understand.

“This is Rin senpai’s address.”

It belonged to someone who was exactly what Shizuku had expected.

“Nagishiro kun’s ……?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

The only address she could think of at this point was Rin’s, but she couldn’t figure out why Rin’s address would come up from Azusa.
No, in fact, She understand that she came to tell her that Kotoha taught her, but She can’t connect Azusa and Kotoha in any way with the keyword Rin.

Perhaps sensing Shizuku’s confusion, Azusa adds an explanation.

“As a matter of fact, I once received a song from Rin senpai, as I’m sure you know.”
“Nn……Ah, is that so?”
“We got to work together on TV and became good friends.”

As she said this, Azusa’s face looked as if she was in a huff.
I guess they weren’t that close, Shizuku thought, and proceeded with her story, thinking of unnecessary things.

“So why did Kotoha san give me this?”

Of course, that is what She was concerned about.
She didn’t think that Kotoha would do anything to help her against her, since she had been in a fight before.

But Azusa explains her question in Kotoha’s words.

“She said [atonement.] I asked her about it, but she only said that. She said there was nothing else she could do for him.”

Sin. If she says so, that would be a sin against Rin.

That she had unknowingly denied Nagishiro Rin’s existence and unnecessarily pushed him into a corner.

(Yes, I have to tell Nagishiro kun that I like him myself, no matter what it takes.)

Then She remembered her mission.

What she has to do now is to tell him how she feels so that there is a misunderstanding.
Maybe that will help him.

And at the same time, She almost imagined …… and stopped.

Now that he was unhappy, she felt bad for him for thinking such a thing.

“T-Thank you!”
“No, no, no. …….The truth is that I wanted to be the one to go!”

Finally, Azusa’s grandiose sarcasm made Shizuku, on the contrary, lose a good deal of her strength.

I have to go. I have to go to Nagishiro kun’s place.

(TL/N : Damnn the change of POVs, I hope you won’t get confused…)

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