Episode 17 – Just the two of us? A sleepover ♡



Stay at my house ……?

Did Haruka say that?

I don’t see the point of staying at my place, no matter how awkward it is to fight with Miyako.

It’s true that this girl doesn’t have any friends, so maybe her choice would be my house by process of elimination. ……

“What are you doing staying at my house? Don’t tell me you’re going to steal my money and goods while I’m sleeping?”

“I won’t! Mouu! Why are you so quick to make me look like a bad guy?”

“Because ……, I know you’d do it.”

“Haa?! I would never do that!”

Haruka stormed out on the bike, raising her voice.

“O-Oi, you’re going to fall off!”


Haruka was moving so much that the bike lost its balance and almost fell over.

I quickly let go of the hand that was gripping the handlebars at the back of the bike and held the rampaging Haruka toward me.

The bike tilted slightly toward me on the side of the road, and Haruka’s body leaned against my chest as if to support.

From Haruka’s body, which was leaning against mine, I could smell the fresh and refreshing scent of fruit.

Her blonde twinted hair was so close to my face.

When I touch Haruka’s body in this way, I realize that her body is still very thin.

I was so impressed with her body, even more so compared to her sister’s and sister’s wagging, voluptuous bodies.

“Y-Yuichi ……?”

Haruka looked up at my face and her eyes were fluttering.

Perhaps because it was illuminated by the setting sun, Haruka’s face looked extremely red.

“….I-it’s dangerous, Haruka.”

“Why did you help me? you hate me”

“Don’t get me wrong, ……. I just thought if you fell down, you would cry a lot and cause trouble.”


Haruka says so and rubs her head against my chest.

“Don’t do that, it’s disgusting.”

“I-I’ll stop if you let me stay……”

With her mouth agape, Haruka looked up at me with an upward glance.

I don’t want to praise her too much, but Haruka is… just a cute person.

So, on top of that, it’s best not to look too hard at her face.

“I get it,……. You guys got into a fight because of me, so if it’s just for one night… I’ll let you stay. So sit quietly on the saddle.”

“Y …… yeah.”

As soon as I had Haruka firmly seated, I picked up the handlebars again and pushed the bike.

Haruka’s mouth was set in a tight line, and it looked like she was forcing herself to suppress her expression.

“What have you been doing since a while ago?”

“N-Nothing, it’s not like I’m happy or anything!”


Haruka was still quick to say things that made no sense at all.

At some point, the ocean disappeared from sight and the setting sun began to hide its face.

For some reason, Miyako did not follow.

Is she still sleeping on that beach?

She had her hands full of sand splashed on her face, and her mouth and eyes were probably damaged, so she might have bought some water from a nearby vending machine to rinse them off.

I think it would have been a pity to leave her there like that, no matter how much she was a child.

…… Miyako, huh?

[If we hadn’t played with him, Yuichi kun would have been a loner for years.]

I remembered the conversation I had with Miyako earlier.

I have been feeling indescribable since I heard that.

“H-hey Haruka. Can I ask you one thing?”

“Just one thing? I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I ain’t asking you that.”

I lightly coughed and returned to the conversation.

“You sisters, ……, were you just picking on me to make me feel better about being lonely?”

“Pick you?”

“Miyako told me. In the past, I was a loner, so if you guys didn’t bully me, I would still be a loner and nothing would change. I thought that when I heard that, you guys started bullying me in the third grade or so,…… maybe you guys were thinking about me in your own way…”


Haruka interrupted me with a snap and denied it categorically.

“It was as if I was thinking of you, as if I liked you!”

“I never said that. ……”

“You believe Miyako’s words too much! T-The first person who chose you as a target was Miyako, and until then, I and Minami didn’t have any interest in you!”

Miyako was the first one to …… take a look at me, I didn’t know that.

We used to live next door to each other, but it’s true that we didn’t have much contact until around 3rd grade, when these guys got involved. 

“W-Well. I had never played with boys before either, so I was just playing you around, and before I knew it, I was getting weird feelings for you”.

“Did you develop a taste for boys?”

“No one in elementary school is like that! No, that’s not what I mean! I mean, …… M-Mouu!”

Haruka rubs her head against me again.

“I-I’m! I’m not good at …… being honest, so understand, idiot.”

“Eh, I knew you had a taste for it?”

“That’s not the point!”

It turned into a headbutt.

I was thrown off balance by a headbutt on the shoulder, and I was-

“Wait, you, Whoa!”


We fell together.


Despite lightly injuring my leg from the fall, Haruka and I both made it back to my place.

“I’m home.”

“…..S-sorry to bother you.”

When we came in the front door, my mother, wearing an apron, appeared from the living room.

“Araa, Haruka chan, it’s you!”

“It’s been a while.”

Haruka, who usually has a closed mouth, was very quiet in front of Mom.

“She is as cute as ever! She’s many times more beautiful than the girls in the idol group!”

Mom patted Haruka on the shoulder in a familiar manner and praised her happily.

My mother, who is a natural, doesn’t know that I was bullied by these guys and rather thinks that we are good friends because she misunderstands that I always played with these guys.

That’s why she treats them with this distance.

It even makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but now Haruka is …… well.

“R-Rather than that mom. Can I lend this girl the Japanese-style room next to mine for the night? It seems like the sisters were arguing.”

“Eh? You two are old enough to sleep together in Yuichi’s room you know~.”

“Especially not when we are in this age.”

“T-That’s right, mother! Me and Yuichi are …… not in that kind of relationship yet!”

“Does that mean you’re not ready yet?”

“T-, …… that’s not true!”

Haruka becomes embarrassed and looks at me.

Just deny it as before, you idiot.

“Mom, please stop making fun. Haruka and I don’t have, nor will we ever have, that kind of relationship.”

“Eeeh? I’d welcome a girl with blonde hair and a pretty face like hers.”

Don’t judge her just by her looks.

Inside, she’s just a spiky woman.

“Ah, but earlier Minami was bragging about how she and Yuichi are almost dating, so Yuichi is dating Minami, right?”



What on earth did Mom say ………… hmm⁈

I was about to take off my leather shoes when I found a pair of loafers in the doorway that I didn’t recognize.

“…… no way.”

I dashed into the living room, taking off my shoes and scattering them around.

And then–!

“……Welcome back Yuu. I’m having …… dinner first.”

At the dining table for four in the living room, Minami was proudly munching on her dinner.

No, no, no, why?

“This menchikatsu was so delicious that I ate …… Yu’s portion too.”

And she even ate mine.

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  1. For this kind of story, I am always wishing for MC to quickly get rid of his denseness. Bastard is always denser than a black hole

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