“I’m home.”

After watching a movie with Minami and Haruka, we split up and I came home right away.

Minami was complaining that she wanted to have tea with me, but I ignored her and we split up right then and there.

“Ara Yuichi. It’s only 3:00 p.m. and you’re early.”


It was my day off, somehow I must have seen a movie with a girl, and I could avoid being made fun of by them.

But …….

“I’ve been getting pushed around too much lately by those three sisters, haven’t I?”

Looking back on the past few days, those three have been intruding into my daily life all the time.

Even though I thought it was a nuisance, I might be in the same category of people when dating ……

“Ah yeah, Miyako.”

If those two bragged about the movie, I’m sure that girl would be so jealous that she’d steal not just my saddle but my entire bike on Monday.

That’s usually, or rather, quite troubling.

“Haa …… Miyako is such a pain in the ass.”

I went back to my room and immediately changed into my loungewear and threw myself on my bed.

I’ll have to lime Miyako and get her in a good mood.

[Yuichi: Miyako, I’m sorry.]

I didn’t know where to begin, so I started with an apology.

[Miyako: What do you mean you’re sorry? You mean that you left me out? It’s terrible, Yuichi kun.]

As I expected, she seemed to be angry.

[Miyako: You shouldn’t think you’ll have your own desk the day after tomorrow. I will steal Yuichi kun’s desk first thing in the morning and put it in my room for the rest of my life.]

N-not just a bicycle, but a desk? …… That’s a crime.

[Yuichi: I feel bad about it. I’m sorry, but it looks like Minami planned this to get the better of you. So, please forgive me.]

[Miyako: Eh, did you just say you’ll do anything?]

“I didn’t say that!”

[Miyako: Then, tomorrow is Sunday, why don’t you come to our room? Minami and Haruka will be there too, so everyone will be equal, right?]

The three sisters’ apartment room?

For Miyako, it’s rather graceful or …… suspicious.

[Miyako: Or do you want a 24-hour hotel date alone with me, Yuichi kun? Without a rubber, of course?]

[Yuichi: I’m going to your apartment tomorrow around 10:00. Tell the two of them.]

[Miyako: Muuu! Immediate response!]

I don’t know what Miyako is thinking.

Yesterday, she told me that she liked me, but now she’s proposing that all the sisters play with me.

Normally, she would demand a date or something with both of us. …… (I don’t want to do it though).

“She likes me……huh?”

Minami said she didn’t like me, and Haruka said too.

But even Miyako is just claiming to like me out of rivalry with those sisters.

“Then why are those three getting involved with me ……?”

Minami and Haruka both say they haven’t bullied me in the past, but I have nothing but bad memories of them.

But like Miyako said yesterday, if I hadn’t gotten tangled up with those guys, I would have been all alone for a long time, and I might still be alone now. ……

“I hate to admit it, but I was bullied by them, so maybe I wasn’t alone…”

I never want to thank them.

I’m not even going to say thank you.

But I can treat Minami, Haruka, and Miyako normally now.

I’m sure they’ve changed just as much as I’ve changed.

“It might not be a good idea to keep thinking about the past forever…..”

I was so tired from today that I just fell asleep in bed.

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