We parked our bicycles in the parking lot and entered the batting center.

The walls and the atmosphere of the building are old-fashioned, but there are batting machines lined up in rows, one after another, at a rapid pace.

Why are we playing at a batting center again? ……

“Can we play 10 balls for now?”

“…… yes.”

Before I could even ask, Minami had her helmet on deeply and was picking out her bat.

I don’t know where Minami’s confidence comes from,……, but at any rate, all I want is to win.

“We’ll play by the number of flies in front of me,…… but no bunts allowed.”


“I’ll hit first.”

“Suit yourself.”

I decided to sit on the sofa behind the net and watch Minami bat.

As soon as Minami entered the batter’s box, she bent her back like an old hermit and bent forward to hold the bat.

What kind of batting form is that?

“H-Hey, isn’t it dangerous to bend forward like that?”

“You can see the line of the ball better this way.”


Although she is saying something like that, there is no need to look that close since only straight pitches are coming. ……

When the pitcher on the screen winds up and swings, Minami grips the bat tightly.

Then, with a shuppaan, the first pitch was released.


With a snap, Minami caught the ball with the core of her bat with a pleasant feeling.


“This is the superb forward-bending one-legged batting method I created…….”

“You had two legs, didn’t you?”

“I guess that’s one way of putting it.”

“I’m just going by what I see.”

Minami was swinging the bat while swaying the heavy fruit on her chest.

No way that is balanced with that thing,……?

“you played baseball at your new school?”

“I didn’t. …… I’ve always been a go-home kid.”

This is too good to be true.

“After Yuu and I got separated,…… we sisters fell apart.”

“fell apart?”

“…… so I was swinging the bat all by myself.”

“I don’t understand what you mean by that.”

In the end, Minami flew six out of ten pitches forward.

That means I have to fly ……7 pitches in front of me or I lose.

……No, I can’t.

“This is totally your playing field, isn’t it? It’s not fair!”

“The game is already on the line,…… and if you don’t get up to bat quickly, you’re forfeiting the game.”


It is true that I had never expected Minami to be good at batting, and I was the one who had underestimated her.

Gritting my teeth, I put on my helmet and picked up a suitable metal bat.

Well, …… it’s always been that way.

Those sisters are surprisingly good at everything, and we’ve had a lot of different games, but I’ve lost a lot of battles – I’ve lost a lot of battles and been forced to be ordered around.

When I think about it, I should have just ignored them when they harassed me, but I left them alone and they found it funny …….

But that’s still the case.

There’s nothing in this game for me.

Even if I beat this girl, I still have two troublesome sisters.

When I think about it, it’s probably better that Minami is in the same class as me. …… Either way, I have to keep a lot of things quiet from this girl who knows me from the past.

“…… Oraaah!Come here!”

That’s why – I’m going to make sure I win.


The game ended surprisingly easily.

My result was 4 out of ……10 balls.

In other words, I lost.

“Come on, say whatever you want.”

This is just like when I was in elementary school.

This is how bullying starts again.

I wish I had never accepted such a disadvantageous game, but it was true that I was proud that I could win in any field.

When I heard that it was a batting center, I didn’t think I would lose to Minami, whose breasts had grown so big.

“Kneeling on the ground? Do you want me to be your chair like in the old days? Or do you want my bike?”

“I don’t want that. Just ……”

Minami tugs at the sleeve of my uniform.

“I want you to be my …… friend.”

Friends ……?

I and Minami are …… friends?

I had always thought something was wrong, but I didn’t expect it to go this far.

The order was so outlandish that I couldn’t contain my anger.

“Don’t be silly.”


“I’ve always hated being bullied by you guys. I thought I was finally free after you guys were gone, but you came back and …… really annoyed me.”


I let out all the hatred for these girls that had been building up in my heart for years at once.

“We can’t be friends. If we were going to do that, I’d have to more orders…”


“What’s with those eyes?”

Minami stared straight into my eyes without saying anything.

“I …… knew everything.”

“All of it?”

“That Yu hates me.”

“Eh ……”

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