–After school.

“Minami chan! Would you like to come and observe the basketball team?”

Higuchi came to Minami’s desk with a sports bag on his shoulder.

I’m not sure if Higuchi is a good judge of character, recruiting Minami.

Even though she has such big breasts, basketball seems to be …… hard for her in many ways.

“I’m not a cooperative person. I can’t play team sports.”

I’ve never seen someone call themselves uncooperative before.

“You’ll get used to it later! Let’s go!”

“Eeh. …… even though I don’t like sports. ……”

Minami seemed to hate it, but Higuchi took her by the hand and forced her into the gymnasium.

How much does Higuchi like her?

Certainly, compared to the past, Minami is a different person now.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what she used to be like.

“Let’s go back….”

With time, the past fades away.

The fact that I was being bullied was a long time ago in the sisters’ minds, and Minami knew about it, but the two sisters never knew about it.

I headed for the bicycle parking lot, turning the key with my finger as usual.

“W-What a coincidence, Yuichi!”

Under the roof of the parking lot, a blonde-haired, twinkled-haired woman was sitting on the saddle of my bicycle.

Haa…I wish you’d look up the word “coincidence” in the dictionary before you come back here.

Unlike Minami, this girl is just the same as she used to be.

If I get involved with her, I’m sure she’ll start harassing me again.

“Get out of my my.”

“…I-I don’t want to. This is my special seat now. I won’t let anyone else …… sit here, not even Minami!”

So this girl was sitting on my saddle to compete with Minami.

Apparently, my bike was put there as an extension of the sisters’ fight. ……It’s a great nuisance.

“Come on, get on with it and carry me home just like Minami did yesterday.”

“…..You really haven’t changed at all, have you?”

“W-What is it?”

If you’re not aware of it, I’ll tell you,…….

“I hate it when you get stubborn like that until you get what you want,……!”


“Because you’ve been like that all along! You can’t even make a friend!”


I said.

Sucking up is the word that fits best.

I felt strangely refreshed.

But I would know …….

“Y-you don’t have to say that much, …….”

I was so surprised to find out that my one word could be a blowback to the other person many times over.

I thought Haruka was going to argue with me, but she just started to cry.

“H-Hey Haruka…?”

Repeating the hiccups that never stop, Haruka wipes her tears while sniffling like a child.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did someone make a girl cry?”

“Maybe he turned down her confession or something?”

The students who were bike commuters like me were looking at us from a distance.

I-it’s not good …….

I must avoid causing misunderstandings.

But if I left Haruka behind in this situation and just rode away, I’d be the worst kind of guy.

“In that case…”

I put the key in the lock of the bike and pushed the bike with Haruka sitting on the saddle, holding the handlebars as if to run away.

it’s the same shape as minami yesterday.

“Y-Yuichi ……?”

I walked through the school gate silently, not answering anything, and pushed the bike as I went.

The hiccups of Haruka, who had been crying, had subsided and she was looking at me with bright red bloodshot eyes.

It’s true that I don’t like Haruka, and I haven’t forgiven her for the past.

But what I said to Haruka now is as …… disgusting as it sounds.

“Haruka,……, I’m sorry about that,…….”

“It’s okay. It’s all my fault”

Haruka weakly pulls the sleeve of my uniform.

She no longer had the strength she had when she used to pulled my clothes.

“Haruka..I’m sorry too”

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