“Yuichi eats my popcorn!”

“No, mine!”

“What do you care about that!? Shut up, the movie’s about to start.”


I sigh heavily as I silence Minami and Haruka who are fighting.

Just fighting over popcorn is really pointless…

I’m sure for these girls it feels the same as fighting over a “toy”.

It pisses me off that they use me as a toy for their own convenience and use me as a tool to compete with them.

I am not your plaything.

“Yuu, I have to go to the bathroom.”


“I’m leaking.”

“Go to the bathroom by yourself! You’re not a child.”

“I won’t go to the bathroom unless Yuu goes with me. I’m going to leak in here.”

“Y-you, ……!”

Haruka was annoyed by Minami’s selfishness.

I feel the same way as Haruka, but…I don’t think Minami will be able to understand things well as things stand.

“Haa… I guess you should just follow me.”

“Wait, Yuichi?!”

“It’s still before the start, so there’s still time. Besides, it’s troublesome for her to leak here.”

I rolled my back and left the screen as I got up from my seat with Minami.


There was a light line in front of the women’s restroom, but Minami did not line up.

“You lied about wanting to go to the bathroom, didn’t you?”

“…… found out?”

“Rather, you didn’t think I wouldn’t find out?”

Minami, who is very smart, would never want to go to the bathroom before a movie, and if she’s that selfish, she’s a kindergartener or something.

“What’s the purpose?”

“………… to get out of here together.”


I decline

I knew that’s what she was going to say anyway.

“Don’t you feel sorry for Haruka?”

“I don’t.”

“You’re so cold, …….”

“It’s Haruka nee san’s fault. Haruka neesan has always kept everything she wants to herself and won’t lend it to me.”

Minami said timidly, pouting her lips.

are you…a child?

“Don’t treat me like I’m your property.”

“Yuu doesn’t belong to Haruka neesan. My friend. In other words, you are mine.”

“What kind of logic is that? If you treat me like a thing, I’ll stop being your friend.”

“No. Yuu is my friend. We’ll get out of this together.”

“I’m not leaving. Come on, let’s go back.”

As I was about to go back, Minami tugged at my sleeve.

“What’s the matter with you? If you’re selfish–“

“I’m sorry, ……. I’ll be back.”


“I-It’s true that I want to go to the toilet.”

“H-Ha? You’re kidding!”

“I-I’m gonna leak”

S-Say it first!!!!!!

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