After being beaten up (by whom, I’ll keep quiet for their privacy), Kotoha came and congratulated Azusa for reorganizing, and everyone was relaxing in my room, each in her own way.

“Hey, Rin kun”
“Fuaai, Fuanfehofu”
“No need to be silly.”
“It’s because you beat the sh*t out of me?!”

I was beaten to a pulp. I can’t go against Kotoha san anymore from now on.

But Kotoha acted as if she didn’t care about that anymore and asked me something else.

“Hey, how did you get Azusa back on her feet?”

And the content of that was something that had become a rather sensitive topic in my mind two weeks after that.

I can’t say it. …… No matter how much I wanted to do something for Azusa, I can’t say that I wrote a song for her and performed it over the phone, that’s too stinkin’ bad. ……

No, at the time, I was certainly giving it my all and I was crazy about it, but in hindsight, it’s a mess and embarrassing.

What a crazy itty bitty guy, writing a song and playing it for one girl. ……

”I’m also concerned about Azusa chan. But I heard that she was so depressed that her manager’s call got refused by Azusa chan, so I wondered what kind of magic Rin kun used on her.”
“Well, I didn’t do anything special, did I? No, I didn’t do anything special at all.”

At least it must be true that I am not doing anything magical. Yeah, I’m not lying.

But as I blurted out my response, Kotoha now turned to Azusa.

“Can you tell me about it, Azusa chan?”
“E-Et-to…..H-He encouraged me very passionately…..!”

Hey, why the shyness there! Hey, you’re misleading her!

“Um, Kotoha san?
“All right, spit it out.”
“Kotoha san!?”

“……So I did…..”

Why should I have to tell my own story of my many embarrassing actions? What kind of torture is this?

“So you did that, Nagishiro san.”
“When did you hear that, Harushita-san?……”
“I was interested.”

Harushita san nodded her head in admiration, but I was very embarrassed. I would feel less embarrassed if she laughed.

No, Kotoha might laugh at me. She might be laughing because she thinks the younger kid is a jerk or something.

That’s what I thought, and then I saw Kotoha.

“………Not fair”

Kotoha looks unexpectedly puffy. Oh, did I do something wrong again?

“Make it.”
“–make one for me! And in a genre that Rin hasn’t made yet! Then sing it for me when it’s just the two of us!”

No, no, no. How can that be? 

“It’s not fair. Only Azusa chan, and Rin kun even gave his first time”
“Huh, Heh? Hah?!”

No, the way you say it!

“Hehee~. Isn’t it great! Rin senpai was really cool at that time, and he sang with so much emotion, it was amazing!”
“Oi, Stop it, It’s embarrassing.”
“It’s not fair. Sing for me too.”

Kotoha is more childish than ever. I wonder if Kotoha wants a song like that.

“All right, Rin kun. For now, you’re going to sing the song you wrote for Azusa chan.”
“Right now!? here? Right here in front of these people!?”

Nozaki sensei and Mirei give their approval to Kotoha’s proposal.

“Ouu, I’d love to hear something other than Nagishiro san’s love songs.”
“Me too, I want to hear it one more time.”
“Nozaki sensei!? Mirei!?”

I’m an amateur singing in a place full of professionals like this! They’ll beat me to a pulp, lynch me and make mincemeat out of me!

“No, no, no, no!”
“Don’t be a spoiled brat, Rin kun ♡.”

“Scary, scary, scary, scary!”
“Here, Rin. Guitar.”
“Don’t give me the guitar!?”

“Rin senpai!”
“What is it?!”

“Nagishiro san, I would like to ask you to do the same for me.”
“That’s hard to say no to!?”

And Nozaki sensei just stares at me smiling! What is this?

“Oh, my God, I just have to sing right?!”

I sang enthusiastically in desperation.

I was better received than I had expected, and one sensei, Nozaki sensei, even said to me, “Why don’t you try to become a singer? ” But her kindness was painful to my heart.
Flattery is tough in the presence of these members.

Except for Nozaki sensei, the other four were just dumbfounded without any feedback. I wonder if they are that envious of Azusa for having a song written just for her.

With these thoughts in mind, the day came to an end.

— In hindsight, this may have been Nagishiro Rin’s first live performance where he played guitar and sang with many singers later.

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