“I’ve heard your story, Nagishiro kun?”
“Shizuku san!?”

A beautiful girl came between me and Yamashiro. She is not tall and has a body shape that gives the impression of being active, but in fact, she is a voice actress.
She is very unbalanced when described in this way.

It was Mizuno Shizuku.

“Hey, so Nagishiro kun. You have to call me Shizuku.”
“No, I can’t. ……”

It is not easy to call out to a celebrity. As for Kotoha, Mirei, and Azusa, it must have taken a year before they could be called out and hush-mouthed.
Well, that’s because I have the impression that these girls are more of a handful before they are entertainers.

The other four were left out of our conversation. Few people in the voice acting profession are known for their faces as well.
Although voice actors are becoming more and more visible these days, many people still know them only by their voices.

That’s not the point.

“Why are you here ……?”

When I was too surprised, she smiled, as if she had just pulled off a prank.

“Well, we were supposed to be on a date today.”

She said that


Surprisingly, it was Kasugai san who responded to these words.
She is pouting.

Yamashiro and the other three looked dumbfounded and pulled back their earlier evil looks.

And of course, I am the most surprised.

“D-Ddddddate!? I-I haven’t heard about it!”
“Calm down. You’re making a fuss.”

No, no, no!?It’s strange that you don’t make a fuss when you are suddenly asked to go on a date.

“E-Excuse me.”

Yamashiro finally regained her composure when she saw me making a fool of myself and talked to Shizuku san.

“Well, Nagishiro kun and I were just having an important conversation. Would you mind not interrupting?”

Yamashiro seems to really want to push the assignment on me.
While reassured that Kasugai san would not be involved, I feel that it is indeed a hassle.

However, Shizuku san’s tone of voice was more serious, and she immediately put aside the smile that had appeared on her face a moment ago.

“Serious? Aahh.”

From her tone of voice, it’s as if she’s different. Normally, she seems like a girl with a lot of time to spare, but now she is in battle mode. I can tell that Shizuku san is wearing an angry look on her face.

Naturally, it is also for Yamashiro


She was supposed to be a voice actress. She was not an actress.


(Is it that easy to change the atmosphere ……!)

She is so different that for a moment you might be under the illusion that she is the same mild-mannered, maverick person you were talking about earlier.

“Oh, by the way, yes. You were saying something strange earlier.”

The voice is different. It sounds low and resonant, yet it seems to hold the air around you from above.
Such a voice.

It was as if a personality was being formed by the voices of the people here.

“I’m not going to say anything bad about it, so don’t do it. Don’t do anything that will disturb Nagishiro kun.”

Yamashiro was getting weak in the face of lines from Shizuku san, who is shorter than her.

I was also scared by the sheer force of the situation.
Since it is like that even for me, who has not been told directly, the pressure on Yamashiro, who has been told face to face, must be unparalleled.

“Look, if you still want Nagishiro kun to do it, I will submit this voice recorder to the university.”

With that said, she pressed the play button, and from there the conversation we had just had came on.
Apparently, she had been listening to our conversation the whole time and came in at the right time.

“Okay, ……! Okay, I understand… ……”

However, that was just the final straw, and it seemed that Yamashiro and others had no desire to get involved any further.

With Yamashiro, whose eyes were slightly moist, in the lead, the girls ran off campus.

“Ahaha. It’s fine!”

I thank Shizuku san and she reacts theatrically.
I did not feel the stinging atmosphere there that I had felt earlier.


Then Kasugai san walks in.

“E-Excuse me, who are you ……?”

Kasugai san asks timidly, as if the image of Shizuku san from earlier is still burned into her mind.

“Oh, I never told you. My name is Mizuno Shizuku. What a surprise, I am Nagishiro kun’s girlfriend!”
“I’m kidding when I say that.”

I would like you to stop making jokes at random. Because Kasugai san is sitting next to me, too surprised.

Apparently, she has an unrestrained personality – but I knew that from our recent line conversation – she easily makes appropriate statements.

Well, she doesn’t say anything important, so I think she’ll be fine, but I’m somewhat worried.

“Well, more importantly, Nagishiro kun, no, Rin kun!”
“You changed the way you call me without my permission.”
“It’s a date!!”
“I haven’t heard of it!”

Date, date, date, and… She is already ready to go.
It seems that she already knows where she is going and is checking train routes, but wait.

“Well, I have an assignment with Kasugai san, ah, this girl, after this. ……”
“What?! I got rid of them, but you still have a task to do?”

I say ahhh and hold my head up.
She really is a person who changes her expression a lot.

“Gu…..My next vacation is the week after next. …… mmmm. I don’t know what to do.”

As one would expect from a popular voice actor, her schedule is apparently full.

I mean, you can’t go on a date with someone like me in the first place. I don’t think the office would okay it. ……

And so, just when she thought her plan had come to a screeching halt, an unexpected helping hand came from an unexpected source.

“Oh, um… I don’t mind, you know. I mean, maybe tomorrow…”

It’s Kasugai san. Apparently, she said we could postpone our plans to do the assignment together to tomorrow.

But this was both a helping hand to Shizuku san and a difficulty for me.

(Hey, Kasugai-san!? and I’ve never been on a date before. I’ve never been on a date with a beautiful woman, or rather, with Shizuku san, but it’s absolutely impossible for me to go on a date with a beautiful woman.)

I was writing a lazy and plausible reason earlier, but in the end, I am just scared of the date.

But Kasugai san also has a hundred percent good intentions, so of course I can’t blame her.

“Okay, that settles it!”

Thus, a guerrilla date with Shizuku san was set.

No, I don’t think it’s ever a date!!!

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