Miyako’s breasts on my bike are voluptuous and softer than that Minami’s.

Hmm? Why do I get such an impression like when I rubbed them? 

well….it’s like an example

When I push a bicycle, I have to hold both handlebars, so when I reach for the far handlebar, Miyako’s huge breasts, which are sitting on the saddle, hit my elbow.

That sounds good if you think of them as the big boobs of a gravure model, but to me they are the breasts of a bully who I grew up with.

I-I’m not excited or anything. Really.

“Mouu~~, you’re so naughty, Yuichi kun♡”

“….What are you talking about?”

“You’ve been intentionally putting your arms around my boobs since a while ago.”

“I-I didn’t. It was a force majeure!”


As an aside, I don’t think Haruka’s breasts hit my arms at all when she was with me.

I wonder if there can be such a big difference between triplet sisters?

As I was thinking about this, I saw the beach on the way back to the high school.

“We’ve arrived! Yuichi kun is really becoming more like a boy now that you’re carrying me all the way out here, aren’t you?”

“…… you were the heaviest of the three sisters.”

“Mouu! Yuichi kun no delicacy! You should say, ‘Your big boobs are so heavy, aren’t they?’”

I ignore her and park my bike next to the stairs leading to the beach.

Then Miyako got off the bike, saying, “Thank you ♡♡♡”.

“Then let’s walk along the beach for a bit, shall we? Just like old times.”

Miyako then took my hand and we walked down the stairs to the beach.

It had been quite a while since I had been to the beach.

Since that day when I walked on the beach with Miyako,…….

The waves come and go, and the setting sun burns beyond the horizon.

The reddish-red sunlight dyed Miyako’s bright hair red.

“It’s like we’ve gone back to the old days, right, Yuichi kun?”

“The old days. ……”


I shook off Miyako’s hand and stopped.

“I still haven’t forgotten all the harassment you gave me.”


“I’m talking about the bullying you used to do to me. You made me carry your school bag, hold your hand, and do other embarrassing things. ……”

“……, that’s not bullying.”

“Not bullying?”

“Because I won the game, I was only ordering you around. It was Yuichi kun’s fault for losing in the first place, wasn’t it?”


“Yes, yes. It is your fault for losing the game, and if you didn’t like it, you could have just refused the game or ignored it. So it’s Yuichi kun’s fault.”

M-my…… fault, huh?

“D-Don’t be silly! I’m sure you know that I didn’t have the personality to complain in the past, and you guys have been bullying me relentlessly! If you guys hadn’t come around, I’d be doing just fine with my local friends right now.”


“Eh ……?”

“Back then, Yuichi, you didn’t talk as much as you do now, did you?”

Miyako’s voice suddenly becomes calm from the mocking voice of character building.

She turned her back to the setting sun and looked at me. 

“Before you got involved with us, Yuichi-kun was always playing alone in the park, and he was always eating lunch by himself even during school excursions.”

“T-That’s …….”

“He also read a lot of books in class, and played a lot of one-person games.”


I cannot argue with that.

Miyako’s words were …… true. 

that days, I’m a weakling, I’m alone a lot, and I don’t have any friends …….

It is true about that, but I–

“B-But …… if I hadn’t gotten involved with you guys, I might have been doing better!”

“So you’re going to affirm yourself by blaming other people?”

“I’m not blaming anyone!”

“Yuichi kun,…… I hate to say it, but if we hadn’t played with you, Yuichi kun would have been a loner for a long time.”


No, that’s not true.

I-I’m not sure how that’s possible.

I-I was bullied.

I was bullied, so I didn’t have any friends.

It’s the sisters’ fault.

“I-I’m …… not my fault! Of course it’s your fault!”

“It’s not like you to keep dragging things from the past forever, Yuichi kun.”

“It doesn’t matter! Anyway, I was so frustrated that you guys made me do something embarrassing that I couldn’t stand it!”

Yes, I know. I don’t care about being a loser right now.

They harassed me.

That fact will never change.

“Well then, ……, as an apology for bullying you in the past, you can do whatever you want with my body, okay?”


Miyako slowly closed the distance between us and hugged me from the front.

Miyako’s huge breasts cushioned and pressed against my upper body.

“As an apology, Yuichi kun can do whatever he wants with my body. You can also suck on my big boobs, Yuichi kun, if you like. Also, I’ll take your virginity and give you my virginity too ♡ If you go behind that rock, no one will see you, so you can do it as many times as you want until the sun goes down.”

