First period math class.

Minami had just transferred to a new school and had a math coursebook that she didn’t have, so she had to sit in class with me sitting next to her on the left, showing her the textbook.

“……, can I move my desk closer to you?”

“I don’t mind.”

Minami pulled her desk closer to her right.
The chair is brought close enough that the shoulders are almost touching each other.

It is very close. ……

A floral scent comes from Minami who approaches.

What is she doing, making herself smell like a girl?

“What’s wrong, Yu?”


Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it.

“Hey, you two~, making out in the morning, huh?”

Saijo, who was sitting in front of me, was making fun of me even though we were in class.

The atmosphere in the class is quite loose because the math teacher is an old man who has been teaching since the first grade before his retirement.

“Yu and I are friends. We don’t make out.”

“Hmm? Is that so? If that’s the case, Shirota-san, will you go on a date with me next time?”


“I can’t catch on. But let’s go to the cafeteria for lunch.”

“Will Sana come too?”

“She’s coming. Tanabe’s coming, too, right?”


When I responded, Minami grinned at me and said, “Than That’s fine”.

What’s good about it?


Saijo, Higuchi, Minami and I move to the cafeteria on the first floor.

This high school has undergone a lot of renovations since the year we entered the school, and the cafeteria’s purchasing is now fully automated and self-service, with machines taking out items and the cash registers are now self-service.

“Ah, there are still some of Tanabe’s favorite pork cutlet sandwiches left!”

“Oh, really?”

I looked at the bread section and sure enough, there was one cutlet sandwich bucket left.

I take the cutlet sandwich from Higuchi.

The cutlet sandwiches at the store are usually sold out at this time of the day, but I’m lucky.

“Hmm? There are still some of Higuchi’s favorite cream cheese blueberry sandwiches left.”

“That’s right! Yay!”

I picked up the cream cheese blueberry sandwich and handed it to Higuchi.

“Thanks, Tanabe chi”

“Higuchi and Tanabe are really showing us how well they know each other’s tastes.”

“It’s not like that! Wait, you also know what kind of bread we like!”

“Well, that’s true.”

Higuchi and Saijo started their usual lover’s quarrel, and I looked at Minami who was standing next to me with dismay.

She was staring at me, not at the items she had purchased.

I wondered if she wanted my cutlet sandwich, of which only one was left, ……?

I thought, but I have no intention of giving up.

The one who gets it first wins.

“Minami, if you don’t choose quickly, it will be gone.”



“…… Yu’s, Tarashi.”(A person who is good at attracting women)

“Karashi? This high school doesn’t sell condiments.”

“No, ……, that’s enough. Hmph.”

Minami picked up two melon breads and went to the self-checkout counter.

This girl was going to put mustard in the melon bread,……?

Minami is a strange one, as I thought.

We each paid our bill and sat down at a table for four in the cafeteria.

Saijo and I sat next to each other, and Minami and Higuchi sat on the opposite side.

“Minami chan, do you like sweets?”

“Yes. I love sweets.”

“Then which do you like more, Tanabe or sweets?”

Saijo asked Minami a shitty question.

“The sweet one. Yu is just a mustard”(Karashi, she means Tarashi)

“Karashi? Hey, Tanabe, explain to me what you mean by that.”
“I don’t know, but she’s been saying ‘karashi karashi’ to me for a while now.”

“Hee, ……Ah, I’m carrying a tube of mustard, so I’ll give it to you, Shirota-san.”

“Why are you carrying around such a thing with such pinpoint accuracy?”

“I don’t want …… it.”

You don’t want it?

“You’re cold to me, Shirota-san, aren’t you? Hey, Tanabe, didn’t you forget to buy a drink?””

“Ah, I forgot. I’ll go get some.”

“If you’re not back in 40 seconds, Higuchi and I will eat your pork cutlet sandwich.”


“Let’s start the count, Tanabe chi”

“H-hey! Don’t eat it!”

I was afraid of what these guys might do.

I walked quickly to the store, bought some nata de coco juice, and was about to return to the store when I saw a scene.

A girl with blond twin-tail hair and a slender figure sits in a two-seater by the window.

She is eating katsu curry (probably the large portion of the free option) without worrying about the smell.

“That’s Haruka, isn’t it?”

I thought I never wanted to see that blonde twintail girl again, but …… I guess blondes do stand out.

Even so, if she’s eating by herself, she doesn’t have any friends.

She ordered a stinky curry, which is a sign that she doesn’t have any friends. ……

It may be normal to have no friends on the second day of transferring to a new school,…… but even that Minami is familiar with Higuchi and Saijo and has friends.

Since it’s about Haruka anyway, I guess it ended in various ways with a bossy attitude towards the classmate who came to talk to her.

She may even stand out more because of her blonde hair.

I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

“I’ve seen something I don’t need to see. Let’s go back now.”

But I couldn’t help but notice her.

Why am I so concerned about Haruka ……?

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