Episode 27 – There they were, the devil whisperers



I came to the movie theater on the third floor, with Haruka holding the UFO catcher’s prize in both hands.

“You’re looking forward to the movie, right?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Haruka seemed satisfied after playing around at the arcade before the movie.

When Haruka is in a good mood, she seems like a normal girl. (Not to be rude, of course…)

“You are holding the prize, so I’m going to buy you popcorn and a drink. What would you like to drink?”

“Well, I’ll have a Coke.”

“Wait! I’ll have a Coke, you have a melon soda.”

“Haa? You are as unreasonable as ever. Why do we have to drink in turn?”

“Ah, ……! I see.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Haruka is always muttering mysterious things.

“I-I’m sorry, Yuichi. It’s just an old habit.”

“Old habits?”

“When we used to be good with each other, the three of us used to exchange different drinks and food with each other. That’s how I used to think of it. ……”

“N-No need to apologize that much, though.”

Haruka suddenly turns sour from smiling earlier.

I don’t know much about the circumstances, but it seems like the three of them have become bad friends.

Well, for that matter, they were sleeping together at my house yesterday …… (except for one of them).

Even though they say they’ve become less friendly, for Haruka, sharing with her sisters is the norm, which makes me smile,…… and that doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

“….. damn it. Can’t help it”


“I’m fine with melon soda. But in return, share some of your Coke.”

“Haa? You mean share with me? But that’s like indirect kissing.”

“You’ve been giving me hugs and stuff for so long, what do you care about indirect kisses now?”

“That’s …… then! I’m ……, too.”


“I’ll drink your melon soda, too.”

“……, all right. I’ll have a melon soda.”


Haruka’s smile returned to her face and she headed for the cash register at a trot, her golden twin tails swinging.

I’m going to take out my ticket while I’m waiting.——hm?

As I looked toward the entrance, I saw a familiar backside.

“That girl …….”

She is about the same height as Haruka, but her chest, which is uneven on her T-shirt, and her thighs, which can be seen through her hot pants, are moderately plump and show her good style.

She’s wearing a hunting cap unnaturally deep even though she’s indoors, which is somewhat bizarre.

After she finished checking the tickets, she went to the back of the room as if to escape.

That can’t be Minami and Miyako, either of them,…… short hair, Minami,……?

“Yuichi, I got it.”


“Yuichi? Hey”

“Hey Haruka,……, can you get the location of the two of them now?”

“I can, but …… you’re such a worrier, aren’t you? Do you really want to be alone with me that badly?”

“Come on”

“O-Okay, okay.”

Haruka puts the tray of popcorn and drinks back in her left hand and operates her phone with her right hand.

“Looks like the two are at home, right?”

“Try lime Minami and Miyako. Is there anything she wants me to buy for her? Or something.”

“O-Okay, I understand.”

Haruka looked uncomfortable, but did as I said and lime them.

If those guys left their phones at home to fool with their location, they shouldn’t be able to respond to lime.

That’s what I thought. ……

[Minami: I’ll reply later]

[Miyako: male pants ♡]

There was about one person who was not right, but she was sent a reply.

Was it my imagination ……?

“I got a reply. The phone is at home, and Yuichi is worrying too much.”

“Apparently so.”

“Let’s get in quickly, the notice will be over if we don’t hurry.”

“No, I don’t care about the preview.”

We showed our tickets and entered the theater.

The movie we are going to see is on screen 8.

Haruka and I walked to Screen 8 and sat down to watch the movie.

“”…… what?””

There it was.

“Hello, hello, Yu? Are you eating popcorn?”

Minami, who was hiding her short hair with a hunting cap, was sitting next to our seats. ……

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