I glare at Miyako.

“You’re the only one who’s always been creepy to me! You’re the one who bullies me, and yet you deliver my forgotten items, and you somehow give me the most popular dishes at school lunch when you take a bite and say it’s not to your liking!”

“Ah, that’s …….”

“You act like a bossy class president and says you against bullying, but you still bullies me. I heard from Haruka that it was your suggestion that started the bullying, right? Your actions and words are all contradictory, so why are you so attached to me in the first place! ”

“It’s not an obsession or anything, I’m genuinely interested in Yuichi kun.”

“Shut up! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? your sisters Haruka and Minami have changed since then. She doesn’t bully me anymore, and her personality has become a little more rounded. But…you, the eldest daughter, remain the same! ”

After I let out all my frustrations, there was silence between us.

The moonlight dimly illuminated Miyako’s face.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I thought I reflected on it when I was Haruka.

But I still couldn’t stand it.

“You’re terrible,…… Yuichi kun”


There is no will to apologize.

This girl’s tears are fake anyway.

When Haruka was there, her face turned bright red and she was sobbing, but Miyako was different.

The way she cries like an actress, her voice silent, can only be described as acting.
I don’t know if she’s a gravure idol or something, but she speaks and acts like she’s taking advantage of those around her.

All those things, I don’t like them.

“Yuichi-kun is ……”


“You don’t know anything about my efforts, Yuichi kun!”

Miyako put her hand on the breast of the uniform and lifted the big breast from the bottom.

“I’ve been training for years to get my breasts to look like this! Even my face has become pretty without resorting to plastic surgery! Haruka and Minami are cute and have big boobs without any effort. But I didn’t have that!”

Miyako screamed from the bottom of her heart at me.

There seemed to be no lie in her words.

“As the eldest daughter, I have to be No. 1! I have to be the first to experience my beloved Yuichi kun’s first time, and I have to be the first to experience all of Yuichi kun’s feelings!”

It sounds like a child’s selfishness, but that is Miyako’s true feelings.

The reason why a girl as beautiful as Miyako is so obsessed with me…… after all, it’s not that she loves me.

She says she loves me, but in the end,…… her rivalry with those two is her obsession with me.

“I beg you,…… please don’t hate me, Yuichi kun! This is not a lie or anything! I just don’t want Yuichi kun to hate me! I’ve lived my life for Yuichi kun, and if he hates me like this, I’ll have no choice but to die!”

It’s heavy.

The feeling is so heavy that it feels like it’s going to dig into the ground.
After that, this girl will go to her sisters

“Hey Yuichi!”

The front door was opened with a bang, and my mother came out holding a ladle.


“I heard a squeal, so I came out and saw …… what you’re doing making Miyako chan cry!”

Uwaa, another trouble …….

“Y-you’re wrong, Mother! I’m the one who—!”

“No, you’re not wrong! Miyako chan, get inside the house quickly. Yuichi, you’re skipping dinner! Go in there and cool your head!”

She let Miyako in and closed the front door, leaving me outside.

“…… Well, it had to come to this, huh?”

I sat on the small steps in front of the front door for a while and looked up at the moon.

If a girl like Miyako were made to cry, people would naturally think that it was the man’s fault.

I don’t feel angry at my mother.

It was the same in the past.

Even though I was being bullied, people around me thought I was making out with her.

I always that…… even though I didn’t want to be.

“Haaa ……”

It’s been a few days since my daily routine of being pushed around by the three sisters returned.

I was also listening to Miyako’s true feelings, and I had one thought.

Apparently, Miyako wasn’t that much of a hater of me.

So why did she start bullying me?

I don’t know why Miyako bullied me.

“Yu, Yuichi……-kun!”

The front door opened and a red-eyed Miyako came out from inside.

“what …….”

“mother told me to take this to make up with you.”

In Miyako’s hand, there were several rice balls wrapped in a wrap.

Make up ……huh

I took one at random and ate it.

Miyako quietly sat down next to me and watched me eat rice balls.

“I’m sorry about earlier. Suddenly it was scary, wasn’t it?”

“It’s nothing…..”

I answered, chewing on my onigiri and refusing to talk.

“I’ve been thinking about Yuichi kun ever since I moved here,……. Yuichi kun, I wondered what kind of girl he likes now, if he has a girlfriend, how many times he’s had sex with her.”

“You’re not thinking about anything good, are you? You thought you could maintain your dignity as a sister by taking my virginity, didn’t you?”

“No, it’s not like that! I’ve been thinking about Yuichi kun for a long time….I Lov…”


“Because I love….. you.”

Miyako said that shyly and turned her head away.

“……………L-lie. If you liked me, you wouldn’t have harassed me like that!”

“I-it’s true! I don’t know if Yuichi-kun remembers it, but…When I was in first grade, I was fascinated by the flowers that were blooming on the corner of the road, and when I was left behind by the school group, Yuichi-kun was the only one who noticed the flowers. There was a time when you were waiting next to me while I was staring at them.”

“…… Did that ever happen?”

“Yes, it did! When I was about to cry because I was left behind, Yuichi-kun, who was next to me, pulled my hand without saying a word… From that moment on, I love Yuichi-kun.”

Miyako’s cheeks were so red I could see it even at night.

I wonder if I would call myself popular…

Well, it might have been true.

“I had no choice but to do that in order to get close to Yuichi kun. I got Minami and Haruka involved, and I started to get involved with Yuichi kun, who was all alone. …… Even though I knew Yuichi kun didn’t like it, I got excited when I saw his defeated face. I couldn’t stop. When I thought that I could see his face more if I tease Yuichi kun, I felt good ……. I love Yuichi kun……, so I’m really sorry.”

“Hey, wait. You are talking in a tone that sounds like a nice story, but I don’t think anyone would forgive you after listening to the second half of what you just said! ”

“But now? Rather than wanting to bully him, I want him to be a convenient ●● pet for Yuichi-kun, and I want to wear a collar and leash and you take me for walks! Also, I just want to have sex with Yuichi-kun! After I moved in, Yuichi-kun played with me without touching me and I woke up from S to M♡ Ehehe.”

Miyako is embarrassed as she scratches her head.

It’s as if she’s being praised.

This is what I’m talking about. She’s a pervert.

“So please, Yuichi kun! I want to be loved as much as Minami and Haruka…! ”

“…of course not”

“Yes, done! Are you done talking?”

Haruka came out of the front door and interrupted me

“You, ……, come help me”

“I promised Miyako that I would stay out of her way for ten minutes. Rather that Yuichi, Minami wants to talk to you.”

“Minami wants to talk?”

Following Haruka, Minami pops her head out of the front door.
This girl is wearing my loungewear without my permission. ……

“What’s this, Yu?”


Minami munchily pulls out three movie tickets from her tight-fitting bosom, wait…… that’s.

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