According to the lime from Haruka, we are apparently supposed to meet in front of the station at 11:00.

I changed into my casual clothes and left the house early to go on a date.

This is my first date alone with a girl.

Even though it was with Haruka, I was a little nervous.

Well, I’m trying to give off the vibe that I’m used to going on dates.

It pisses me off when Haruka makes fun of me saying, “Yuichi, you’re not used to women”.

I sent Haruka a lime on my phone saying I would be there soon.


When I arrived at the meeting place 30 minutes before 11:00 a.m., there it was –

“Yu, Yuichi, it’s been a while.”

Haruka was dressed surprisingly neatly in a white blouse and navy blue flared skirt.

Holding a pure white handbag and her blonde hair blowing in the wind, she is a beautiful girl who attracts the eyes of those around her….Eh

“W-What do you think?”

How? Not that!

If you were waiting before giving the impressions, just say, “Yuichi, you’re late!”

“I’ve dressed up a little, so …… tell me what you think of this outfit.”

Haruka grumbles and looks up at me.

Why do you, who are usually so uptight, seem so nervous…?

“Well, it’s kind of surprising. I thought you’d be more funky and flashy.”

“W-What’s that? I always look like this. …… C-cute?”


“Don’t ‘Ha’ me!”

“You’re the one who say, ‘Cute?’ If you’re the usual person, you’re the one who says,
‘Please tell me that I’m cute!’”


Wait, This is not the time to be arguing in front of the station.

“You are cute! A-Anyway, let’s go to the movie”

“Cute ……, are you telling that to Minami and the others?”

“I’m not.”

After answering that, Haruka snorted and started walking ahead.

“That would be great. You could go on a date with me, who’s cute.”

Soon after, she’s getting aggressive. Annoying

“………… hmm?”

“What’s wrong, Yuichi? You better get going or the popcorn will get crowded.”


For a moment, I thought I felt someone eyes on me. …… I didn’t think it was those two?

“Hey, Haruka. Can you tell me the location of those two?”

“Minami and Miyako? If you’re looking for their location, they’re at home. Miyako was doing muscle training and Minami was playing video games when I left the house.”

Then, is it my imagination?

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