Episode 18 – Mogumogupakupakuichaicha



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After that, Mom and Haruka come to the living room.

“What’s wrong Yuichi……, Minami⁈ Why are you at Yuichi’s house!”

“Mogumogu (eating) …… Gulp. The location of Haruka neesan’s suddenly disappeared near Yu’s house.”


Haruka flinches when Minami points this
Hee, did she go to the trouble of erasing her location information…Haruka is surprisingly smart. (Well, Minami found out in the end, so it’s pointless.)

“Why did you her mom?”

“Because Minami is super cute~”

“If she’s cute, you’re going to bring her home and feed her?~”



Minami used the chopsticks and bowl I always use and munched away without hesitation.

“Minami ……, go back to your apartment.”


“What do you mean”

“I promised that I would protect Yu, but coming back with Haruka is …… disgusting.”

“You’re the one who left me at the bike yard and ran away.”


“Don’t fool around!”

Minami, who had been so vigorous in the morning against Miyako, fled before the enemy when Miyako revealed the saddle-slithering video to her.

I need to question her about the saddle-slithering in the first place, …… but right now, I’m more concerned about that.

“Minami, get out of here. The only person I promised to let stay is Haruka.”

“Hey! Yuichi! Y-You can’t talk like that!”


Haruka unusually followed Minami’s lead.

What kind of wind up is that?

“If you talk like that,……, it sounds as if Yuichi wants to spend an intimate night alone with me.”

Ah, it wasn’t a follow-up at all.

“Yu,……, do you want to have sex with Haruka?”

“I didn’t say that.”

” ….a cheater.”

“That’s right Yuichi! You’re going out with Minami and you’re trying to eat Haruka too. …… playboys will get their karma someday.”

“Haaa….please be quiet for a moment, mom.”

My head started to hurt, so I sat down on the chair in front of Minami.

I urged Haruka to sit next to Minami, and the three of us faced each other at the four-person dining table.

“So, Minami came here after seeing Haruka’s location. What is your purpose? Did you come here to retrieve Haruka?”


“Then what?”

“….I wanted to apologize to Yu.”

“Apologize? For running away in the bike yard?”

Minami handed mother a bowl of tea and nodded her head, requesting another bowl of white rice.

“I promised to protect Yuu, but …… I ran away. So, I’m sorry.”

“What is it. I’m sorry. Did you fail to protect Yuichi from Miyako? Pfft. Lame. I protected Yuichi from Miyako.”

“…..that kind of women are the most hated. I mean, Haruka neesan is annoying and gross.”

“Aaah !? You have nothing to be proud of but your boobs, so don’t get carried away.”

“You don’t even have boobs. You’re a loser.”


“You two sisters should take your bickering somewhere else!”

I scolded them and turned my attention to Minami.

“Minami. I forgive you for running away, but tell me what you were doing in the saddle.”

“S-Saddle? Minami, what do you mean?”

Haruka, who did not know what was going on, wrinkled her brow and questioned Minami.

“……T-that was just the smell of parsley on the saddle, which Miyako nee san hates. So it was never like I wanted to smell Yuu’s ass or anything.”

“Ah, so that’s what a saddle is. You and Miyako are really doing some very nasty things, aren’t you? Yuichi, Minami is lying.”



“Minami always said she would protect me from Miyako. So that was the truth, wasn’t it?”



While Miyako is still a perverted girl, Minami is not a perverted, and there is no reason for her to saddle-slurp me as she should.

Minami was taking measures against Miyako?

“Of course, I’m protecting Yu. But the parsley smell, it looks like it came off.”

“I see. …… Well, don’t worry about it because it turned out somehow as a result.”


When I forgave her, Minami took the second bowl from mother with a relieved look on her face and stuffed it into it.

“Y-you …… are thinking in your heart, [That’s exactly what I planned]”

“Haruka nee san, …… you nag too much.”

“Yuichi too! You’re so sweet to her, you must like Minami after all!”

“That’s not it. Minami is smarter than you and Miyako, and I still trust her.”


“Yes,…… Yu and I are friends.”

Minami snorted heavily and finished her second helping of white rice, then said thank you for the meal and took the dishes to the sink.

“Really, even though you don’t like us, you’re only friends with Minami… you’re a weirdo after all.”

“Shut up. If you complain all the time, I won’t let you stay over tonight.”

“…… hmph.”

Haruka stood up from the chair as usual with a tsuntsun.

“Minami has finished eating, so please show me to her room. Minami is also staying the night, right?”

“I’ll stay in Yu’s room.”


Haruka and I denied it at the same time.


One of the four rooms on the second floor is an empty Japanese-style room with enough space for guests to sleep on a futon.

The three of us went up to the second floor and entered the Japanese-style room.

“It’s an unused room anyway, so make yourself at home. But don’t come to my room.”

“……I want to go to Yuu’s room and play games”


“Muu…… I just found a game that looks interesting.”

Minami said this in a sullen tone, and then searched for the game on her phone and showed it to me.

“Here it is. Here it is… ‘Hame war●Splash Brothers’.”

“W-What kind of game with a cracked title like that”

“It’s a one-on-one side-scrolling game where you take off the clothes of the girl who loses and attack her as much as you want.”

“It’s just an Eroge!”

Minami tilted her head with a ‘?’

“E Ro Ge ?”

This girl doesn’t even know the concept of ……R18, but she wants to play such an erotic game?

“R-rather that, Haruka! Let’s go have dinner.”



“Eh, yeah, ……, I’m coming.”

After Haruka put her belongings in her room, she was very quiet.

Are you dissatisfied with this room?

It’s about Haruka who is always complaining, so I’m sure that’s the case.

Haruka and I leave the room and head to the living room on the first floor again.

“H-Hey, Yuichi.”

“What is it? What, you can’t sleep in that Japanese-style room because it’s too dirty?”

“N-not that…..”

Haruka stopped in the middle of the stairs and handed me her phone decorated like a gal.

“What’s wrong?”

I looked down at the screen of the phone she handed me.

“That’s the location information we sisters share, and Miyako is coming this way at about the speed of a …… car.”


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