“Nagishiro Sensei.”

Mid-May. At a certain place in Tokyo.

I was puzzled by the sudden request.

“I’d like to request a song for one of our Vtubers.”

I knew of its existence.

Broadcasters mainly based on YouTube.

They build up a character and behave accordingly to get listeners excited. This is a very popular profession that has attracted many fans by playing games and singing songs.

The difference between this and a regular YouTuber is that the person does not show his/her face. A separate avatar is provided and the actual person is treated as the person inside.
Most of the time, there is an image of a beautiful girl or a beautiful man speaking.

To that Vtuber

“Am I going to get involved ……?”

It was a strange feeling, not an evasive one.
I’ve seen Vtubers themselves, and I watch their feeds once or twice a week.
Her voice is very cute, and what she says is basically two sides of the same coin, so it’s fun to watch her.

Perhaps that is why I thought it was not a place I would get involved in.

“I really like Nagishiro sensei’s music, too, Also, that V girl said sensei’s music is good, too.”

Standing in front of me is the president of the office that has the largest number of Vtubers in Japan.
He is a man, probably quite young. He is a charismatic man, however, who was one of the first to take notice of this industry. (Ayyy ma man Yagoo)

The president has a tremendous aura about him, and since I had never experienced a tie-up with the president in a spacious president’s office, my legs were shaking in small tremors.

“I was wondering what you think about that. If Nagishiro sensei is going to make it for us, it would make a great topic.”
‘Well, I don’t think so…..”
“Hahaha. You seem to be very good at modesty.”

The president was smiling with a very fresh face, and it seemed that he liked me.
Though his open and honest smile made me suspicious of him in some ways.

“So, would you accept ……?”

The president of the company asked me straight out with a tightened face. That meant a job offer.

“U-uh, ……. If it’s okay with you, then I’m in your care.”

I am very grateful because I have to get the job myself. I have no particular reason to refuse.

“Thank you. ……! I’m in your care too”

Then I hold hands with the president. Oh, that’s so cool, it’s like some kind of male friendship. It’s been less than 10 minutes since we met.

“–So, may I call the Vtuber girl I’m asking for?”
“……? Is she coming?”

Eh, she’s coming? Oh, are we allowed to meet off-line for that kind of thing? Huh, huh?

“Oh, it’s all right. It’s what she wants. But not with pictures or anything like that.”
“No, I mean, well”

Oh, I’d rather not see her!? Oh no, the beautiful girl of my dreams will be destroyed……! Oh no, I’m not disillusioned or anything, but it changes the way I look at her……!

“Hey, come on in~”

Then the door opens and a girl walks in. Oh, apparently a female Vtuber.
And she was quite a beautiful girl. She had a short cut that suited her well, and her eyes were curly, the so-called small animal type. She was small in stature, but her legs were slender and she was a normal beautiful girl.

–and for me, it wasn’t the first time we met.


Sweat gushes down my back. I can’t keep my mouth shut. My heart beats fast. It rings a bell.

“Hi, long time no see. Nagi kun.”

The person in front of me was not a Vtuber or anything to me.

But she was a senior in high school, and – she was the one I confessed to and was dumped by.

“Eh? What?”
“Ah, well, it looks like an emotional reunion for now, so I guess I’ll be excused.”

And the president mercilessly leaves me behind. I tried to speak up to keep him back, but for some reason it got stuck in my throat.

Kyuuu, bang.

With a desolate sound, I grasp the current situation.

A Vtuber with whom I had a crush in high school? And she’s become so beautiful since then? And she asked me to write a song for her?

It took a while for my brain to comprehend the content, which would have made me dizzy if I had put it in writing.
I was so overwhelmed that my senpai smiled at me with a face that seemed to have plenty of time to spare.

“What’s wrong, Nagi kun? Are you that surprised?”
“Well, it’s already ……”

When I told her honestly, she nodded her head in satisfaction.
Her expression had not changed since that time and she looked very attractive.

“Senpai …… why …… Vtuber?”

I was so upset that the question that came out of my mouth was this.

“You must be surprised.”
“What, since when ……? I mean, which Vtuber……?”

Questions abound. Looking back, the questions were endless.

And senpai answered just that one question.

“I’ll tell you who.”

Then senpai fixed her throat and put her face close to my ear and mumbled in a cat-like voice.

“‘This is Nagare Asuka. Nice to meet you♡'”

The voice is that of a very popular streamer with the highest number of channel subscriptions of any Vtuber.

It was my favorite streamer’s voice.

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