Episode 11 – Miyako’s True Identity ……♡



Haruka’s phone showed a picture of a beautiful long-haired girl in a micro bikini in a very erotic pose on her back.

She had a sexy smile and breasts that could best be described as big. And her thighs are so plump.

She is seducing the viewer by boldly showing her horny sides.

W-What is …… this?

The body is so seductive that my lower body reacts with a jolt even if I don’t want to admit it, and the face is as cute as an angel’s. This is like a gravure idol.

“This, Like gravure idol …… really.”

I looked at Haruka as I said this and let out a sigh of exasperation.

“She’s just like that. Miyako is now working as a high school gravure idol.”

That Miyako is a gravure ……?

It’s true that she always had a spoiled voice and a mocking personality, so maybe she’s suited for it,……, but why would she be in gravure?

“It’s not that far from here to Tokyo, and Miyako doesn’t come to the high school when she has work to do. She’s been busy with gravure work recently, so she hasn’t come to high school yet.”

I was wondering why I hadn’t seen Miyako around.

“What is her stage name?”

“Miya. It’s miya……, but I didn’t expect you to ask about her stage name.”

“No way. I hate you guys.”

“I’m sure you’ll do it …….”

“No, I wouldn’t.”

Even if I tried, there’s no way I could do it.

I’ve been asked to do embarrassing things by Miyako many times.

The number of them is unmatched by Haruka and Minami.

I wondered if I could get excited by someone like that, but I ended up looking at Miyako’s gravure photo again.

Miyako’s breasts …… are as big as Minami’s or even bigger.

It’s so plump that you can’t fit it in your hands.

While the oldest and third sisters have such big boobs, Haruka, the second daughter……

I looked at Haruka sitting in front of me.

“I can’t help but feel sorry for …… you.”

“Hey! Don’t say that while looking at my breasts!”

A broken Haruka leaned over and tried to slap me, but I grabbed her hand.

“I’m not the same person I used to be. I can stop you from slapping me.”

“……! W-What? even though you are just Yuichi, you’re so cocky!”

Haruka snorted and drank up her Cream soda.

Seems to me that the only reason Haruka is so underdeveloped is probably because she is a picky eater.

She has a very crooked personality, and she likes and dislikes a lot of foods.

“Haruka, you’ve always been a meat and rice eater. That’s why you’re such a skinny girl.”

“S-shut up. Then, so that I can have big breasts, H-how about you…massage them?”

“I don’t do that kind of punishment anymore.”

“Whaa! punishment game? That’s a bad word!”

“You’re a slut for letting me rub your breasts in the first place!””

“……! I’m so pissed! I’m leaving!”

Haruka snapped, put a 2,000 yen bill on the desk and walked out of the cafe.

These days, 2000 yen bills…why do you have them? 

“Just because you promised to treat a favor, I can’t believe you dutifully left me money.Haruka’s …… changed.”

It’s not that I revised it.

Haruka, who thought nothing had changed, only thought that she had grown up a little. 

“I may have said too much again. I’ll apologize …… next time I see her.”

I finished my café au lait, slung my bag over my shoulder, and paid the bill.

Now, it’s evening and I’m going home on my bicycle.

“Y-Yuichi ……”

Again Haruka was sitting on the saddle of my bike.

“I’m sorry. I still don’t know how to get home, so can you give me a ride ……?”

I knew it.. this girl.

“You have a smart phone, so why don’t you just search your address on the map and find your route?”

“I always leave it to Minami to do home delivery and Amanzo, so I don’t know the name and address of the apartment.”

“You’re such a useless sister.”

“……..T-that’s right. I’m a useless sister anyway!”

“Don’t be so naive.”

I pushed the bicycle in disgust and reached for Haruka’s blonde hair as she sat on the saddle.

“Thank you for paying for the cafe. I’m sorry I was out of line earlier …….”

I put my hand on Haruka’s head and apologized.

“That’s fine… Oh, I was also like a slut when I thought about it. sorry”

I think she’s a slut without even thinking about it.

“Now that we’ve made up, you’re obligated to eat lunch with me tomorrow.”

“Normally, right.”

“I-It’s an obligation! If you don’t eat lunch with me in the cafeteria tomorrow, I’ll tell Minami everything!”


Haruka hasn’t changed.


–Same night. Tokyo.

“Miyako-chan! You were so sexy and cute again today.”

“…..T-Thank you very much.”

I greeted the photographer and left the studio.

This job will settle me down for a while, so I can go to high school tomorrow.

“I feel like I’m going to vomit all over …… these disgusting pigs.”

I, Shirota Miyako, am a high school student who became a gravure idol.

I’m still new, so I don’t have a lot of work to do, but I’ve been pretty busy lately.

Being stared at by a man other than Yuuichi-kun is the worst thing, but Yuuichi-kun… if it’s me now, he should like me.

I know

When I was in elementary school.

In Yuichi’s room, there was a photo album of a grad school girl that he had picked up from somewhere.

At that time, I found out the reason why Yuichi was not dominated by us.

Yes, I knew that Yuichi was only attracted to gravure idols with that kind of bodies.So I made an effort to get a pair of ample breasts and excellent proportions.

I have bigger breasts than Minami, who made no effort, and I am prettier than Haruka, who had the prettiest face among the three sisters.

In other words, I am the strongest among the three sisters.

I have no rivals anymore.

Yuichi-kun will fall in love with my body.


Efforts to masturbate thinking of Yuichi-kun every night will be rewarded tomorrow.

Finally–I can meet him♡.

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    1. I mean, to start with the bullying he suffered was “Nagatoro Bullying”, no physical attacks and the insults were limited to stepping on his pride, there’s also the fact that they got karmic punishment for their flaws: their rich family fell apart, for the flirtatious sister to expose her body for money, which she’s clearly uncomfortable with, because of her abrasive personality the second sister has no friends and now has to embarrass herself to get close to her crush who clearly dislikes her, lastly the quiet sister who only went with the flow knows for a fact that the man she loves dislikes her, but can’t move on or close the gap

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