Well, well, well.

My latest addiction is cooking.

….There’s a girl on the floor above my apartment who said that ……..

“Rin senpai! I’m here to make another one today!”

This is the culprit this time. She is that girl who wears all black like in a certain cartoon.

“Why every day…… ?”
“? well of course That’s because my parents told me, [When you cook, you mustn’t do it alone!]”
“why so confident ……”

I think Azusa came the day after she moved in. I heard that cooking is her obsession

“But, I’d say you can’t cook at all.”
“I-I just recently started!”
“What’s your specialty?”
“…… stir-fried vegetables.”

Ah, yes, it looks like she’s just getting started. This, “This is not a cup of ramen or egg rice!” kind of feeling.
But the vegetable stir-fry she makes is so easy. Just add oil, stir-fry vegetables and meat, add seasonings from the supermarket, and you’re done. It’s delicious, but anyone can replicate it.

“Ah, well, that’s fine! I can eat with senpai too!”
“I’m sure that’s true. I’m thankful for that, because all the lunch boxes from convenience stores and supermarkets are not nutritious enough.”
“Fufu, Fufu ! Yes, right!”

She was in such a good mood that the hairs on her head seemed to stand up happily.
The small animal-like appearance is somewhat similar to Mirei.

“So what are you making today?”
“Yes! Today it’s omelette rice!”
“Woow, that’s good”

Nagishiro Rin, a big egg lover.

I think any egg dish is delicious, and I love that luxurious feeling when you put an egg on top of it. Why is it so rich for such a low unit price?

“What are the ingredients?”
“Well, I’ve already bought it!”
“More prepared than ever.”

Oh, I remember when she came into the house, she was rustling around and carrying a supermarket bag.

Well, there is usually always something missing and I end up having to go shopping.
As expected, a story about an idol and a guy shopping at a supermarket would be a bad idea if it got out, so I had to go alone.

“Well, do you need any help?”
“No, I’m fine !”

And she always absolutely insists on cooking alone. When I ask her why, she won’t answer.

I was easily turned down, so I dozed off on the couch, meekly watching TV.

“What is the situation? Explain, Rin.”
“Oh, um, I’d like to know, too. ……”

Let me explain!

I’m Nagishiro Rin, a college student composer! The day I invited my house friend (who just recently became one), Ikuta Azusa, into my house (she came in on her own), she made me an omelette rice.

I was so relieved by Azusa’s seemingly smooth cooking that I was unaware of the sleepiness coming from within.

The man (sleeper, gender unknown) gave me a sleeping pill (just sleepy) (I didn’t take it) and when I woke up, I saw …….

Besides Azusa, one other person, to my surprise, Harushita san, had arrived and was fighting over the cooking area!

“——–Is what happened”
“First of all, it’s funny that you invite the little girl into your home.”
“Is that little girl me?!”

I heard protests from the kitchen, but that didn’t seem to be the point now.

Because for some reason Mirei is angry.

“What’s that Bob (Hair) doing here?”
“I don’t think you mean Bob, do you, Harushita san? I’d like to know that, too”
“Speak up, Rin.”
“I told you, I don’t know either!?”

This is a complete misunderstanding. I don’t know why Harushita san came here either.

When I hurriedly asked Harushita san for an explanation, she told me in a relaxed tone.

“I just happened to be passing by Nagishiro san’s house the same day I bought the speakers, so I came over.”
“I’m sure that’s on purpose!? I’ve been persistently refusing you lately, so you just changed your policy!?”

Harushita san used to send me home appliances, but recently I have been firmly refusing to accept them. I suppose this is a countermeasure to that.

….I think she is learning something, or maybe it’s just getting pushed around. Hey.

“So, how did Harushita san get into the house?”
“Ikuta san just let me in.”
“Hey Azusa, this is not your house.”

Not that. If you were allowed to do so, there would be no such law as trespassing in this world.

“So how did Mirei do it?”
“The little girl there let me in.”
“Oi little girl !!!”

I will never forgive this little girl (19 years old). Never.

“So why did Azusa and Harushita san get into a fight?”
“I’m not in a fight. I just went into the house and found that Ikuta san’s cooking was too dangerous, so I just gave her some advice.”
“That’s not true! That’s how she interferes with my cooking for Rin senpai~!”
“No, no, oh, look, if you don’t season it there, it will all go away.”

Ah, a conversation that explains the reason for the fight. Harushita san has completely good intentions, but Azusa misunderstoods.

“Azusa, calm down. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to get a good taste of the food. Your cooking has a unique taste, and I understand Harushita san’s concern, but I can handle that kind of taste, so I’m fine.”

Somehow it all came full circle. Good, good, good.

“–So why is that little girl here in this house?”

……. I forgot to put out one fire.

I found that Mirei was scary when she was angry, though not as much as Kotoha.

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