“Okay, that’s it for today’s lesson.”

Whew, finally, Omori-sensei’s 90-minute class is over.

College classes are usually 90 minutes long, and there is usually some sort of break for chit-chat or other relaxation in between, as it is usually difficult to concentrate.

However, Omori-sensei’s class is so hopelessly Spartan that she uses up the full 90 minutes of it and leaves not a speck of dust behind.

Therefore, Omori sensei’s classes are often called “hassle” among university students, and this seminar was not filled to capacity, and probably half of the people in this room were selected by lottery.

In fact, all the people are sleeping like they are bored. The only ones awake are …… Kasugai san and handsome Hayasaka.
Well, Professor Omori’s classes are a physical challenge, so it can’t be helped in some ways.

“Because this week’s report is to summarize the scope of what we did today and write down what we think we should do.”

The professor said quickly and left.

After that, we had a discussion among the group – but not before I got a call about an hour after class, and this time my area of responsibility was even larger than before.

“Huh, I guess I’ll stay and do it today. ……”

When I try to do it at home, I am tempted to write songs, so I decided to go to the university library, even if it means tying myself up that I can’t leave until I finish today.

Ping, a sound is heard when the student ID card is passed through.
Security is rather decent at this university.

The number of books in the library is one of the largest in Japan, and some of them may make you wonder if they are really necessary. I wonder if there are people who read Chinese books, let alone the Chronicles of Japan.

“Whew. This amount is indeed ……”

This quantity is indeed a tough one.
Even just for the sake of it, there are so many resumes in Omori sensei’s class that there are a lot to look at, but when you have to do more than half of it by yourself, it’s tough.

“Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to do it. ……”

As I was mumbling to myself, she suddenly spoke to me from behind, startling me unexpectedly.

“K-Kasugai-san ……?”
“Ah, excuse me….”

Kasugai san apologizes for her loud voice. As expected, that voice was loud and echoed throughout the place
She looks a little shy.

“Um, what’s going on here?”
“No, no! I-I didn’t follow you ……!”
“No, that’s not what I meant. Also, calm down.”

She was so upset that I put my hand on her shoulder, but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

Well, it would be scary if a man like this approached me.

“So………What’s wrong?”

Finally, when she seemed to have calmed down, I cautiously asked her questions so as not to provoke Kasugai san.

Then it seemed that dialogue was finally possible, and she answered politely.

“I’m always here. It’s so quiet and easy in the library.”

Hmmm. Not in any bad way, but it was just the way I imagined it.

“So, I was here today, but today I saw Nagishiro kun coming in. ……”

So why does Kasugai san make an apologetic face?

Then, after a short pause, she speaks in broken chunks.

“Today, everyone was pushing Nagishiro kun to do assignments, so I had to help him out!”

Apparently, she saw me being forced to do a large number of assignments and was driven to do me justice. Hmmm, that’s usually a happy story.
I mean, I think from the top that Kasugai san is a very nice person, even if she is a bit timid.

“So can I ask you to ……, please, ……?”

I suddenly became respectful while paying my respects to such a kind Kasugai san.
This is a common pattern of men who are not accustomed to women.

Kasugai san’s smile blossomed when she heard my reply.

“L-Let’s go for it!”

And then, frightened, she made a fist and weakly raised her right arm.

With Kasugai san’s help, the assignment was surprisingly completed in about an hour or two, and it was still time for a snack.

“Thank you, Kasugai san. It was supposed to take me about three more hours, but you saved my life.”
“No! It’s good to learn how you make your reports, Nagishiro kun!”

So, I was at a coffee shop near the university, as if it were snack time.
It is a relaxing space with warm-colored lighting. The interior is not overly formal, but rather a retreat based on an antique interior.

I sometimes come here when I’m tired, or when I need a break, or when I need to make up a reason not to be home.

“And yet, I didn’t know there was such a place ……. I didn’t know that. ……”

And Kasugai who had initially been intimidated by the idea of being in a coffee shop alone with a man, finally seemed to get used to it after taking a break from drinking cocoa.
I mean, cocoa as a college student is so cute.

“Do you come to these places often?”
“Yes, ……. I like coffee shops and such, but I don’t often come……”
“Wow, you look like you would be in a coffee shop.”

Libraries look good, but coffee shops look good too.

When she was seriously writing her report, her thin-framed glasses gave off a cool vibe, but when she came to a place like this and smiled at me, she looked like a cute high schooler.

Her hair is long and tied into two pigtails, but other hairstyles seem to suit her. If you look closely, you can see that her eyes and nose are well-defined and she is usually in the cute category.

“W-What is it ……? what’s …… on my face?”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Because I was staring at her so intently, Kasugai san looked away in embarrassment.

And then, she suddenly made an apologetic face, as if she had just remembered something. It was the same face she showed me at the library.

“That …… sorry ……. Nagishiro kun was forced to do a lot of assignments, and I’m sorry I couldn’t say anything, even though it’s cheating like that. ……”

If anything, she seemed heartbroken about the assignment.

“But you did help me today.”
“I think we really need to do it equally. …… And I get kind of angry when I think about these girls who push people around and then play with them like they don’t know what they’re doing. ……”

I had never seen that kind of Kasugai san’s face before. It was indeed a face that seemed to reveal anger.

So I had the impression that she was mad at me and she was just another person making that kind of face.

And then, she..

“I-I’ll help you every week from now on!”

She said something encouraging and comforting.

That kindness was genuinely appreciated.

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1 year ago

finally someone who actually helping him. •́ ‿ ,•̀

1 year ago
Reply to  Saito

I mean, the others do help him, just not in a way he’s asking for. And they also abuse him, so…