“Match ……, you say?”

I roll my eyes at Minami’s sudden suggestion beside the men’s room.

“If you win, I will follow your orders. On the other hand, if Yu loses, you have to listen to my orders.”

It was a nostalgic game that brought me back to my elementary school days.

I had always played this game since I made that promise to the three sisters when I was in elementary school.

I accepted the game many times to order them to ‘stop bullying me’ and kept losing, and as a result, I was bullied.

But now I’m different. ……

My athletic ability and academic ability have improved by leaps and bounds since then.

Minami seems to have the academic ability to be accepted into a special course, and I’m also in the same special course, keeping my grades at the top of the class.

I don’t know about her athletic ability, but I’m sure she’s not that good at it,…….

In other words, there is only one chance to win.

“Are you sure you’re going to do everything I tell you to do?”

“Of course I do. Just like in the past.”

Then I can order her to stop talking to me at all costs, right?

“For example, Um……”


“Even if the order is ‘go out with me,’ or something like that, ……, I will really go out with you.”

Huh? Go out with you?

Why is she wasting her time worrying about it?

There is no way I would give her such an order when I want her to stop talking to me.

“So, what’s the game?”

“……, for now, follow me after school.”

“O…… ou”

The first “match” I’ve had with Minami in years.


It was after school.

I went to the bike parking lot, twirling the bike key with my index finger, and found Minami sitting on the saddle of my bike, playing with her phone.

“How do you know my bike?”

“…. smell”

“No way, you …… the saddle’s.”

“…… ehehe.”

Minami has always had a fetish for smells, and no matter what she was doing to harass me, she would put her nose close to my body and sniff me.

I thought she was smelling me to make fun of me, but I’ve never been bullied because of my smell, so it’s just a habit.

“Yuu I’m going to sit like this, so you can push the bike by the handlebars …… no two riders, ever.”

She’s the one who sits on someone else’s bike and looks so proud of herself.

This is why I hate these sisters.

“Get off.”


“Get off.”


“If you don’t get off, we’ll use force.”

“If you try anything aggressive, I’ll yell for help.”

“T-this girl …….”

I sighed and pushed the bike with my hand as I inserted the bike key.

It’s more troublesome to be yelled at, and if the destination is the same anyway…

I reached for the handlebars and Minami’s boobs, which were sitting on the saddle, were hitting my elbow.

H-Hmmm….it’s just a fatty thing.

I don’t care, I don’t care.

“Yu,……, no matter how attractive my body is, don’t pinch my boobs so much.”

“I- it’s going to hit me, so I can’t help it.”

“I’ll call …… for help.”

“You’re being unreasonable …….”

Minami complained to me, but I pushed the bike.

Then Minami led me to the place— 

“This is where the game is played.”


The place of the match was a batting center.

“I’ll beat you with my batting ability.”

Minami snorted and got off the bike.

What makes you so confident?

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