The Three Bully Sisters, My Childhood Friends, Have Been Acting Strangely Since They Returned to My Hometown



The main character, Tanabe Yuichi, had triplet sisters who were his childhood friends.
The oldest sister, Shirota Miyako, is black-hearted and cute, the second sister, Shirota Haruka, is a tsundere, and the third sister, Shirota Minami, is quiet and reserved.
Yuichi was bullied by the triplet sisters of the Shirota family when he was in elementary school and disliked all three of them, but one day the Shirota family moved out and his life changed forever.
With the bully gone, Yuichi made more friends and became more content with his life.
Yuichi was on the road to fullness until high school, when the triplet sisters of the Shirota family returned to their hometown.
He thought he would be bullied again, but the three sisters were acting strangely. ……


Episode 1 – Reunion = despair

Episode 2 – Shirota Minami 01

Episode 3 – Shirota Minami 02

Episode 4 – Shirota Minami 03

Episode 5 – Three sisters are drawn to each other

Episode 6 – the way back home

Episode 7 – What I saw during lunch break

Episode 8 – Shirota Haruka 01

Episode 9 – Shirota Haruka 02

Episode 10 – Shirota Haruka 03

Episode 11 – Miyako’s True Identity ……♡

Episode 12 – Shirota Miyako 01

Episode 13 – Shirota Miyako 02

Episode 14 – Shirota Miyako 03 (Caution against eroticism♡)

Episode 15 – Miyako and Minami

Episode 16 – Miyako, a forbidden move (caution for erotic expression ♡)

Episode 17 – Just the two of us? A sleepover ♡

Episode 18 – Mogumogupakupakuichaicha

Episode 19 – Miyako and Yuichi’s Mixed Feelings (First Part)

Episode 20 – Miyako and Yuichi’s Mixed Feelings (Last Part)

Episode 21 – Yuichi’s kindness, honest Haruka

Episode 22 – Minami’s thoughts

Episode 23 – Haruka’s dream or Miyako’s determination?