This is a bad memory from when I was in elementary school.

“Yuichi kun! Take my school bag, ♡!”

“Yuichi, you’re really slow.”

“…………, get on with it.”

Pink, light blue, and orange school bags are pressed against my body.

I, Tanabe Yuichi, was always bullied by the triplet sisters of the “Shirota family” who lived in the house next door.

I was made to carry their school bags every day when I left school, forced to play tag with them after school, and when I was exhausted, they would take videos of my pathetic appearance with their smartphones. ……

It was humiliating for me as a boy to be bullied by girls in my class, but I used to have a weak personality and my body was as small as the girls’, so it was something I had to do.

“Uwaa~, losing to a girl in a sprint, Yuichi-kun, you’re so weak♡

It was Shirota Miyako, the eldest of the three sisters, who was stirring me up in a sweet tone of voice.

She is a cheerful girl with bangs and fuzzy twin-tails.

“Yuichi, you lost the race, so you should hug me like you promised,”

The second daughter, Haruka, is the one who is always bossy with a tsun tsun tone.

She has straight, silky hair that reaches down to her shoulders and a white headband on her head, and she is always stern and never smiles.

“Yuu…… quickly.”

The third daughter, Minami, is quiet and reserved.

She has short hair that just covers her ears and always wears black-rimmed glasses.

Minami is the worst of the bunch. She never teases me herself, but she always takes advantage of her older sisters’ teasing to bully me.

“Yuichi kun! You want to play with me next right?”

“E-Eeh? I’m too tired.”

“That’s okay~! If I win, let’s go home holding hands, okay?”

The punishment game went on and on, to the point where I wondered if it would ever get this bad again.

Every time I lost, they demanded that I “walk home holding hands” or suddenly “hug me” or …… some other bully to humiliate me.

But since the three sisters were perfect academically and athletically, I could not win at all.

I was so frustrated that I often cried alone.

No matter what I did, I could never win, and I thought I would continue to be bullied by the triplet sisters of the Shirota family.

However, the situation changed one day.

It was the morning of the day of summer vacation in the fifth grade.

A big truck was parked at the neighbor’s house.

I opened the window of my room and leaned over to look at the house next door.

I saw the Shirota family packing their belongings into the moving truck, holding cardboard boxes in both hands.

“Could it be those guys are moving ……?”

The next day–the triplet sisters disappeared from my presence.

They had moved far away because of their parents’ job transfer.

I was …… free.

There is no one to bully me anymore.

This is the only chance I have to change.

I took advantage of my summer vacation to work on changing myself.

I ran every morning, joined the local youth sports team, and studied hard.

I was determined to achieve perfection so I wouldn’t have to go through that humiliating experience again.

And now…

(TL/N : I have seen this premise somewhere…)

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10 months ago

Four Colored Goddess perhaps?
Guy gets his life ruined because of four girls, leaves, returns as a Chad and then funds out that those four (actually just three) were in love with him.