(Marika = Mario Kart)

“Good morning~, Nagi kun~”
“Senpa………… senpai!?!?”

The next morning, I woke up normally and was eating toast for breakfast when Senpai attacked me.
It’s like a lie. …… This is 8:00 in the morning. ……

“W-w-why are you here?”
“Hmm? Well, I followed Rin kun after yesterday.”
“Why did you do that?! I mean, do you know the room number of the apartment?!?”
“No, I saw you checking the mailbox for the room number.”
“Isn’t that a crime?!”

I mean, what the hell should I do in this situation!? As expected, I didn’t expect this kind of situation, did I?

“Nagi kun~ open up~ It’s so cold!”
“It’s already May right? It’s almost summer in spring?”
“I’m cold.”
“You’re a liar!!”

But I didn’t know what she would do if she stayed in front of my door any longer, so I decided to let her go inside peacefully.
Senpai said, “Thanks,” and took off her socks.

“Um, why are you free to do as you please like in your own home?”
“What? Because this is Nagi kun’s house, right?”
“right? It’s not! What do you mean?”
“Oh, well, don’t worry about the details.”

Can I be concerned that it is not detailed at all? Or rather, can I sue you?
Also, bare feet are strangely erotic, so can I ask you to stop? Seriously, it’s very hard for a man to feel that a beautiful girl like Senpai is barefoot at home, so can you please stop it?

And as I was thinking about this foolishness, I noticed that senpai was rummaging around in my room.

“Nagi kun, do you have any plans for today?”
“What is it? Well, nothing in particular.”
“Then, Nagi kun.”

When I called out to her as such, she handed me the famous Nintendo-Switch controller.

“Let’s play games! Game.””

I had no idea what was going on, but senpai was setting up the system in a very efficient manner. It seemed that she was connecting the game console she had brought into my TV.

“I didn’t think Nagi kun would have a game, but I’m glad I brought it. Here, why don’t you sit down, Nagi kun?”
“Sit down, I mean, it’s my house. ……”

And it’s right next to Senpai, where Senpai is tapping the board. As I said, it would be impossible for me to take that position.
However, it doesn’t look like senpai will allow me to do so, so I move a little away and sit beside her. It is the least I can do to resist.

“……. Oh well. So what do we do anyway? Marika? Do you want to play Marika?”
“You really want to play Marika, don’t you? …… Well, that’s fine.”
“No, actually, we’re going to have a Marika tournament in our office~. I wanted to practice.”

With that said, Senpai quickly starts up Marika.

Marila, by the way, is a racing game based on the very popular “Mario” series.
Unlike ordinary racing games, it is a game in which various items can be acquired along the way, and even beginners can overturn a car by a small margin.

I don’t know about Marika on the Switch either, but I’ve played Marika on previous consoles many times, and I’m actually somewhat confident about it.

“I can’t go easy on you just because I’m dealing with a senpai, can I?”
“Oh~, that’s right. fufu, come at me.”

That’s why I’m going to start Marika with a man’s will from now on!!

“Hey, Nagi kun~, don’t stick so close to me~♪”
“Ah, I-I’m sorry, Ah, don’t throw your shell at me!!”

……That was it. I was so bad at it. I had played it so well that senpai was intentionally coming back to me from the front of the pack, but I didn’t feel like I could win at all.
It is no longer a competitive world, where even after all these attempts, before I know it, she is still a lap ahead of me..

“Oh, I fell again!!””
“Well, you really don’t have any sense. I’d like to know how you were so confident.”
“Damn ……!!!, I can’t say anything back ……”
“Also, I’ve never seen anyone move with Kurt before.”
“I’ve been told that by Sawamura, too!!”

And then there is Senpai at the end of the road, which is the story at the beginning of this article. It is by no means an in-game story. Because in the game, I cannot even catch up with senpai.

“Oh, well~, what should we do about the penalty game?”
“What? This is the first time I’ve heard of this!?”
“Would you like a 10-day pass to live with Nagi kun or 100 days house arrest at my house?”
“Stop pretending you’re giving me a choice, but you’re not!”
“Okay, then I understand. Let’s go on a date.”

Senpai’s ramblings know no bounds.
And by the way, senpai is now in the third lap of the game by herself. The rule, by the way, is that the first to complete three laps wins.
In other words, the penalty game is just around the corner.

“A date, right? You know, with me, you won’t get burned by some voice actor like you did before, right?”
“How did you know that?! And please don’t bring it up again!”
“I haven’t revealed my face or anything. Also, I want to try the new parfait from Starbucks.”
“No, I don’t know anything about it!”

I’m being pushed around by Senpai, who goes at her own pace. I feel like I’m back in high school.

“Ah, or I could do radio with Nagi kun? See, I saw you doing it before, right? It seemed like you were just making out with a girl.”
“What’s with that malicious way of talking ……. It’s radio, so it’s normal for us to be talking nicely together.”
‘Well, I get along well with male listeners, too!”
“What kind of sore loser are you ……”

Senpai shows a thumbs up, but I have no idea what it means at all. Also, she can’t even wink

“Ah, I’ve reached the finish line.”
“Wouldn’t you rather give it to me than take the first place unimpressively!?”

But it was a bit of a relief to be able to talk normally with senpai like this.
I was wondering if it would be awkward for me to be honest because I was stuck in my mind about yesterday and the confession I made in high school, but it was not like that.
Perhaps senpai is trying to make it easier for me to talk to her, but it never happened.

“Okay, then let’s go outside. I’m going to buy some clothes, so follow me~”
“You don’t even hide the fact that I’m going to be your baggage handler!”

No, just Senpai living her life the way she likes it, here.

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