Episode 1 – Reunion = despair



May, 20XX.

A few years had passed since the triplet sisters who lived in the house next door had transferred schools, and I, Tanabe Yuichi, was in my second year of high school.

“Take care of yourself, Yuichi.”

“Okay, I’m off.”

My mother saw me off at the door, and I rode my bicycle to high school.

My bag was in the basket of the bicycle, and it made a rattling sound every time I rode it over a bump.

I went to Soumi private high school, which is said to be one of the most difficult high schools in the prefecture.

I am in the 2nd year A class (special course) at Soumi High School, which is located 30 minutes by bicycle from my house.

“I’ve changed a lot since then, haven’t I?”

When I was bullied by my three sisters, I was as small as the other girls around me, but after a period of growth, my height has increased to the latter half of 170, and my athletic ability has improved dramatically thanks to my morning running that I started in elementary school.

I am no longer the weakling I used to be.

I walked through the school gate, parked my bike in the parking lot, picked up my bike key, and headed for the entrance to the school.

“Hey~, Tanabe.”

“Ou, Saijo.”

He is Itsuki Saijo, my best friend among my male friends.

He’s the guy who always hangs out with me, and he’s a flirt who switches girls around.

“Good morning, Tanabe”

“Morning, Higuchi.”

She greeted me with a smile and a small wave of her hand, and she is Higuchi Sana, a member of the women’s basketball team.

She is an honor student who can study hard enough to be accepted into a special course.

Higuchi is a childhood friend of Saijo’s, and when I was hanging out with Saijo, I naturally became friends with Higuchi as well.

I changed from my leather shoes to jacket in front of the shoe box and headed to the classroom with them.

Since entering high school, I have made friends and no longer get bullied like I used to.

Saijo and Higuchi, in particular, are close enough for me to hang out with them on weekends, and I’m living a fulfilling school life now.

I no longer feel humiliated like I did in elementary school.

I am …… free now.

“Hey, listen, Tanabe chi! Itsuki said he’s going to pass on the weekend movie.”

“P-Pass? …… Really, Saijo?”

“I don’t have a choice, do I? I have a date with a girl from B class.”

Saijo is a womanizer and picks up and dates all kinds of girls, whether they have girlfriends or not.

He is usually a nice guy, but when girls are involved, he just becomes a “scumbag.

“You’ve got a date, but I’ve already made reservations you know?”

“Don’t be mad, Tanabe. Then…… at least you two go together.”

“M-me and Higuchi?”

Saijo said, and I looked at Higuchi.

“Just me and Tanabe chi, …… M-Mouu Itsuki!”

“That’s good right. since you are going to be there, you should go alone with him. It’s a waste of a ticket, isn’t it?”

“Well, it’s certainly a waste of a ticket. Well, Higuchi, if you want to go with me…”

“F-….Fine! I don’t want to talk about it! I’m going to class first.”

Higuchi patted Saijo on the back with her bag and ran up the stairs.

Of course, from Higuchi’s point of view, she doesn’t want to go to the movies alone with me. ……

“Sana’s not good enough, is she?”

“What do you mean, no good?”

“…… Tanabe’s still a super dull guy.”

“W-What’s that?”

“Noothing. I’ll pay for the tickets for Sana and me later, so you can use the extra tickets to invite other girls.”

“Eeeh…the bar is too high.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

I climbed the stairs to class with Saijo bashing me on the back.

Do I invite a girl to the movie ……?

Unlike in the past, I’m now a very fulfilled person.

I’m a reincarnated hero, so to speak.

I’ve been reincarnated, so I should be able to get at least one girlfriend.

So …… I was in a state of excitement at the time.


When I entered the classroom, the seat next to me had been replaced with a very beautiful desk and chair.

It was brand new to look at, or rather, it was clean and ……

Is someone coming to a new school?

“Hey, you guys, take your seats”

The homeroom PE teacher, Takasaki Kayoko, called out as she walked into the classroom, slamming the attendance book down on the teacher’s table.

When everyone in the class was seated and morning HR began, homeroom teacher Takasaki said toward the hallway, “You can come in!”

It looks like a transfer student, after all.

You’re going to sit next to me, right?

I hope we can get along well. …… If it’s a girl, I’m nervous.

The sliding door at the front of the classroom opens and a female student enters slowly.

“Eh? ……”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Saijo, sitting in the seat in front of me, said to me, “The transfer student is so cute, isn’t she?” I was so blank that I couldn’t hear Saijo

It’s a lie – please tell me it’s a lie.

Is this my punishment for floating around? ……

I had been wanting to forget–appeared from the corridor in front of the blackboard.

“I am Shirota Minami …….”

Yes, it was Shirota Minami, the third daughter of the triplet sisters of the Shirota family.

Why is Minami ……?

Don’t tell me they came back to their hometown ……?

That’s just too much.

“Shirota’s seat is over there.”

Minami walked slowly toward me as Takasaki, her homeroom teacher, told her.

Although her face and hairstyle are reminiscent of an elementary school student, her body is completely different.

Her waist is slim, but her thighs are still visible through her skirt, and her breasts are so ample that the buttons of her school uniform seem ready to be ripped off at any moment.

They swayed as she walked, and the boys’ eyes were divided into two extremes, those for her thighs and those for her breasts.

I, on the other hand, was overcome with a sense of despair.

Am I going to be bullied again?

Will I become an outlet for their stress?

“It’s been a long time,…… Yu.”

Minami puts her bag on the seat next to me and says with a small laugh.

It was the worst reunion of my life.

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