“So, here’s the next corner.”

Somehow I can’t deny the feeling that I’ve already exhausted in Futsubota’s corner.

I don’t know why, maybe I’m nervous because it’s my first time on the radio.

No…….There is a more obvious cause, but let’s keep it to myself. I’ll keep it to myself, because I have my own privacy.

“Next up, since Kazashiro-sensei was kind enough to visit us, we have [Ten Questions from Tatsumi san]!”
“What a cheap name.”

Gahaha. This is a good time to laugh. And while I am at it, let’s laugh as I glare at the staff members.

“Tatsumi san and Kazashiro-sensei are acquainted with each other, but this time he will be answering questions for listeners who do not yet know him. Incidentally, I asked the staff to make up five questions, I, Suzuki, made up one, and Tatsumi san made up four.”

The mine is already hidden in that description. Mirei made up the question, and I have a bad feeling about that.

I mean, you know me pretty well, don’t you?

“Okay, let’s start with the staff.”
“Come on in.”

Well, then, take a breath.

“One. How old are you now?”
“It is a secret.”

“Second. How did you come up with the name Kazashiro Rei?”
“It’s just something I came up with at random.”

“Third. Which do you prefer, writing lyrics or composing music? And which do you do better?”
“My favorite thing to do is compose music. Still, I think I’m a little better at writing lyrics.”

“Fourth. Is there anything you keep in mind when writing a song?”
“Well, interesting stuff. I don’t try to force myself to make something at all.”

“Fifth. Would you be willing to show your face sometime?”
“That’s not a question, that’s a job offer, and I decline.”

After five slurred questions and answers, Suzuki and Mirei ask for more information about the content.

“And what about your pen name?”
“It’s just as it is. It’s kind of close to my real name. I think Mirei san would understand, but the letters look alike.”
“Ah, that’s right”
“You didn’t even know until now!”

Nagishiro Rin. Kazashiro Rei. Yeah, they’re kind of close. They have the same radical. Maybe.

“You said you were better at writing lyrics than you were at composing music ?”
“I’m still not very good at either of them from a professional point of view. Even so, in composing, I just make up phrases that feel good to me, whereas in lyric writing, I work on the lyrics until they hit the spot.”
“What are some of the things you keep in mind when you’re writing a song that you enjoy?”
“I have no intention of becoming a professional from the start. It’s just something I do on the side.”

When I say this, Suzuki returns the question as if surprised.

“Eh, so you’re not a composer by profession?”
“I’m just a regular guy.”
“Eh~I didn’t expect that~”
“I haven’t really thought about it.”

If the song is written by a college student, his/her age will be revealed, and if the song is a playful song written by a college student, the artist who provided the song will suffer reputational damage. It would be better to blur it out appropriately.

And since I have no plans to become a composer, I’m not too far off the mark.

“Ah, the producer said he would formalize the job offer again.”
“Please tell them I decline.”

The producers and directors were out there with their heads in the sand, but I don’t know about that.

“Then I’ll ask you my next question. How are you enjoying the radio?”

It was a serious question, typical of radio assistants.


Hmmm, if you ask me if it’s fun.

“It’s fun. Of course I get nervous, but I think it’s more fun than that. When I get e-mails from so many people, I learn a lot about people’s daily lives, and it’s fun to listen to the two of you talk.”
“T-Thank you! It makes us happy to hear you say so!”
“I’m glad. I thought it would be a nuisance since I asked so suddenly.”

Mirei puts her hand on her chest as if she is a little relieved. You can almost hear the sound of “Ho!”

I guess Mirei was worried about me, too. I’m not used to this kind of place.

“No, no, no. Of course it was annoying, but it was a better experience than that.”

When I spit a little venom, the outside world laughs pleasantly, as intended. Even now.

It’s a fun place to talk, and part of me is sad that it’s almost over.

“Then come back next week as a guest.”
“No, I refuse to do that.”

Watch out, I was so close to being swept away by the good vibe and having to work again next week. No, I’ll still be working as an intern, though.

So now that we’ve got the punchline, let’s do the last …… last.

“Then I will ask you a question at the end of the day.”
“U,uu….G-Go ahead”

This is it.

I can’t afford to be picky, so I’m ready and waiting for her to ask me a question.

“Then the first one. Do you have a girlfriend?”
“I don’t”

“Is there a girl?”
“There is not”

“Why am I being doubted by Mirei san!?”

Why are you asking me to remind you? No, no, no, where did that suspicion rise from?

When I told her I was innocent, she smiled a little and then moved on to the next question.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend before?”
“Another private question, I guess. No, I’ve never had a girlfriend, so to speak.”
“Girlfriendless history equals …… tree age?”
“I’m old! I ain’t a tree!”

I’ve always wanted to be a tree, though.

And Mirei, taking notes in the margins of the script. It’s all so neatly done, like a little animal.

“Next. What kind of girl is your type?”
“Why all that stuff from earlier! …… I guess someone who is normally kind. But still someone who is equal.”
“For example?”
“For example…..For example, someone who can be there for me, support me, teach me things, and make me laugh. Someone who can teach each other things and make each other laugh.”

Memo memo, that is. The corners of my mouth are a little bit upturned, though.

“Teaching each other. Fufufu.”

I even heard some creepy voices. Scary, scary, quick last question.

“Then the last one. Who is your favorite artist?”
“I feel like that’s wrong, except perhaps the answer is ‘Mirei Tatsumi!’ Well, I like you very much, Mirei san. I will continue to support you, so keep up the good work.”

I think it was a good way to end the show. It was nicely put together and got a few laughs.

“Thank you very much. I’ll do my best. …… please give me the next song as soon as possible.”
“Please wait! I’m trying not to force myself to make it!”

The last one hit me where it hurts the most. Wow, that’s not funny.

Interns are great, but it’s time to start writing songs.

This broadcast ended with me vaguely thinking that I would like to do my best in both areas.

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1 year ago

That was less painful for him than I expected it to be, especially the questions from Mirei.