Episode 9 – Shirota Haruka 02



“Did you think I was going to say that—? Idioot!”

Haruka’s face suddenly changes from the salty look she had earlier to a pissed off look.


I thought I finally heard an apology from Haruka’s mouth, but …… it was a lie, no way.

“Did you think I would apologize? Have you been watching too many sob stories?”

T-T-This guy ……!

I was so pissed off that I shook the bike as hard as I could and tried to shake Haruka off the saddle.

“H-hey! W-Waaatch it! If I fall off, we’ll scrape our knee or something!”

“Go ahead and scrape yourself and bleed, you idiot!”

“Oh, you just called me an idiot! You’re an idiot for calling me an idiot!”

What a kid.

She’s the second daughter, but she looks even dumber than Minami, the youngest. …… Well, maybe the difference is obvious when she’s failing a special exam.

“Get off already. I don’t like you after all.”

“Hmph! Me too! I-I H-Hat……”


“I-I hate you …… of course,…… but I’m happy to see you again and I’m a little embarrassed to tell you how I really feel about you. But since you say that you don’t like me, I have to say that I don’t like you in order to make myself look good, but if I say that here, it’s going to make things even worse, so I’ll just say that here.”

“Stop saying that! What have you been mumbling about all this time!”

“…… hmph. Stop complaining and start pushing your bike. Yuichi.”

“This guy …….”

I can’t do it anymore, this time I’m going to rock it as hard as I can.

“Are you still mad about something that happened a long time ago? About the way we used to take you around and get you into trouble?”

“…. Of course that’s right. What you guys were doing was just bullying. I still haven’t forgiven Minami, who is in the same class as me.”

“Hmm. Then …… it’s your fault for not noticing it back then, isn’t it?”

“didn’t notice?”

“I-I’m not. But Miyako and Minami were involved with you because they liked you.”

“like me ……?”

Those two guys were …… tormenting me because they liked …… me?

No – that’s just an excuse for bullying.

Because if you like me, you have to say you like me.

Why do they need to bully me?

Yes, Haruka is saying that to justify their actions.

Haruka is a filthy girl no matter how far she goes.

“Especially Miyako–no, it’s nothing.”

“What’s with Miyako? Are you still making excuses?”

“……, well, you’ll find out soon enough.”


“What’s more, Yuichi! You should go on a date with me! You’re free after this, right?”

“……, you’re just going to use that convenient word “date” to squeeze my wallet, aren’t you?”

“No! I’ll pay for it! I just came back here, so there are a lot of things I don’t know… no matter how much you hate me, it’s okay to be a little kind to me right.”

Haruka held her chest tight as she said on the bicycle.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Were your tears on the tarmac an act?”


Haruka silently stares into my eyes.

“I’m not lying,……. I was really lonely and it was hard for you to tell me so clearly.”


“If you want to make fun of me, go ahead,……, but I told you how I really feel, so go on a date with me.”

The old Haruka would have been all about sulking all the time, never saying or expressing how she honestly felt.

After all, these guys have …… changed a bit.

I don’t say anything, but I push my bike again and head towards the city.

This is just an apology for the …… terrible things I said.

“You’re the one who’s clumsy,……, you’re the one who doesn’t have any friends right?”

“I don’t need you to tell me that.”

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    1. Hello, the reason for me to use “this guy” is because the author uses the word このやつ (konoyatsu)、こいつ(koitsu) alot when talking the the sisters and it represents a little bit harshness.

      But it’s okay if you don’t like that I’ll change it to be gender specific

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