Did Minami know that I hated her? ……

“I-If you knew, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? That’s right. I hate you guys.”


“You got a problem with that?”

“…… that’s why I want to be friends with Yu.”

I can’t keep up with what you are saying.

If she knew I didn’t like her in the first place, and she was harassing me, then she doesn’t like me either, right?

So why should we be friends?

“I knew Yuu hated me, but I had to go along with my sisters. I tried to stop them, but I couldn’t …….”

“So are you saying that the only reason you didn’t harass me yourself is because you’re the youngest, so you had to go along with your sisters?”

“But that’s just an excuse. In fact, I was having a lot of fun with it,……, holding hands, hugging, and getting piggy-back rides.”

Minami looks down with tearful eyes as she admits her fault.

Well, I guess so.

It may be true that she couldn’t disobey her sisters, but the fact is that Minami was having fun too.

I never understood why she was having fun holding hands with me when she hated me in the first place.

The three sisters, including the two older sisters, are crazy in many ways.

“I don’t expect you to forgive me by apologizing,……, but first of all I want to apologize. I’m really sorry.”


Minami meditated and bowed deeply.

“I want to be friends with Yu and start over.”

These words sounded false because of my bias of disliking the three sisters.

But apart from that, Minami’s feelings seem sincere.

I can’t believe that this guy, who used to be a wonder kid who didn’t know what she was thinking, apologizes with such a serious face.

Just as I have changed from a weakling to the person I am today, she may have changed as well.

She may have changed, but it’s also true that you can’t change the …… past.

I don’t know what to …… do.

“Can you promise you won’t bully …… me anymore?”


“Can you promise not to tell people about your past or make fun of me?”

“Of course.”

This is just a promise.

I don’t believe Minami.

But I lost the game.

Minami wants to be my friend, and if I don’t keep my promise, her sisters might find out about it and make things worse.

“Since I lost the game, …… I have no choice but to follow your orders.”


“But that doesn’t change the past. I don’t forgive you and I still don’t like you. Do you still want to be friends with me?”

“I don’t want Yuu to hate me. So I want to start over as a friend.”

Minami had serious eyes.

If this was a lie, …… I might not be able to believe anything anymore.

“All right. I’ll be your friend.”

“……Thank you, Yu.”

I don’t really want to be friends with you.

In my mind, we’re just friends on the surface.


We left the batting center. Head to the bike shed.

“Now that we’re friends,……, I want to ride with you.

“You’re the one who said no double rides earlier,”

“It’s okay if it’s on private property.”

“What part of this is private property?”

Minami seemed to be in a good mood.

But she certainly didn’t seem to be in a mood to make fun of me like she used to do back then.

On the contrary, she praised me in the classroom… I wonder if she’s plotting something.

“—you guys look like you’re having a good time.” 

A high school girl was sitting on the saddle of my bicycle in the bike parking lot.

The girl has a slender body and twin-tailed blonde hair. She is holding a stick of candy in her mouth.

This look …… changed her hair color to blonde, but I knew immediately who it was.

“You ……perhaps Haruka?”

“Yes, I am. It’s been a long time, Yuichi.”

Yes, there was Shirota Haruka, the second daughter of the triplet sisters.

“Haruka ne san ……, how did you know where I am?”

“I saw your location and came to pick you up.”

Haruka got off the bicycle while licking a candy bar.

“That’s my bike you’re sitting on.”

“I know that.:

How can you sisters tell my bike apart?

“Minami. You’re just getting a special grade and you’re riding with Yuichi, aren’t you?”

“I’m not riding …….”

“Yuichi is just trying to get along with Minami for her big boobs, isn’t he? If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t be friends with a plain girl like Minami, would he?”

Haruka said to Minami as if making fun of her.

Come to think of it, Minami said that the sisters are “falling apart”. …… Could it be that these guys don’t get along with each other?

“Haruka neesan, stay away from Yuu. I’ll protect Yu. ……”

“What’s that? It’s as if I’m the bad guy.”

To me, they’re both bad guys. ……

Even so, Haruka doesn’t seem to have changed.

Haruka has always had a sharp tongue in her voice and a very brusque personality, which I don’t like.

Even now, she doesn’t mind saying “plain girl” to her own sister. ……

When I think about Haruka, who made such a bad impression when I met her again, I realize how much better Minami was.

“Yuichi, you’re looking a little better now, too, aren’t you?”

She still looks up to me and talks big.

I’m sure she might be a beautiful girl if it was just her looks, but her personality and her words are finished.

I know her past, so I don’t like her.

“Well? He seems to have become a little more handsome, and he might even have the right to stand next to me.”

“Minami, should we go?”


I put the bike key in the lock, sat Minami on the saddle, and pushed the bike like I did when I came.

“Hey! You guys! Don’t ignore me!”

“Haruka neesan, I’m going home first.”

“Minami…! I’ll remember this later!”

I Ignore her.

Haruka was the most athletic and strong-willed of the three sisters, but I’m not afraid of Haruka anymore.

“You two have fallen out, haven’t you?”

“…… yeah.”

“What’s the reason?”

“I can’t tell Yuu”

I don’t really want to know, but maybe these three sisters have changed just like I’ve changed.

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