Episode 25 – Abnormal Azusa



The next day, after managing to reach Japan while being beaten up (I will refrain from telling you who beat me up for his own privacy).

I came out to Akihabara to buy electronics, and I only took a short train ride.

I say electrical appliances, specifically computers.

I usually use a computer when I write songs, and in that sense, a computer is a necessity.

I had been writing songs on a laptop computer, but I couldn’t deny that it was lacking in specs, and I felt that it had been in use for more than two years and was nearing the end of its useful life, so I decided to buy a new, stationary computer.

A desktop model would have perfect specs, and the notepad can be used exclusively for writing school reports.

So today I came here to find out how much it would cost to buy a new computer, and to check my budget.

“I’ve heard that home-built computers are more cost-effective, but I’m not sure.”

I’ve taken note of all the parts needed to build a computer in one step. If I can add up the prices of the parts and compare them to ready-made computers, I should be able to buy one next time I come back without wasting money.

“I knew those maniacs would be in Akihabara.”

That is why Akihabara. What is not here is not in the Kanto area either.

Putting that aside, I first came to a store that sold finished computers.

After a short walk down Denkigai Street, I entered a store that caught my eye.

“Whaaa—-I knew it will be expensive”

Of course, I mumbled in a small voice so that the shopkeepers could not hear me, but my voice might have been louder than I had imagined due to the higher price.

It is not affordable for a student to begin with. That is, a college student might be able to go there if he lives at home and spends all his part-time job money, but it would take six months to get there.

After all, I have to assemble the computer by myself, even if I have to go through the trouble of making it. To some extent, Rin boy’s mind is made up here.

At any rate, I knew it was impossible, so I left early and headed to the next restaurant.

“Next, over there.”

Next is a store where many computer parts are gathered.

I had checked the location of that on the map.

On the road, a face I knew was there.

“It’s Azusa, isn’t it?”
“?! Rin senpai!”

She was in disguise and her face was completely hidden, but it was easily recognizable to anyone who knew her.
After all, you can’t erase the aura, you know.

She was looking around as if she was looking for someone at the intersection in front of her. She was probably meeting someone or something.

So I was going to say hello and goodbye right away.

“Sss-senpai…..please come here for a moment!”
“Ou, Wai–What?!”

When I thought she was focused on me, she said, “Come, please,” and took my hand in a messy manner and immediately ran off.

Azusa suddenly pulled my arm strongly, and I was momentarily confused. What is it?

But she soon cools down. Or rather, I made her calm down. I have never seen Azusa like this.

(Not normal for Azusa to be this forceful ……)

Azusa is running as if running away from something. When I looked closely, I found that the sweat she was sweating was unusual.

So I looked back, but could not see the presence of anything in particular chasing me.

“Azusa, let’s stop for a moment.”

There is no imminent threat. We need to calm down and assess the situation once and for all.

But she doesn’t stop. She runs single-mindedly. The feeling, the hand holding hers is stronger than at first.


Apparently my voice had not reached her ears. The second time I called out to her, she stopped firmly.

“Haaa, Haaa”
“Oii….!? Are you okay Azusa!!”

When I managed to raise Azusa’s nodding body and remove her mask and sunglasses, a very blue face appeared.

“Hey, Hey !? What’s wrong Azusa !? what happened?!”
“Ehee…..Ehehe…It’s Rin senpai…”

Azusa laughs at my face while I’m in a daze.

She’s anemic and probably not getting her blood circulating properly. Maybe the heat is getting to her, and she is suffering from heat stroke or dehydration.

For now, it’s an ambulance, fast.

I must call them as soon as possible.

But I’m in a hurry, my fingers are shaking, and it’s only at times like this that I make the mistake of pressing the wrong number over and over again. Oh no, hurry, hurry!

I finally call for an ambulance, and I lay her down on a towel in the shade so that her head rests on it.

I wait patiently, irresponsibly frustrated by the ambulance that doesn’t arrive easily.

Fortunately, there was no commotion in the alley, but that would not be the case if an ambulance arrived.

“What in the world is going on here? ……. The always energetic Azusa.”

A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived and carried Azusa away.

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