I dropped Haruka off at her apartment and rode my bike toward home.

I thought Haruka was the same as she used to be, but …… surprisingly, she has changed.

[Y-yuichi… …… tell me your lime ID.]

I remember when we exchanged lime IDs.

Although I stubbornly refused, she said she wouldn’t get out of the saddle if I didn’t exchange IDs, and I was reluctant to exchange my lime.

When we stopped at a red light, I suddenly noticed a notification on my phone and pulled it out of my pocket.

[Haruka: I had fun today! Thanks! I’ll send you a picture of the cafe later, okay?]

Why isn’t this girl tsun tsun with Lime …….

This is hard to reply to, isn’t it?

I put my phone away in my pocket and pedaled my bicycle again along the seaside road.

The sea breeze felt good, as the town is close to the sea.

In the past, those three sisters used to take me to that sandy beach,…….

[Yuu……, if you lose the running game, help me build my sandcastle.]

[No! Yuichi will put sun tan lotion on me!]

[Moou you two. Yuichi promised to take me on a date at the beach when he lost last time.]

I remember that time I was made to walk on the hot sandy beach with Miyako.

[Yuichi kun, who do you like among the three sisters?]


[If you don’t answer~, I’ll tell the whole class the truth about something]

[…… Miyako.]

[Eh……? Isn’t it Haruka? If it’s her face, she’s the prettiest.]

At that time, I thought that if I didn’t say Miyako, she would do something even worse to me, so I answered that way.

[I see, I see ♡]

I will never forget Miyako’s face that day.

Miyako’s face that day is one I’ll never forget, the sickening smile that lingered around her mouth as she held back her overflowing smile.

Miyako has always been an anomaly.

On the outside, she is the class madonna that any boy would love at least once.

But on the inside, she is quite the weirdo, drooling and smiling while looking at me.

But Miyako is the one who bullies me, like the one who delivered my forgotten item.

[Yuichi kun! You left your recorder in the music room, didn’t you?]

She would bring my recorder to the classroom after music class when I forgot it,

[Yuichi! You forgot your gym clothes in the classroom, so I brought them here!]

When I forgot my gym clothes in the classroom, she went to the trouble of coming to my house to deliver them to me.

She was a bully, but she also had a kind side, and that’s what made her such a weirdo.

Even now, she suddenly becomes a gravure model,……, so maybe she’s still a weirdo.

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Light novel junky
Light novel junky
10 months ago

His recorder? His gym clothes? Yeah she didn’t bring them because you forgot she’s just returning what she took.

10 months ago

Les goo best heroine appears!!