I was speechless because Miyako was so abnormal, sitting on the back of my bike, bending forward and fondling the saddle with her breasts.

This is beyond the level of harassment.

“Minami_…… stop that extremely nasty sister of yours.”

“Miyako nee san, stop it. Yuu doesn’t like it.”

Minami warned Miyako to stop, but Miyako didn’t stop at all and rubbed her body as if she were mating with a bicycle with her erotic body.

“M-Miyako nee san……., come on”

“No ♡”

“No. Move out of the way”

“Eeeh? Even Minami was rubbing her cheeks on Yuichi’s saddle during lunch break?”


Are you saying Minami was rubbing her cheeks on my bike?

The first thing I do is glare in Minami’s direction.

“T-That kind of creepy thing, ……I’m not Miyako nee san, I don’t do it!”

“I can’t lie, can I? Here, what’s this?”

Miyako, sitting on the back of the bike, stopped zipping and raised her upper body. She pulled out a smartphone from her cleavage and pointed the screen in our direction.

On the screen was a video, and when Miyako pressed the play button, it showed Minami sneaking up to the front of my bicycle from a voyeuristic angle.

“S-stop it, Miyako nee san”

Minami looks unusually flustered.

But the video on the phone in Miyako’s hand showed Minami rubbing her chewy cheeks against my saddle like she had never done that before.

“Minami, what’s this all about?”

“I-It’s just like beetles are attracted to sap.”

“I don’t understand what you mean at all.”


Minami, perhaps feeling badly about her penalty, ran away from the bicycle parking lot.

“H-hey, Minami! You should explain it to me! I mean, you said you would protect me!”

Just as I was about to chase after Minami

“No. We’re finally alone together.”

Miyako, without hesitation, laid her erotic body on my back.

Miyako was so soft that it seemed as if our uniforms were not there at all, and her overly large breasts felt like marshmallows, much more so than I had imagined.

“Yuichi kun, you’ve grown so big.”

“Shut up.”

“If I was forcibly attacked by such a big body, I might faint …….”

“W-What are you talking about!”

I shook off Miyako who was hugging me, and finally I was released.

This girl is different from the old days
Miyako is in such a bad situation right now that it would be better if she was just being bullied.

If I let my guard down even a little, there’s a risk that my body will be controlled.

“Yuichi kun, I don’t know what Minami and Haruka said about me, but I’m …… serious.”


“Hey, let’s go to that beach we used to go to in the old days. I want to talk about a lot of things there.”

When Miyako said this in a calm tone of voice, she sat back down on the saddle of her bicycle first.

“Push me?”

I was reluctant, but I had to leave the high school with Miyako on my bike.

Originally, it’s decided that it’s bad to be alone with this girl.

It’s too dangerous to compare to Haruka and Minami.

But in order to part away with Miyako,……, I can’t just run away here.

I have to make sure I don’t get involved with this girl, who is a gravure idol and already the center of attention at my high school. ……

This is where the game for my peaceful school life begins.

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