Miyako turned serious eyes on me.

Her eyes were redder than the setting sun and somewhat darker.

“Do you even know what you’re talking about?”

“Of course I do! Don’t you want a gravure virgin? Besides…wouldn’t it feel great if you forcefully took off my uniform and squeezed it? “

I can do whatever I want with …… Miyako’s body.

In my head, I imagined Miyako’s breasts being sucked mercilessly.

Gravure idol Miyako’s breasts… to the fullest.

I swallow with fresh spit.

“Come on, come on, take revenge on your tormentor, Yuichi kun. You can take out all your stress on me, along with your sexual desires, with all your might.”

Take out my past grudges …….

“…..I-I’ll do it!”

“Ah, ♡.”

I pushed Miyako down to the beach and straddled her.

If this happens, Haaaahaaa …….

I’ll throw all the stress from the past on Miyako.

“I…… I!”

The sand flutters and I forcefully hold Miyako’s body down as I put my hand on the button on her chest,…… that time–.

“No, Yuichi!”

Suddenly, that hand was stopped by a pure white hand that reached out from the side.

I looked at the hand as soon as I saw it.

Her blonde twin-tail hair swaying in the sea breeze.


“H-Haruka ……?”

“Yuichi, you’re being …… deceived.”

“What do you mean being deceived?”

“…… Miyako is going to take a picture of you do her and threaten you for the rest of your life.”


I looked at Miyako who was downstairs.

Miyako is looking at me with a vacant look on her face.

“Miyako has always had a twisted personality. She has been stealing your clothes and collecting them, as well as your recorder.”

Just as Haruka was about to say something, Miyako, who was under me, grabbed a handful of sand and threw it in Haruka’s direction as if to blind her.

“Kyaa? W-What are you doing, Miyako?”

“Haruka-chan, with your tiny breasts and zero human rights? If you talk any more, I’ll shred those boobs.”

“You’re annoying, you fat fat woman with useless boobs. You’re being photographed in Tokyo by a photographer with a bad body odor who’s looking at you with a pornographic eye. Oh, that’s so disgusting.”

The sisters started fighting, leaving me out of it.

I came to my senses for the time being and got up on top of Miyako and brushed the sand off my uniform. 

Anyway, what Haruka just said.

The old Miyako was spying on me ……?

And a recorder?

What do you mean?

“Haruka, I’m telling you, you’re thinking too much about threatening me. I just want to have a simple good time with Yuichi kun.”

“What’s simple? What’s so simple about it?”

“I really just wanted to have sex with Yuichi kun!”

“In the first place, it’s not right to have sex in such a public place!”

“That’s not true! I told him behind a rock, but Yuichi kun was so hard that he pushed me down!”

When Miyako, who was still asleep after being pushed down by me, said that, Haruka looked at her with eyes that looked like she was about to kill me.

…..Oh, come on, isn’t it kind of like I’m the one who’s at fault?

“What do you think about that ……, Yuichi?”

“T-that’s ……”

“Yes, both of you! Let’s do 3 people now! That’ll solve everything.”

Haruka mercilessly poured both hands full of sand on Miyako’s face, which was lying on the beach, from above.


Miyako screamed, a scream I had never heard before.

“Yuichi, we’re going to dump this crazy bitch on the beach.”

Haruka pulls my hand and leaves the beach.

Miyako, who was left behind, was sobbing as she spat sand on her face, saying, “Oeee!”

“H-hey, are you sure you want me to leave Miyako behind?”

“…. It’s okay. Miyako has money and can call a cab.”

Saying that, Haruka sat on the saddle as if it was a matter of course.

“I saved you, so you should push the bike,”

“… O-ou”

I thought it was annoying, but then I thought about it and Haruka saved my life.

If I had been that angry, Miyako definitely would have fucked me

“That ……,T-thanks.”

“You’re an idiot. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘I could have had sex with Miyako~’ if I hadn’t stopped you.”

“No, really, thanks to you, I woke up. So thank you …… Haruka.”

“……Mouu, you idiot.”

Haruka hit her head on my shoulder.

It wasn’t a nasty headbutt like in the past, but a gentle one, as if she was trying to hide her embarrassment…

“B-because of you, Miyako and I don’t get along, so I can’t go back to my home you know?”

“From the looks of it, it seemed like you didn’t get along with her in the first place. ……”

“! Anyway, I can’t go home today! So …… that…”


“I’m going to stay at your place”


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These chicks are all just annoying. I hope he ditches them for the classmate.