“Yubikiri genman. If you lie, you’ll eat puff fish”

“Hey. I think your saying was weird.”

“…… more realistic than thousand needles.”

“No, it’s notttt.”

Minami said, “Yubikitta,” and snorted with satisfaction.

That’s what I’m doing, going along with such a childish promise.

“Minami, get your pinky off of me.”

Minami’s pinky finger was tightly entangled with mine.

I tried to pull it away from me, but it didn’t seem to move away at all.

“…. Yuu.”


“Can’t we take …… class while doing this?”

What is she talking about?

You can’t keep your pinky intertwined, it’s crippling for both of us.

“Get off me.”

I forcefully shook Minami off by buzzing my hand.

“Yu’s ……cheapskate.”

“Where’s the cheapskate in that?”

“…… short d*ck.”

“Hey! You just said some outrageous thing!”

“But Yuu’s…. small.”

“H-How come you’ve seen this body before?”

“A long time ago, when you were changing for swimming class, I caught a glimpse ….. It looked like an edamame.”

“You little pervert!”

“Hehehe ……”

Minami’s face turns red like a boiled octopus and she makes the size of my d*ck with her finger.

“It was a long time ago! Now it’s …… growing!”

“How much ……?”

“I-it’s about the size of a ruler stuck in your pencil case.”

For the time being, I also have pride as a man, so when I said something like that to show off, Minami took out a ruler from the pen case on the desk and put it on her abdomen and she was groaning.

“What are you doing?”

“Yeah …… looks alright.”


Minami is still a mysterious character, isn’t she… are you really going to protect me like this?

I listened through the morning HR with a sliver of worry in my mind.


–After school.

The three of us, Minami, Higuchi, and I, were in front of the shoe box.

“Minami chan, will you come to the women’s basketball today, too?”

“I have to escort Yu today, so I’m not going to the women’s bus practice.”


Like yesterday, Minami was invited by Higuchi to join the women’s bus, but she refused on the grounds that she had to protect me.

This girl …… said she was going to protect me, but wasn’t her real goal to refuse Higuchi’s invitation?

Minami is a cheater, so she must have been.

“Hey, Tanabechi, what do you mean by escort?”

“……, well, a lot of things.”

“Mouu! Both of you are suspicious!”

“What do you mean, suspicious?”

Higuchi puffed up her cheeks and went towards the gymnasium.

I hope I’m not being …… weirdly misunderstood.

“I will protect Yuu ….”

Minami takes out her loafers from the shoe cupboard with a straight face and walks out of the entrance while preparing herself for battle.
As if following Minami, I put on my leather shoes and went outside.

“I looked at Miyako-neesan’s shoe box earlier, but there were no shoes inside.”

“Then she must have gone home first.”

“No, ……. We three sisters can read each other’s thoughts.”


When I went to the bike yard with Minami, I understood the meaning of those words painfully.

I-I see…..this

A quiet bicycle parking lot.

There were roughly 30 bicycles lined up in a row, and among them, sitting pinpoint on my bicycle, was a beautiful girl with bright long hair, talebald eyes, and big breasts.

“Ah♡♡ I’ve been waiting for you~, Yuichi kun♡♡”

Unlike Minami and Haruka, Miyako was sitting on the back of the bike, not on the saddle, bending forward and slurping on the saddle with her huge breasts.

While she was sliding her plump breasts on the saddle, she was holding her face so close to the saddle that she looked as if she was about to lick the tip of the saddle, which was like a blo …… Wait. What am I calmly explaining?

“Y-you! Stop it!”

“This saddle kun. This saddle is soaked with the smell of Yuichi kun’s disgusting crotch,♡”

I see. …… This might be a little, no, it might be pretty bad.

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10 months ago

I know that Miyako is a messed up yandere. But I didn’t think that it could be that bad.

10 months ago

Shes….. perfect

9 months ago
Reply to  Kines

That’s pretty hot…