–The next day.

I rode my bike to high school as usual.

It’s almost June, isn’t it?

I thought to myself as I looked up at the cloudy sky on my way to the entrance of the school from the bike parking lot.

The rainy season would be the worst because I would have to pedal while wearing a cape.

I have nothing but bad memories of last year’s rainy season, when it rained all week and we even had a rainstorm.

But, well, for me, the triplet sisters transferring to a new school is as big a disaster as a typhoon, so I guess it’s better than that.

In fact, all the typhoons have yet to make landfall.

I’ve met Minami and Haruka, but I haven’t met Miyako yet

I heard that she goes to Tokyo on days when she has gravure work and doesn’t come to the high school, but if that’s the case, why did Miyako transfer to this high school?

In the first place, I don’t understand how those three sisters came back here when they were not transferred by their parents.

Minami said something that didn’t make sense, like “mother abandoned us.” …… Well, maybe there is no doubt that something happened in the Shirota family.

I entered the school building through the entrance and found the corridors rife with people.

“What a beautiful girl”

“She’s got a really ero body, doesn’t she?”

“I want to squeeze those big boobs …….”


I had a bad feeling about this, so I followed the gazes of the people around me.

Then, sure enough, I saw her walking down the hallway.


She had long light-colored hair, a face as pretty as an idol’s, and those big boobs that jumped out at me in a straight line. (The Internet said she had an H cup.)

She has long legs and is in the high 160 cm tall.

Her face looks demure, but inside she is the eldest of three tormented sisters and the weirdest of the three.

I heard that she became a gravure idol, but I don’t know what Miyako is thinking.

Anyway, I have to stand around trying not to see her as much as possible.

I sneak up the stairs to escape.


When I arrived at the classroom, Higuchi was sitting in my seat, and Saijo and Minami were enjoying a chirpy conversation.

I felt safe and secure at this point.

“Hey, Tanabe.”

“Good morning, Tanabe chi!”

“Good morning, Saijo, Higuchi.”

I greet them both as I walk up to the desk,

“Good morning, Yu.”

Minami also greeted me.

I said, “Ouu,” and put my bag on my seat.

“Hey, hey, listen, Tanabechi! Minami, she’s amazing, you know? Yesterday at club activities, she made 100 percent of her free throws.”

Oh yeah, Minami went to visit the women’s basketball club yesterday.

“But she said she won’t join the club! You have to go with me to convince her.”

“No……. but, I don’t mind as long as Yu is with me.”

“You’re still in love with Tanabe, Shirota-san huh.”

“Will you join us if Tanabechi joins us? Then, will you play basketball with Tanabe chi?”

“No way. Give it up, Higuchi.”


While Higuchi was holding her head, Minami tugged at the sleeve of my school uniform.

I listened to Minami.

“….You were with your Haruka nee yesterday, weren’t you?”

“Did Haruka tell you?””

“No,…… I could smell from Yu’s uniform the expensive perfume that Haruka nee uses, imported from France.”

She’s got a sense of smell like a …… dog.

“Did you and Haruka flirt …… with each other?”

“Of course not.”

“But …… the smell is so strong, I’m sure you had sex with her.”

“Of course not!”

“Hey, you two, what are you whispering about?”

Saijo’s right hand intervened between us.

“It’s nothing. Higuchi, it’s almost HR time, so go back to your seat.”

“I’ll go back to my seat if you’ll join the basketball team.”

“Then I’ll go to Higuchi’s seat today.”

“Do you really hate basketball that much?”

“Don’t mind, Sana. It’s too early to make a move on Tanabe.”

“I-I didn’t move on him!”

Higuchi returned to her seat with an angry look on her face.

I sat down in the seat Higuchi had vacated and rested my head on my cheek.

“Can talk about that….?

“What if I say no?”

“I said I’ll protect Yu. The next time I smell Haruka nee’s scent, I’m going to hate Yu”

“Oh, really? You can hate me all you want.”

“…… no, I can’t hate Yu after all.”


Minami retracts her previous statement in a few seconds.

Minami is also Minami, and she doesn’t really know what she wants to do.

What does protecting me mean, anyway?

“What’s wrong with you today?”

“….I was a little tense because Miyako nee came back.”

“Mi, Miyako …….”

When Miyako’s name was mentioned, I became aware of the palpitating symptoms of my pulse jumping with a thump.

Just hearing the name Miyako, I am still scared huh ……?

“I don’t know how much Haruka nee told you, but Miyako sister is …… clearly trouble.”


“That’s why you have to go home with me today. Do you understand?”

Minami said that with a serious tone and held out her pinky finger.

“Pinky swear…quick”

W-What is that?

But if Minami is there, if Miyako is coming at me, there’s a chance she can do something about it.

Miyako’s trouble might mean that she’s going to bully me, and Minami, who knew I didn’t like it, might really be protecting me out of the goodness of her heart.

“….I understand.”

I (reluctantly) promise with Minami and promised to leave school together after school.

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