She has the same face and medium-short hair as before.

However, she has grown into a beautiful girl with a style that would make Saijo’s tongue wag, especially for the size of her breasts.

It is no exaggeration to say that she has the biggest breasts of all the girls in her class.

But I can only praise her for her “looks”.

As a childhood friend, I know her inside and out.

Minami has never bullied me on her own, but she has always bullied me in the form of her two sisters’ bullying.

“………… Jii(stare).”

Minami sits down next to me and stares at me with her cheekbones on the desk.

She was watching me as if she was keeping an eye on me.

Is she being told by those sisters to keep an eye on my movements ……?






“Stop that. Are you a Cicada?”

“…… Minmin.” (A cicada’s voice)

Minami says with a straight face.

Haa….. I have no idea what this guy is trying to do.

Minami’s facial muscles have been dead since elementary school, so it’s extremely difficult to understand her thoughts.

“Yuu…… changed a little?”

I ignore Minami and proceed to prepare for the next class.

I’m not as weak now as I used to be, so I can just ignore her. This is the solution.

“Yu, you’ve become a little …… cooler.”


There’s something wrong with her.

The old Minami used to be much cooler and would only say the bare minimum.

“But I’ve changed just as much as Yu did. I complimented Yu, so next time you should compliment me too.”

What, she was praising me because she wanted to be praised herself?

As usual, she is a calculating and annoying girl.

“Come on, give me a compliment, Yuu.”

“O-Of course no……”

“I have a lot of unusual things about me too. Like boobs, or boobs, or boobs, and boobs.”

That’s only Oppai huh

It seems that my head has gotten weaker.

“Ah, Come to think of it, my sisters also wanted to meet Yuu.”

How is that possible?

They definitely think of me as nothing more than an object of bullying, and I don’t even want to meet them.

“Miyako san and Haruka san are in different classes because they failed the Advanced Placement Course. It’s no wonder we can’t meet.”

“W-Wait a minute. Did those two transfer to Soumi High School too?”

Minami nodded her head.

I was even more despairing when I learned that.

I was sure that I would have to go through the same thing as I did back then.

‘It’s Over. My school life.”

“Why is it over? We just finished morning HR.”

Ah, no more.

I’m not going to talk to her any more.

If she tries to talk to me, I’ll just ignore her.

“Hey, hey, hey, Tanabe~! You’ve been talking happily with Shirota-san since a while ago, do you know Shirota-san?”

Saijo, sitting in front of us, turns his chair toward us and starts talking to us.

“She’s just an acquaintance, or …… something like that.”

“Me and Yu are childhood friends”

“Hoee, it’s great to have such a cute childhood friend!”

The opposite

I don’t want you, who don’t know anything to get involved

“Who are you?”

“I’m Tanabe’s best friend, Itsuki Saijo! Nice to meet you.”

Saijo said, showing his white teeth in a good mood.

Saijo. He is probably only interested in Minami’s body.

“Tanabe chi and Itsuki, are you getting along well with Shirota-san right away?”

Higuchi joined our conversation as usual.

“Tanabe and Shirota-san are childhood friends,”

“I didn’t realize that! I’m Higuchi sana! Nice to meet you, Shirota-san.”

Minami nodded in agreement.

“That’s right. Since we’re here, why don’t we have lunch together at the cafeteria today?”

Higuchi! You’re not supposed to say anything …….

“…… lunch? With Yuu?”

“Together, together! Right, Tanabechi?”

I don’t like it in general.

Why do I have to eat with the bully who traumatized me?

“Sorry ……, I’m going to the bathroom.”

I forced myself to leave the place and walked out of the classroom, slurring my words.

The worst thing that could happen is Minami coming into our group.

I had just been creating a new world of my own, and now a part of my past that I didn’t want to be reminded of had stepped in.

When I went out of the bathroom, I saw a large-breasted female student standing next to the toilet.

Yes, it was Minami.

“Minami ……, why are you waiting for me?”

“Because Yu was acting weird.”

What do you mean “acting weird”?

I was bullied by you guys in the past, so it was natural for me to reject you.

Apparently, she is unaware that she was bullying me.

That’s because bullies don’t realize they’re being bullied, right? That’s understandable.

But the bullying is already in the past.

The “me” that I am now is neither weak nor small.

That’s why it’s dangerous to get further involved with Minami, who knows about my past. …… If this happens, it’s the last resort.

I took out a long wallet from my pocket and handed out a single 1000 yen bill to Minami.

“This is all I can give you, but please don’t talk to me again with this.”

“Eh ……?”

“Not only me. my friends too.”

“You’re joking…Yu”

“I’m serious.”

I looked her in the eye and said so, Minami narrowed her eyes and looked up at me.

“Then Yu,……, let’s play a game like we used to do.”

“Play ……?”

“We used to play with my sisters, the ‘winner can order anything’ game.”

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