Haruka and I walk side by side from the front of the station to the cinema.

The cinema is in a commercial complex about a 10-minute walk from the station.

Haruka, wearing a white blouse and navy blue flared skirt, attracts a lot of attention, partly because of her blond twinted hair.

Well, Haruka’s face is cute (from a stranger’s point of view) and her looks are nothing to complain about except for her breasts, with her sisters having abnormally large breasts.

It’s just a little bit, but I feel superior when I walk next to Haruka with a boyfriend-like distance.

If I had a real girlfriend, I wonder if it would be like this. ……

“Yu, Yuichi.”

“…… what’s up Haruka?”

“You’ve been looking at me too much since a while ago, haven’t you?”

“What? Ah, sorry. I won’t look at you anymore.”

“Ah, no, no. …….”


“After all, it’s okay to look at it a bit.”


After all, Haruka is a little strange today.

It may be strange, but even though she’s usually so noisy… her clothes and the way she speaks, today she seems incredibly neat.

Haruka walks with her blonde hair swaying, and occasionally looks at me from the side.

“You’re the one who’s been glancing at me since a while ago. Do you have something to say?”

“…. I thought, if I had a boyfriend, this is what would happen”

You’re thinking the same thing as me earlier.

Maybe Haruka is also aware of me…?

“W-Well, it doesn’t mean that I want Yuichi to be my boyfriend or anything,……”

After all, it’s not the same thing.

Haruka says that she hates me, and there’s no way that Haruka could actually love me. 

“Walking around with the opposite gender like this, it’s kind of warm and fuzzy, isn’t it?”

“Y-Yeah, yeah. I might be …… sweating a bit today.”

“…. Y-you! What are you conscious of? Maybe you like me?” ”

“No, I don’t.”

“Don’t deny it outright, you idiot!”

As I was walking while Haruka gave me a warm pat on the arm, I came into view of a commercial facility that housed a movie theater.

We go inside and take the escalator.

“There’s still time before the film, do you want to stop by the arcade?”


What is it? What’s that?

“At the arcade, I want to play some arcade games, okay?”

“Eh, you want to play arcade games?”

“……, maybe you’re not into it?”

“No, I just think it’s awesome. If you’re good at it, why don’t you show me?”

“! O-Okay! I’ll show you my skills!”

Haruka was full of confidence.

It’s surprising that Haruka is a music gamer.

Well, if you have an older sister who is a perverted JK gravure idol and a younger sister who hits to the centre of the batting centre like that, it’s not surprising that there is a blonde twin tail who is a music gamer.

Upon entering the arcade, Haruka looked around inside and spotted a white sound-game cabinet.

It was a typical circular touch screen game, and the machines lined up side by side were all full of hardcore sound gamers wearing gloves, and there were no girls like Haruka.

“Look at me, Yuichi. See how great I am!”

Haruka slowly put in 100 yen and started the game.

Music games, huh? I don’t really like them though…


As I watched Haruka play, I again sensed a mysterious gaze from behind me.

It was a gaze so straight that it burned my back, and I could sense it even if I didn’t want to.

I quickly turned around.

Then, there was no one there anymore.

It’s strange. It seems as if a figure has just disappeared as if running away. ……

Don’t tell me that the bad premonition I felt in front of the station is …… right on target?

But Minami and Miyako’s location data is at home – no, if you have a smartphone with a sub like that, you can leave your everyday phone and go out.

Miyako is definitely the one with the economic power to have two smartphones, though. ……

“Hey Yuichi!”

“Nn, ah, what’s up?”

“Not that. Here it is. I did a full combo on the hardest song! And all on Excellent.”

The sound gamers around me were staring at Haruka’s machine with their eyes wide open.

Is this really so great?

“You can praise me, can’t you? Well, I’m just warming up for this.”


“Why are you so low?!”

“No. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Let’s go next! UFO catchers!”

UFO catcher. ……

Haruka has been very excited since she came to the arcade.

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