Just the next day after the terrible and tragic recording tape was sent to Rin.

Kotoha sent him a line.

“I’m going to your house today. Please make sure to open the door for me ♡.”

That’s me after seeing that recording site. For now, I’m going to check the escape route in case of emergency and buy some alcohol to appease Kotoha.

It may be unnecessary since Kotoha brings a little (and I say little because I am not familiar with alcohol) expensive-looking alcohol when she drinks alcohol anyway, but if it is not enough, she is out at that point, so there is nothing better than leaving it there.

“She’s absolutely unhappy.”

I can already tell from this sentence. She is obviously very angry. Moreover, the cause of the incident was definitely the quarrel between the four women.

What she couldn’t say in front of the TV, or what she still couldn’t say after all she had said, was quite radical, but of course she would blurt it out to me, who seemed to be a participant in the situation.

 To begin with, this sort of thing has happened before, and I have heard numerous complaints. Producers are touchy, some actrees are cutting corners on their work, and so on.

Many of her complaints have her own passion, but …… this time it doesn’t seem to be the case.

As I was worrying my head about her coming visit, it seemed that the misfortune continued, and another call came in, this time to my cell phone.

[Senpai! Can we meet up tonight~? I’m sorry to bother you at the usual place~.]

It is Ikuta Azusa. The “usual place” is a room in one of the studios, a measure to avoid any scandal because she is an idol.

It’s not a good outward appearance to be meeting with a man alone.

But unfortunately, we have a prior engagement.

“I’m sorry, but I have something to do today. Can we do this another time?”

Even though Kotoha’s business is indeed a matter of concern, it is not good to be indifferent.

Usually Azusa understands this, but not today.

[Hee~ I see. By the way, may I ask who your partner is?]

Azusa asks, perhaps sensing something, or perhaps just curious.

“Uh, well, friends.”

Azusa is even more suspicious when I answer somewhat blurrily. I am afraid that the tone of her voice drops a little.

[Is it the male gender or the female gender?…… Is it a man or a woman?]
[Hoo~ A girl who takes priority over me, huh?~]

Ah, this is bad.

By the time I thought that, it was too late.

[I’m going to Senpai’s house today☆]

Ah, I am not particularly interested in following today.

Gentlemen who thought that it would be even worse to come to a man’s house because it would be a scandal.

I said so. Of course I said that.

“I’m sure you have a lady coming over, right? If so, it’s okay because you are friends!”

So they say. It is sad that what is coming is Kotoha, who is as much a star as Azusa, which makes it even more (really even more) believable.

Therefore, I have prepared tea and sweets as a hospitality to Azusa, who arrived first.

“Your house is beautiful~! It’s a little cluttered in places, but there’s nothing unnecessary.”
“Please, just stay calm ……”

Azusa, unable to hide her excitement at coming to a house for the first time, explores here and there, fishing through bookshelves and peeking under drawers.

“Mumu~. It’s not here~”
“What is it?”
“Ero book “ (You guys know what this is right 🙂 )
“T-T-There is none!”

I didn’t want to hear that word from a pretty girl.

“F-first of all, I didn’t even buy it!”
“Ehh~ Senpai is so pure~! This guy~!”
“S-Stop it”

Azusa is so soft. Why is it so soft even though our bodies are just a little attached to each other? ……!

As I was having trouble dealing with the situation, I heard a ping-pong sound from the door.

Looking for a place to escape, I jump to my feet and open the front door.

…… Thank God!

“Hi~, Rin kun. Good evening.”

The beautiful woman who appears when I open the door stops my thinking for a moment.

–I forgot about it!

“So your errand was to meet with Kotoha senpai here?”
“You have no remorse for trying to see a woman without telling me, do you?”

The mood is already nasty. Ugh, Kotoha is still the type of person who gets along with everyone, but Azusa is the type of person who gets along with everyone ……

“Well, this is the first time you’ve been here right~? Am I better than you? Something like that.”
“T-That’s not true! It was just that it was difficult for me to visit senpai’s house because I am an idol, but we have met a lot elsewhere, haven’t we?”
“But if you don’t know about this house, that means you don’t know Rin kun at all, right?”
“T-That’s not true!”

Kotoha says, “Well, then,” to Azusa, who is getting upset.

“–You don’t suppose to know where Rin kun hides his erotic books, do you?”


“No, he didn’t buy it! Right? Isn’t that right, Senpai?”

I do my best to turn my face away from Azusa’s pure eyes.

I’m sweating a lot. Maybe it’s because it’s hot.

“Aree~ Rin kun, Did you lie like that? You’re so cute~”
“I-I’m not lying!”

I try desperately to look good while Azusa is watching him.

Kotoha glanced around my room and headed for the closet without hesitation.

Wait, why! Why there!

“Okay, found it~”

Kotoha reveals the existence of the erotic book by shaking it. Azusa is looking at me with a jealous look.

This is a bad one. Kotoha’s smile says it all.

“Why! How did you know where it was! I properly changed the place from before!”
“Ahaha, No matter how many times you do it, it’s useless. Rin kun is so easy to understand~”

She’s a monster, this woman.

That sucks. Let’s use a safe this time.

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