When I came back into the house through the front door, Minami and Miyako came down the stairs from the second floor.

“Yu also returned. What were you and Haruka nee talking about?”

“Nothing. What are you guys doing down there? Go to sleep, quickly.”

“Yuichi kun, you’re cold~”

If these girls aren’t in a fight already, I’d like them to go home.

“Me and Miyako nee san are going to take a bath now.”

“Bath means …… you guys have any clothes to change?”

“N-A-K-E-D, I don’t have any clothes♡”

“Mother, get them a change of clothes.”

“I already put them in the bathtub.”

“Because you know”

Miyako and Minami sighed dubiously and lightly clicked their tongues.

Don’t tell me you were seriously planning to wander around the house naked?

”It would be easier if I was naked.”

“Right? Yuichi kun, you’re weird.”

What do you think is so funny?

Miyako and Minami walked toward the bathroom with their shoulders slumped.

“Hey Miyako, Minami! I’m going to take a bath too!”

Haruka came down from above to follow them as they headed for the bathroom.

As she passes me on the stairs, Haruka stops in her tracks.

“You haven’t told those two about tomorrow, have you?”

“Of course not. I ripped up one of the tickets.”

“I-I see. …… Yuichi wants to be with me, don’t you?”

“I don’t mean that”


Haruka chuckled and followed them to the bathroom.

She is in such a good mood…

“Well, okay.”

When I get into my room on the second floor, I lock the door, put duct tape on every corner of the door, and scatter a bunch of marbles in front of the door before going to bed.

It’s perfect. They can’t come in.

While they were taking a bath, I locked myself in my room.

I couldn’t leave the room until morning, but I was sure I could use the bathroom once I went to bed, and I was sure they would make fun of me if I took a bath after them, so I would take a bath tomorrow morning.

“But tomorrow?”

I’m going to the movies with Haruka.

I lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling in a daze.

I felt sorry for Haruka, so we decided to go together, but when I thought about it, a date with that Haruka is …….

[Yuichi! Buy that thing!]

[Walk quickly! You’re so dull!]

[It was a shitty movie!]

I might get a lot of complaints …….

I just closed my eyes, thinking about tomorrow.

I’ve never been out alone with a girl before, but it’s far anyway, so I’ll take it easy.


“Good morning ♡ Yuichi kun”

The next morning.

When I woke up, I was greeted by a sweet smell and long, silky hair tickling my neck from next door.

“Morning kiss, right?”


Miyako was lying next to me in bed, wearing the cat T-shirt that my mother always wears.

The cat’s body printed on the chest of the T-shirt looks like a long torso due to her big boobs.

“Yuichi-kun was drooling in his sleep, so I took it upon myself to lick it off and wipe it up with …… tissues, you know?


“Oh, yes, that’s right. Yuichi-kun! You have to clean up the marbles you played with, okay? onee chan will clean it up for you♡”

……I made up my mind to stop letting this girl stay over again.

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